I have many things running on my mind and I wanted to put this story down quick before I loose it and is all gone. I got the idea when I was reading Midare somenishi, the story line is kinda the same but different. I was basically bored so don't give me credit. I only changed some things. I wrote some notes on how this plot is going to end. This story is about four chapters short, but long. I hope you enjoy this little treat.

Disclaimer: Every Author, Including myself, does not own Bleach or Midare Somenishi

Warning: This story contains, non-con, language, death of a character, and future dub-con. Main pairing Aizen/Ichi, Slight Aizen/Ulqui and one side Grimm/Ichi. Viewers discretion is advised.

I put AIzen/Ulqui because it would make sense when your read the story...besides, Ulquiorra is only a sex slave, nothing more.

Summary: Ichigo travels back in time to the edo period. He later is captured by perverted bandits under the command of the evil samurai Lord Aizen. Aizen is captivated by the mysterious orange hair boy and wish to claim the boy. He forces Ichigo in sexual servitude. Ichigo wish to escape and go back to his own time, the only way is to free himself from the clutches of the evil samurai Lord.

Characters Role:

Ichigo: A rebellious and delinquent 17 year old. In a gang fight, Ichigo is brutally beaten and pushed down off a cliff. He later wakes up in the care of Rukia, a village girl. He later finds out that he is in the past! Ichigo is desperately trying to get home, but it isn't easy with obstacles in his way.

Rukia: A young village girl who found Ichigo. She is kind but also a wicked brute.

Aizen: An evil samurai lord whose bandits rape and plague in his command. After terrorizing a village Aizen comes across Ichigo who is protecting the lowly commoners. Interested in this mysterious young man, Aizen defeats Ichigo and takes him to his lair. He force the boy to become his sex toy and he would let the villagers, along with Rukia, to live. Ichigo complies to the man's wishes.

Ulquiorra: Aizen's sex slave. He is extremely jealous of any who comes between him and his master. He sees Ichigo as a threat.

Grimmjow: One of Aizen's underlings. He is sadistic and cruel. He treats his preys like cattails. He is infatuated with Ichigo and thinks of him as his rival and possession. He loathes Aizen.

Gin: Aizen's first in command. A sly fox. He has been by Aizen side ever since he was a teen. The only reason why he follows the man's command is because his childhood friend and love his held prisoner. He vows to one day end Aizen's reign of terror.

Tousen: Aizen's second in command. Nothing interesting.

Renji: One of Aizen's underlings. He is also wants to end Aizen. He helps Ichigo escape.

Rangiku: Gin's childhood friend. She is held prisoner by Aizen.

Author's Note: There are more characters but this is the main. :)


Back to the Past!

How did this happen? How did it come to this? He couldn't explain it. He and his friends were in a gang fight on top of the Sumida River bridge. Ichigo Kurosaki, high school senior and delinquent; A prodigy of violence, was hanging with his group at the dead of night. They were approached by school rival gangs, with bats and weapons. Ichigo knew why he and his group were there. It was a gang war. Not just any gang war, but for turf. Stupid, right? Ichigo thought so. So, why was he even there in the beginning? Well, he only came for the ride, the thrill of the fight and blood splattering of the pavement. You couldn't get this at school or any public place. You have to have a secluded place were you could enjoy the rush of smashing a face into a wall. You didn't want authority having you by the balls and throwing you in the slammer. Ichigo could give two shits about the law or the feds. Ichigo had been in many fights, he was in the wrong place with the wrong crowed; stealing, shoplifting, fighting...shit, anything that young gang teens did. But, Ichigo wasn't like the rest. He didn't steal, shoplift, sale drugs or whatever. He was a fighter. People were afraid of the orange hair, and judged him on his appearance. Teachers and parents looking at him in disappointment and disgust. Thats what he hated. Judgement. This is why he became a delinquent. He hated the looks they gave him. Like he was some sort of monster...someone who was a waste of space...


The fight began and both gang rivals were at each others throats. Ichigo had is share of men. The rain was coming down hard. Ichigo dodged each swing from a bat. Each swung, he took a step back near the end of the bridge. He looked over his shoulder and narrowed his eyes. The man roared charging at the orange hair male. Ichigo side swept the man under the leg. Another guy came after him and shoved him. Ichigo was startled, his eyes widen as he tripped and felt himself falling. His arms reach to grab something...anything, but no one came to his aid. His group were all to busy fighting their men that they didn't spare a glance at their falling comrade who was falling into the dark river.

