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Author Note: Okay, so I had to add one final chapter to give our alternate 'Dean' an ending. I'll be honest and say I'm a little iffy on this and say I think I'm planning a short solo story that's an alternate ending with a bit more detail (I know I can be a be OCD with some things but I actually like this guy) so I hope any readers who enjoyed alternate 'Dean' will stay tuned for his short little one-shot.

Chapter Twenty-One

A time and reality away in 2014:

Having dealt with a world gone mad after the Apocalypse started, the survivors had handled most of the rest of the human population getting infected with the Croatoan virus and while those brave enough battled to find a cure, the rest slowly were forced to accept their fate.

Or so it was until the morning when the sun dawned on a day bright with sunshine, birds singing in the fall trees and not a sign of a single zombie anywhere.

The world's survivors took it as a sign from God while others wondered what else might have happened.

For one man, waking up with a splitting headache, a stomach that felt worse than the time he'd drunk himself into a two week stupor and a body that felt like he'd been pulled through the back end of twister, 'Dean Winchester' groaned and wondered how he could be dead and in agony

"Good morning, sunshine!" an all too familiar and way too cheerful tone greeted, causing the rough around the edges hunter to snarl. "Dean, baby, booby, is that any way to greet your favorite Trickster?"

"Get out of my head!" 'Dean' snarled then felt like puking his lungs up as he rolled to his knees and proceeded to do just that before managing a bleary look up. "I'm dead, so what are you? My version of Hell this week?"

Gabriel rolled his eyes while kneeling down to clap a hand on the suddenly all too thin shoulder. "Nope, but then what makes you think you're dead, bunky?" he countered, standing easily to turn in circles with his arms spread wide. "Open those cold green eyes. Take a breath, smell the roses, see the sunshine for the first time in…okay, no clue but take a look, kiddo."

Staring in surprise as his eyes finally cleared, 'Dean' was forced to shield his eyes from the brilliant sun that he hadn't seen in his own time in more years than he cared to think about. "How…why?" he stared around in confusion when it finally began to sink in where he was. "Gabe…what the hell is this?"

"I have very annoying nephews who actually didn't think you deserved the crap that Zachy-poo laid on you both here or there so…" Gabriel grinned while blowing a pink bubble. "Consider this your second chance, kiddo. The world's safe, no zombies eating the citizens, no Big A hanging over your head. Just a big normal world back with the normal monsters, ghosts, ghoulies and whatever the hell else you hunted."

Shocked at the very thought that he was still alive was one thing, then it sank in where he was standing and something seemed to break inside him. "Normal?" he repeated softly, then looked down in surprise to see the sun glinting off the gold band on his left hand when he knew he'd given it to his younger self. "Normal's good for the rest of them but…my normal is still shot to hell without…"

"God but you are so dense sometimes," the joke loving Angel in hiding rolled his eyes while clapping his hand on the hunter's shoulder. "Kid, I said this was your second chance. Trust me, go with it and…have I ever mentioned how intense that little brother of yours can be?" he grinned while looking at something over 'Dean's' shoulder. "Don't blow it this time, huh? Now I have to go and save your other self…and some Yorkies."

With that Gabriel vanished leaving 'Dean' to stare at the outside of the last home he'd known. Bobby's place in South Dakota but as he looked around, he noticed the differences. The yard wasn't as cluttered, the broken fence had been fixed and he swallowed as he bent to touch the small baby swing that he could remember fighting to put together. Though he also remembered burning the thing, along with nearly everything else he could get his hands on when…

"Second chances, Dean. Remember when we both dreamed of them?"

The voice had 'Dean' freezing for just a moment before he forced himself to turn back to the front porch to see what he hadn't allowed himself to hope for, even with all of Zachariah's lies.

'Sam Winchester' stepped onto the porch to silently watch his obviously stunned older brother while struggling to find the words that seemed to stick in his throat until finally… "Hey."

Long ago learned caution made trusting this hard but a piece of 'Dean' told him that this was real, this was his home and this was… "Sam," he murmured, losing track of anything else as he crossed the yard and the brothers met on the porch that had also seen them tore apart.

As 'Dean' looked, he noticed too long hair that was flopping back into hazel eyes that reminded him of years ago when neither of them had the issues they ended up with. 'Sam' was dressed like he always liked to be, jeans and today to handle the cool air a worn out hoodie.

What drew 'Dean's' attention though was the black rubber like band his younger brother wore on his wrist then he swallowed when their eyes met fully and he took a chance. "Sammy," this time when he reached out, he caught the caution in the younger man but then felt the near desperation and relief in 'Sam' when he met his brother's hug fully and 'Dean' closed his eyes to cover the sudden burning. "God…Sammy," he whispered tightly, holding this embrace for a long moment before easing the kid back so he could look at him fully. "How? Is this…"

"Real? Yeah, it took me some time to figure that out too," 'Sam' smiled, head cocking back to the house as he heard a sound that made his eyes light up. "I'm not sure why or who but I woke back up here after being in that place with you and…" he paused to lay a hand on his brother's shoulder before moving to one side. "I wasn't alone."

