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What I am to become

Smoke graced the lands, lifting into the clear sky. The sent of blood mix into the smoke as the wind carried it away. It was intoxicating as the fume filled the nostril and the taste of death tingle on the buds. The sheer display was arousing and the cries and screams filled the air and echo into the wind. Imagining all the bodies drench in liquid crimson was any man's lust. It released the beast inside the cage that was locked for many years. Now, it was on a rampage of pure blood lust.

The man looked beyond the village, standing as if he was a statue. His long brown hair drifting through the wind as it was tied to keep in place. The man's grey haori flew against his form. His eyes piercing and calculate. The smell of blood was indeed arousing, but did not satisfy him. Unlike his minion who adored killing, he desired something else. Though, he did not know what it was. He ponder for sometimes, but could never get the answers. What was that he desired? How utterly annoying...

"Aizen-sama." A voice broke through the train of thought.

Aizen looked over his shoulder, his face coming in view to see the other. The man had brown narrow eyes, brown hair slick back, living a strand of hair falling from his handsome face. His hair was long and tied with a single thread. His face showed displeasure.

His thin lips parted. "What is it, Gin?" His voice soothing, yet muscular.

"It seem's we have an interference coming from the village." Gin said smiling. Aizen raised a brow show slight interest.

"Go on..."

Gin smirked, he knew the man would be interested in hearing this. His lord was usually uninterested in many things. It was hard to please the man and catch his interest with anything, but Gin always manage to entertain him. "A young man was spotted defeating your minions and Grimmjow has left to deal with the stranger." He finished. Aizen took the information and narrowed his eyes.

"And why did you not stop Grimmjow?" He frown a bit.

"I was about to but he rode off before I could." He shrugged in amusement. Aizen turn his gaze away from the silver head male.

So...someone dared to challenge him? How amusing. A man who was able to defeat his minions was sure to be strong; but seeing how Grimmjow rode off to face the stranger, the man would surely loose against the blue haired beast.

A whimper penetrated his thoughts as his eyes focus on a group of female and children gathered together in fear. Two men held spears against them. Some of the villagers escape and head to the woods, but Aizen foresaw this and set a trap. He looked at the pitiful sight of the female creatures holding their young ones.

He averted his attention back to the village, and slightly smiled.

"Gin..." The silver hair man look up to his master in question.

"Lets visit this stranger who captivated my attention. That is, if he is in one piece." Gin nodded and followed his master to the village.

Grimmjow slashed at Ichigo with a large grin on his face. Ichigo dodge the attack with each swung from the steel sword. The deadly sword was tempting to cut through his flesh and injure him. Grimmjow laughed with excitement and adrenaline pumping in his veins. He could see the boy trying hard not to get hit and keep up with the speed.

A powerful kick sent the boy flying onto the ground and landing in a couple of wooden barrels. Ichigo grit his teeth in pain and placed his hand on his stomach where he was kicked. He squint his eyes and looked up to the older male. Grimmjow slung his sword over his shoulder.

"Is that all you got? Don't tell me all that's it? I should have known Aizen hired weak ass guys who couldn't handle a kid!" He spat. Ichigo body shook as he got up. His legs wobbled and he huffed. Sweat drench his forehead. He wiped his head with his arm and glared at Grimmjow.

"Did I disappoint ya? Sorry, I'm not here for your entertainment!" He shot back.

"Hm? Getting up again? Kami, don't you every give up? Your are no match for me. So just lay there on the ground and play dead!" He shout.

Ichigo chuckled. "Why? Afraid ya might get beat?" Grimmjow growled, his cyan eyes glaring daggers at the boy.

"Cocky little brat aren't ya? You think you could win against me? I like to see you try!" He yelled and charged at the orange hair teen. Ichigo brown eyes were focus on the man as he ran at him, jumping in the air and bringing down the sword to meet his head.

"You're mine!" Grimmjow laughed as he brought down his sword.

Cyan eyes widen, as Ichigo flash step from the man's view. 'What?' The sword hitting nothing. Grimmjow twirled around and found the boy gone. He grit his teeth.

"Fucking coward! Where are you!" He roared, destroying everything in his path to search for his prey.