Tch, some friends...?

Ichigo fell into the river and soon darkness overtook him.

Heavy eye lids fluttered open, his brown chocolate eyes coming into focus. He stared up into the wooden ceiling. He looked around staring at a pot bowling in the center of a fire pit. He then looked around and gazed around the small hut. A small tatami mats in either side of the fire pit. Bags of rice and vegetables on a wooden table and ofuro near the end of the room. The place was small like a hut for one person. A bit shabby, but quaint.

He slowly got up from the thin futon, he wince and looked to see fresh bandage covering his torso. He traced the bandage against his callous fingertips, he then slowly began to register his mind and frown. He was in a gang fight and he had fallen off a cliff. The narrow his brown eyes. Wait...if he had fallen, shouldn't he bed dead? How did he survive the fall? He looked around again.

Where was he?

He removed the cotton sheets from his body and found himself naked underneath the blanket. He looked around to find his clothes. There he saw his clothes neatly folded. He grabbed his black gakuran school uniform and began to put them on. He put his black logo T-shirt and his gakuran. He didn't bother buttoning them up. Once, he was fully clothed he walked to the entrance were the light directed. He pushed the wooden shutter screen, and closed his eyes from stinging sensation from the bright light that shun his face.

His eyes began to focus from the bright light he looked around to see a rice field patty and a small village. Farmers working in the field, women cooking or cleaning outside. Children running and laughing. The birds chirp and flew into the forest. Ichigo frown and look to the strange people wearing traditional Japanese clothing. Why were these people wearing strange clothes? Were they farm people?

As he was about to walk and ask someone where he was, children began to gathered around him and stared at him with strange looks and curiosity.

"His hair is funny looking!"

"He looks weird!"

"That's a funny yukata, mister." Ichigo glared at the children looking at him as if he was some sort of unknown species. He was strange? Well, look who's talking.

"All right kids. Leave the strange alone." A woman's voice penetrated Ichigo's ears. He look to see a small petite raven hair girl. She was holding a basket of herbs. Ichigo gazed at the girl's form. She work a silk kimono, with Sakura flowers in the end of her sleeves. She smiled at the man.

"Rukia-chan, who is this man?"

"Is he water imp?" One of the children asked as they gathered around the girl, known as Rukia.

"Now, now, that's enough for today. Be off and let the stranger be." She said sternly, the children pouted and ran off to play their usual game. Rukia chuckled and averted her attention back to the orange hair male.

"It looks like your doing well. Are you hungry, traveler?" She asked. Traveler? Ichigo frown a bit. He wanted to know where he was and how he gotten here.

"Where am I? Who are you and how did I get here?" He finally answered. Rukia blinked and looked at the man.

"My name is Rukia. I found you near the river stream injured. You have been out for two days." She asked. Ichigo looked at the girl, his eyes widen. He was out for two days? Ichigo placed his hand on his hair and sighed. Damn, what the hell happen? How the hell did he get here? He looked back to the woman with concern in her eyes.

"Are you all right?" She asked.

Ichigo nodded, "Yeah...I am fine. Umm, do you have a phone so I could call a cab...?" Rukia cocked her head and blinked. She was confused. "Phone? Whats that?" She asked at bit confused. Ichigo looked at her as if she was retarded.

"You know, a phone...to call?" He question placing his hands against his ears to mimic a phone. Rukia was confused by the boy's request.

"Umm no. What's this 'phone' you speak of? Is it something important?" Ichigo wanted to laugh. You got to be kidding. She didn't know what a phone was? Poor girl must be neglected from technology.

"Wow, this village must not keep up with the period times from the lack of technology know a days." He said to himself a bit annoyed. Rukia blinked. What was this person on about? Rukia didn't have no clue what this man was saying.

"I do not understand...?" She said.

Ichigo was becoming frustrated. He palmed his face with his hand. Was this chick serious? Ichigo sighed and shook his head. Honestly, it was like speaking to and older person who couldn't keep up with the time. Time...wait...

Ichigo looked around his surrounding. Men, women, and children in kimonos and yukatas. Old huts. Rice patty...and trees...lots of trees. Ichigo looked beyond the woods and could see Mt. Fuji from afar. Okay, so he was near Tokyo. If he climbed a hilltop he would see the city and walked in the right direction.

"Where's your highest hill?" He asked.