"What?" 'Dean' blinked then followed 'Sam's' gaze past the open door to find himself looking into bright blue eyes that made his heart leap into his throat. "Morg?" he whispered, too numb to move and scared that this would all vanish if he moved or touched.

"Dean," 'Morgan Harrison-Winchester' had accepted the explanation of the Angel, or at least she had after she'd tried to burn him out of her home, then it was just a matter of accepting the rest of it. Now as she stepped from the house onto the porch, she stopped just out of reach. "It's real, luv," she told him quietly, nodding. "Sammy's home…and so are you."

'Sam' cleared his throat before stepping into the house. "I'll just leave you two alone," he declared, looking back with a smile. "You didn't give up, Dean. There are happy endings…even for us."

Listening to the porch door swing shut, the bang of it had 'Dean' snapping back to lock eyes with the woman he'd loved, married, and lost. Looking at her now, he could still smell the scent of strawberries and roses that he knew would be on her hair and skin.

Her auburn hair was longer than it had been the last time they'd been together in this house and while her eyes were missing the shadows he'd put there toward the end, he knew on instinct that she remembered. The light colored sweater and denim jeans reminded him of every curve that he'd once known by heart and with a groan, he finally reached out only to have her meet his grasp halfway.

"Morgan," he whispered, arms locking tight around her while feeling her tears brush on his face as she buried her face against his neck. "This is real, it's honest to God real. Not a trick or…"

"No, luv. It's all real," she assured him after a long moment, then gasped at his kiss as it was of long lost passion and buried emotion.

Holding his wife in his arms for the first time in years, 'Dean' offered thanks to anyone who would listen then he slowly set her on her feet to look at her fully then at the house. "Are you alright?" he asked, concerned until her heard her soft laugh.

"I have you and Sammy, silly," she replied, hearing Sam coming back and she took 'Dean's' hand in both of hers to bring it up close to her heart. "I have our family so yeah, it's all good but…" she paused to draw a breath. "There is someone who need to meet."

Frowning, 'Dean' looked down curiously then up as he heard his brother came back to the door. "What're you…" he stopped in mid-sentence when he caught his gaze trapped in the bright blue-green eyes of the happily gurgling child squirming in his clearly uneasy Uncle's arms. "Oh my God," he breathed, eyes looking quickly from the baby to 'Morgan' before swallowing. "Is…this…he should be…"

"Samuel John Robert Winchester, meet your Daddy," 'Morgan' murmured as she took the now laughing baby from a relieved 'Sam' to look up at her dazed husband. "He's real too, Dean," she whispered, voice breaking a little as she still cried at the memory of waking up with her infant son in her arms in the bed upstairs. "When things changed or were fixed, they gave him back to us like he was before it all went bad."

Lightly touching his son's soft cheek, he couldn't stop the watery laugh when his finger was grabbed in strong baby fingers only to be sucked on. "He does the same thing you used to do," he told his brother then looked up with his first genuine smile in a long time. "Second chance, huh?"

"You deserve it," 'Sam' replied, stepping back before he got baby duty again but wasn't fast enough to avoid his brother's grasp when 'Dean' swung an arm around his shoulders to pull him in close then drew 'Morgan' in much more gently since she was holding the baby.

"We deserve it, baby brother," he corrected in a husky tone, knowing he'd have time to break when he and Morgan were alone but for the moment he just wanted to hold onto this. "Sammy, I'm so sor…"

'Sam' shook his head while meeting his sister-in-law's eyes. "You did what they knew you would, Dean," he shrugged. "I knew that and it's over. I woke up with nothing, no demon blood, no powers, no voices. I'm just Sam Winchester now…is that good enough?"

Understanding what he was being asked, 'Dean' merely tightened the grip on his brother's neck. "That's always been good enough, Sammy," he replied then looked down at his wife and son. "Can I…" he blinked when he suddenly had his son in his arms and still a small part of him thought back to the time and place he'd left, hoping that they could still have this.

"They'll be fine, luv," 'Morgan' promised, certain of this as she shot Sam a look that he recognized as the usual signal for him to lose himself as she pulled 'Dean' to the swing so he could sit with the baby. "That world's you is just as bloody stubborn as you to settle for anything less."

"Gee, thanks babe," he snorted then gave up the act and let the first crack show as he cradled his infant son in one arm while allowing his wife to curl under the other. "I love you," he whispered into her hair, pushing the swing into motion when a stern voice calling his brother an 'idjit' was heard and he let himself relax back into his world while silently hoping his younger self could survive. 'Good luck, kid,' he thought then nodded as 'Morgan' asked if he wanted to go inside.

As the door closed on this now complete and happy family, a curly haired, candy munching Angel wished it would be that simple for the real world's counterparts since he knew or suspected what else his relatives had in store for them.

The End for real….maybe

Author Note II: Stay tuned for a possible alternate ending/1-shot for Alternate Dean titled ' Welcome Home, Dean Winchester'. Thanks again for reading and reviewing.