Ichigo lent against a near by hut. His head hit the wall as he gasp for breath. He looked over his shoulder to see the teal hair male thrashing in anger. Ichigo sighed. He shift to get comfortable and wince in pain. He looked at his shoulder, and a gash was presented. Blood soaked his gakuran. He took of his jacket and shirt, and inspect the damage. It was deep, and blood was flowing. Ichigo grabbed a cloth and wrapped it around his shoulder, tying it tightly. He sighed and chuckled lightly.

'I should thank Urahara for training me once I get out of here...' He thought. His eyes lingered to the floor an onto his jacket. A white piece of paper stuck out from his pocket. He grabbed the paper and looked at it. His face soften. It was a picture of a women, with long auburn hair, and a bright smile. She held a boy close to her. He was smiling into her arms as they look directly to the person who took the picture.

Ichigo smiled a bit. "Mother..." He whispered. He look at his mother's smiling face for a few more seconds and place it into his pant pockets. He got up from his hiding place and put on his shirt and jacket. His eyes got a glimpse of steel katana. He walked over and grabbed it. He looked at it, his grip tighten the hilt.

'No matter what, I will get back home!' He shout from his thoughts. His grip on the sword tighten. His eyes burn with fire and determination.

Grimmjow growled in frustration. How the hell did the kid manage to dodge his attack? He was sure he cut though him! Grimmjow chuckled to himself. Maybe the kid wasn't weak after all...

He just needed a little...shove.

Foot step were heard as they made contact to the ground. Grimmjow looked over his shoulders to see the orange boy. He gazed at the boy's form and spot a patch of blood on the kid's shoulder. He rose a brow as his eyes lingered low to see the boy holding a sword. His smile grew. Finally! This boy was becoming interesting. Maybe he could play with him just a bit longer.

Grimmjow smirked. Ichigo narrowing his eyes.

"So ya finally have the balls to pick up a sword and play with the big boys. I'm impress, kid." He teased and licked his sharp teeth from anticipation.

"This is going to be fun..." He chuckled and began to laugh. He than sprint at the boy with full speed and slashed at the other. Ichigo quickly brought up his sword and block the attack. Swords clash together, one pushing the other; matching each others strength.

Brown met blue.

Grimmjow licked his lips in perversion, Ichigo saw this and grunted as he push the other away from him. Ichigo took his stance, his sword blocking his built frame.

"Not bad! Finally, something worth fighting!" He laughed. Grimmjow looked into the young males eyes. There was so much hate and determination...and something else. Something more! He wanted to see it. See the eyes gleam in excitement as he spilled blood. The beautiful crimson blood as it stain the steel sword. Drops of blood drip from the side as it coated the blade. It send shiver down Grimmjow's spine every time his blade was drench in the ruby liquid. It was exhilarating.

Ichigo looked to the man, something was off about the other male. He sense danger. This man was dangerous. He brushed it aside as he attack the other. Their swords clash once again.

"That's it! Show me more!" Grimmjow said encouraging the other. An insane smile spread his face. Ichigo grunted and push the other, he than side kick the other. Grimmjow dodged the boy's kick. He brought down his sword again. Ichigo blocked the blade. Their swords clash together with full speed. Sparks began to spark as the blade nicked each other.

'Damnit! This guy's strong!' Ichigo thought as his sword matched with Grimmjows. A kick connected to the orange hair's chest. The dirt coming from the back of the sole of Ichigo's feet as he slid. He put a hand to his chest.

Ichigo panted a bit.

Grimmjow barked with laughter. He hadn't this much fun for a long time! This was too much! It made his inner beast insane. He wanted to slaughter the boy, and the other to do the same. Finally, he found a person worth to call 'his' rival. No one would dare get between them. He would kill anyone who dare set their eyes on his prey. He was his, and his alone!

'Mine...' He thought possessively.

"You're really something, you know that?"

Ichigo rose a brow.

"Watch your name, kid?" Ichigo narrow his eyes. He open his chapped lips a murmured,

"Ichigo Kurosaki."

Grimmjow's eyes shun with amusement. Kurosaki. The name was sinfully sweet. The name alone had a strong meaning. Just something about that name made Grimmjow's blood boil. He hated it, but love it at the same time. It was the name of a man he was destine to kill.

"Kurosaki..." The name came out from his lips and Ichigo shivered but brushed it aside. That look. It was disturbing to the teen.

The two males continued to stare at one another until a voice broke the trance from both males.

"...I see you haven't killed the stranger yet, Grimmjow." Ichigo slowly turn his head to see two males approaching. Both males stood and watched the other two males. Grimmjow narrowed his eyes at the two males that interrupt his fight and growled, "Aizen-sama..." He set his weapon aside.