Rukia blinked. "Hmm? Oh, I will show you. Come. She said. She placed the besket down and began to walk. Ichigo followed her to the field. They walked the narrow path. Ichigo viewed the scene. It was nice, and beautiful.

Ichigo looked at the girl a head of girl had given her name and Ichigo forgot to give his.

"I'm Ichigo Kurosaki...by the way..."He muttered and blushed from the awkward silence. Rukia placed her hand to her lips and giggled at the boy. Once they were on top of the hill Ichigo looked beyond the scenery. It was amazing, the sun touched the peak of the mountains, the forest green and healthy. It was wonderful, but Ichigo wasn't admire the scenery. What shocked him was that there was no city. He could not see the buildings or hear the horns from afar. Where was it? Where the hell was the city!

Where was Tokyo?

"This can't be..." He whispered to himself. He shook his head.

"W-Where am I?" He asked with a bit hesitance.

"Karakura Village..." She said looking curious t the boy. She could see the boy pale and his body trembling. Ichigo gulp and took a deep breath and began, "What period?" He finally said.

"The Edo period..." She said. Ichigo widen his eyes and his mouth gapped open.


Ichigo woke. He blinked for a couple of minutes then rest his hands on his head. Damn, was it a dream? Ichigo sat up and ran his hand thru his hair. "You're awake. Thank goodness." Ichigo look up to see Rukia who was smiling and holding a wash cloth. He gawk and twitch his brow.

It..It wasn't a dream...?


"Calm down!" Rukia yelled trying to calm the young man. Ichigo began to yell and panic, he began to back away and look around frantically. "WHERE THE HELL AM I?" He shouted. Rukia walked towards the man, but Ichigo grabbed a one of the vegetable aiming at the poor girl. "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" He yelped. Rukia was becoming annoyed by the boy's shouting and frantic display.

"Ichigo, please calm down."

"NO! THIS IS A DREAM! I'M DREAMING!" Rukia's brow twitch.

"I said...CALM DOWN!" She smack the boy across the head and Ichigo fell face down on to the ground.

Ichigo had calm down for some time. He and the girl Rukia sat near the fire pit and eaten their meals. Rukia explain to the boy how he found him and where he was. Ichigo had explain to the girl where he was from. Rukia had gather that the boy was not of this time. She didn't have doubt seeing the boy was strange in his appearance.

"How did you find yourself into the stream?" She asked.

Ichigo gazed down into his food bowl.

"...I was in a gang fight. I got shove into the river and the next thing...I woke up here." He said.

"I see...So, how will you return home?" She asked.

Ichigo shook his head. He didn't have the slightest clue how to return to his time. "I'm not sure. I just have to find which River I fallen into...though, I don't know where I would locate the River I fallen into." He said. Rukia nodded. They were quiet for sometime until Rukia sighed.

"Well, since you don't have anywhere else to go, you could stay here for the night and depart when you need to." She offered. Ichigo smiled and nodded.

"Thank you..." He said.

Next day

Ichigo played with the village children. They had pilled on the orange hair teen and laughed, torturing the poor boy. Ichigo started to grumble in annoyance. Rukia giggled at the scene, she resume washing the clothes. Today was a nice day, the blue sky not hidden by clouds and the sun shine amongst the land. Ichigo was a bit wary of the strange event, he would have to fine a way home. He just had to be sure not to attract unwanted attention. That proven doubtful as his hair color would sure be an attraction. The villagers and children were amazed by his appearance. They would poke and prod him, touch his hair and follow him. I annoyed him and he would chase them away. Rukia would laugh and the boy would scowl at the girl teasing him.

The children tackled the orange hair again, and Ichigo had fallen on his face on to the dirt ground. They laughed at the teen. Ichigo shot up and chased after the laughing midgets,ready to beat them with a stick he had found on the ground.

Rukia chuckled.

A drum sound was heard throughout the Village and Rukia looked up and widen her eyes. Ichigo stop chasing the children to hear the drum sound. He looked around to see everyone in the Village stop there activity and gasp. The children stop their game and ran to their parent's armss. Ichigo was puzzled and didn't know what was going on but the people looked panicked as they ran to their hut. Ichigo jogged up to the raven hair girl.

"Rukia, what's going on? What's that sound?" He asked a bit curiously.

"It's the taiko drums. They are sounding an alarm." She said a bit hesitance, she began to back away looking into another direction.

"What? Alarm for what?" He question. Rukia didn't have time to explain as she grabbed the boy's forearm and ran to the hut.

"Rukia what's going on?" He yelled.

"There is no time, Ichigo! We must hide!" She shouted while they ran. Ichigo look to see villagers screaming and running around. Trying to hid into their huts, closing the doors and barricading themselves. Shouts and haulers where heard, and the sound of horse riders trampling the earth. Ichigo widen his eyes and saw the intruders riding on horses and began to terrorize the village. They held weapons in their hands and surround some of the people who were trying to run away with fear in their expression.

"BANDITS!" They shouted as they ran for safety.

Ichigo watch the scene as the intruders began to slaughter some of the people in the village, fires were lit on the huts and people screaming, exiting from the flames. Arrows were shot through the sky and landed on the ground or its target. The men raid the village with smiles on there faces.

"W-what's happening?" He yelled.

"B-bandits!" Rukia choked out. The bandits began to advance at them and Ichigo grab Rukia's hand and run to a safe clearing. One bandit was after them, riding his horse and bringing out his katana to slice them. Ichigo shove Rukia to the ground as the sword came down and missed. Ichigo picked up at large stick and ran the bandit, knocking him off his horse. Ichigo grab the katana and Rukia's hand, running to the forest.

"Hurry!" He shouted.

More bandits came at them. Ichigo narrow his eyes and stop running. Rukia turn to see her friend. "Ichigo!" She yelled.

"Go! I'll take care of them!" Ichigo look at the frighten girl and smirked.

"Besides...fighting is more my style!" He said. Rukia widen her eyes and looked at the boy before her. He stood in front of the bandits as he position himself in a stance as they rushed towards them with weapons in their hands.

Cyan eyes narrow, a large grin was place on the person's face. The mysterious person looked over the scene of the village. The bandits were raving the Village, slaughtering them in sight. Blood, so much blood grace the ground. Bodies on the dirt floor as blood sweep from their open gash wounds. Men being slice down, women running but later captured and dragged down while they violated them in broad day light. Children screaming and crying. Fire dance around the village with immense passion. The sight was exhilarating. He could smell the scent of sweet metallic blood. A tongue lick thin lips

"Heh, beautiful..." A masculine voice broke out from the man's lips.

One of the bandits crouched down and smiled at the scenery, "Hey, Grimmjow-san. Wanna go down and have some fun ourselves?" The man known as Grimmjow smirked, he work a black and white yukata. He had bright teal hair and a tattoo of a jaw on his left cheek. He had his sword over his shoulder and a large predator grin plastered on his handsome face.

"Sounds like fun, I haven't had a descant killing for a while." He said.

"You fool, Aizen-sama requested to stay until further notice." A pale boy with green eyes said emotionless.

Grimmjow scoffed, "Fuck off, Ulquiorra. None, of us have to bend over like you do for the master." He snarled in disgust.

Ulquiorra glared at the teal hair male. "Quit, trash or I will silence you for your insulant behavior."

"My my, such harsh words. You two better settle down. You don't want Aizen-sama to punish you both." A fox like grin spread on the man's face. He had silver hair and a lengthy body. He wore a white yukata and a black haori.

Grimmjow glared at the other male and growled.

"Gin-san, any instruction from Aizen-sama?" Ulquiorra stated. Gin smile grew.

"None as of yet. He ordered me to watch over you, especially Grimmjow-san." He said slyly.

"What did ya say?" Grimmjow growled ready to slice the bastard.

Gin place his hands up in defense, "Don't be angry at me. I was only ordered to. Seeing that you can't control your blood lust." He smiled.

Grimmjow grunted and looked back at the village. He narrow his eyes as he saw a speck of orange running and fighting off the bandits. Gin and Ulquiorra too witness the event. "What's this?" Gin asked himself with amusement. The person was fighting the bandits off and protecting the villagers. As they looked closely they could tell it was a young man. Bandits had surrounded him but he manage to defeat them.

"Well, look at that. It looks like there is a bit of resistance down there?" Gin chuckled. Grimmjow smirk grew, showing off his sharp canine teeth. Well, ain't this interesting?

"Finally, some entertainment!" He howled. He clapped his hands and hop onto his horse.

"Grimmjow, Aizen-sama had given orders not to leave our position." Ulquiorra said sternly.

"Unlike you, I don't follow orders for no one!" He said and rode off. The pale male glared and looked over a snickering fox.

"My, Grimmjow-san is being brash. Aizen wont like this." He said while shrugging off to tell their master of the display.

Ichigo uppercutted one of the bandits and the man fell onto the ground. Another one charged at the boy, and Ichigo side swept the other, his elbow connecting to the man's gut. Ichigo had fought off most of the bandits that ravish the village, he had stayed behind to protect the villagers and Rukia from these monsters. He had seen many violence but none like this. There was so much blood and the smell of rotting corpse filled his nostril with the flames. Sweat trickled down his brow, he was exhausted but his will pushed him to fight. The bandits were coming out of no where, like moth to a flame.

They came running at him with weapons and Ichigo ran towards them dodging, kicking, and punching. Finally, the last one laid on the ground with a loud thumb and Ichigo huffed in exhaustion. His knees buckle and felt the ground. Damn...he could feel his energy draining. Ichigo huffed and wiped the sweat from his brow. Bandits laid sprawled on the dirt ground unconscious. Ichigo had fought with all his strength to defeat these men who slaughter the villagers. To say he was shocked, he had never encounter something so horrendous and gruesome. It sicken him. It pain him to know these people didn't knew of the outcome that was bestode upon them

Ichigo clench his fist and teeth. His body trembled with anger and fear. How could people be so cruel to take another life?

Ichcigo head snapped up when he heard a faint sinister chuckle. He turn to the source and spotted a figure covered by the fire smoke. The figure advance and a maniac laughter pierced the young man's ear. Ichigo shivered unintentionally from the sick laughter and cackles. He narrowed his eyes as the figure came into full view. Revealing was a man no older than Ichigo, with bright teal hair and cyan eyes. The man had a frightening smile that Ichigo would have known as a man who adored the sight of blood and pain. It stiffen him.

Ichigo knew something wasn't right about this man before him. No, not a man. A wild beast filled with lust for blood...

The man halt. He inspect the scene of the men sprawled on the floor, defeated. He than cast his gaze on his new prey and rose a brow with interest. Grimmjow took in the sight; Bright orange hair, strange clothing and a hint of fear gracing the boy's masculine face. But, what caught his attention were his eyes. Those brown chocolate eyes filled with intense fire blazing dormant in his being. It was thrilling, but also challenging. Grimmjow had encounter some men who were appealing and brave, but this boy was different. He grin with a sadistic gleam.

"Not bad, kid. You got guts fighting all my men by yourself. Your good...but not good enough." He said, his sword tapping his shoulder in a taunting manner. Grimmjow had notice the young male did not kill his men, but knocked them unconscious. Grimmjow frown when the boy didn't kill them. He had been suspecting blood from these minion, but it would seem that the boy did not reek of blood. How pathetic.

"W-Who are you?.." Ichigo stammered a bit, but his voice was demanding. "Why are you terrorizing these people?" He yelled, huffing a bit.

Grimmjow stop tapping his sword, his eyes glistening with amusement.

"Hm? I don't think you have that privilege of knowing my name...yet." He cooed. Ichigo's eyes narrowed.

"Then tell me why are you attacking innocent people?" He growled out of annoyance.

Grimmjow snorted. "Tch. I ain't the one giving order here, boy. I'm just here for the thrill."

"Besides..." Grimmjow crouched a bit, his sword for support, " ain't that why you are here?" He smirked. Ichigo cocked a brow at the statement. He was confused.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

Grimmjow sighed, "Don't act naive, boy. I can smell the excitement in ya. The undeniable thrill of blood drenched in your hands. The power of dominating your opponent. I can see it in yer eyes. It's begging to be released..." He purred. His icy eyes boring into Ichigo's eyes.

Ichigo's eyes widen from the man's word. He was crazy. Just what the hell was this guy talking about?

"What the hell are you talking about!" He shouted at the man. Grimmjow frown at the boy. Honestly, was the boy that naive not to know about himself? His wants and needs? How utterly pathetic...such weakness. Grimmjow didn't waist time with weak being who think they were stronger than him. Though, he could tell the boy wasn't weak, but his emotions were. The boy was denying his true self.

Grimmjow slowly began to raise from his position. "Talking bores me. I don't feel like explaining myself to a person who denies his true nature." He point his sword at the other, the tip of his blade shining from the sun light.

"Now then..." Grimmjow began, "Let's fight...!"

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