Aizen smirked and set his sights on Ichigo's threatening form. The boy's appearance was questionable, yet captivating. Such bright orange hair that hid his beautiful stern eyes and a frown gracing his boyish feature. Bruises were presented to the boy's lower cheek, and a wounded shoulder. Blood graced the boy beautifully, Aizen admit he was enchanted by this mysterious young man.

"So, this is the boy who fought against my minions." He stated his eyes glistening with admiration.

"How amusing..."He whispered seductively. Ichigo glared at the older man before him as he took in his aristocrat appearance. The man was older, possible in his late thirties. The man had a gentle calmness, but should not be trusted. Ichigo gather the slight information. This was the ringleader. Aizen...

"So, you're the bastard who's responsible for all the killings..."Ichigo muttered in disgust. Aizen quirk a brow and stared at the young male who grip his sword's hilt. His body shook with anger.

"You bastard...I wont forgive you..." He trailed. His eyes locked to Aizen cold brown ones. "I WONT FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS, BASTARD!" Ichigo charged at the samurai with full speed. He brought his sword down to strike but was stop by another sword. Ichigo's eyes widen when he saw a pale, green eye boy came from no where and block his attack.

"How dare you raise your sword against Aizen-sama, trash." Ulquiorra glared and punch the boy in the abdomen. Ichigo eyes flew open from the impact and land harshly onto the ground. He grip his wound and cough. His body shook as he stood with the support of the katana, and gazed back at the pale boy. The boy was young and thinner than Ichigo. Though, the rebel could tell the boy was powerful by the punch he received.

'Damn, who is this guy?' He thought.

"Bastard! Just who the hell are you?" Ichigo growled out. Ulquiorra remand impassive and stared at the boy's form. Disgust at the boy's presence sicken him, as he brought his sword to a stance.

"That is none of your concern, vermin. Your presence in this life threaten Aizen-sama. Die!" Ulquiorra attempt to charge at the younger boy but was stop by a hand on his shoulder. Ulquiorra wipped around to see his master's cold brown eyes piercing at him.

"That's quite enough, Ulquiorra." His cool tone sent a warning to the pale boy.

"A-Aizen-sama...?" He questioned.

"This boy will not die by your hand." He whispered and directed his attention at the orange hair boy.

"Y-Yes..Aizen-sama..." He said and seethe his sword, backing away.

Aizen slowly advanced at the stranger, his sword threatening; like a fierce beast baring his fangs at any who approached him. Though the beast trembled, there was a warning in those brown blazing eyes that said to attack when in danger. It amused the older man. He stop walking as he was 10ft away from him and the child.

"I see that you are not from this village, stranger. I wish to know this being who dares challenges me." Aizen spoke. Ichigo looked at the man for sometime and to his minion who where staring back at him with their weapons ready.

"Ichigo Kurosaki." He announced.

Aizen smiled, "Kurosaki...I am Sousuke Aizen. Tell me, why fight to protect these dirty insects? You have no loyalty to them." He smiled wickedly to the younger man. Ichigo narrowed his brown eyes at the other, baring his teeth in anger.

"That doesn't concern you!" He yelled. Aizen cocked his head to the side and looked around the area where his men had been laying from their recent fight with the boy.

"None of my concern? You attack my men, insult my power, and raise a sword against me. So, it does concern me, child."

"You attack these people for your selfish greed! I chose to fight and protect them from scums like you!" He shouted.

Behind the leader, Gin snickered and place his thin hand against his lips, eyes squinting. "My, my what an amusing child." He chuckled. Aizen heard the comment from the silver hair male and averted his attention back to Ichigo. Indeed, the boy was interesting and his loyalty to the villagers strengthen his belief. Though, pathetic and waste of effort. The boy's foolishness on the goodness of people's heart didn't know their twisted desires. Human beings were disgusting creature; shameful, degenerate insects that infest the world with their pitiful nature. Though, every insect were amusing in their on way, such as the boy. It was interesting to see courageous and headstrong people, like Kurosaki squirming under his grasp has he squeeze them against his palm.

Aizen began to chuckle, which caused Ichigo to become cautious. When the man stopped laughing he set his cold eyes to the boy's warm ones.

"Indeed amusing, yet his loyalty to them disgust me." He murmured. Ichigo's widen his eyes than tighten his sword. This bastard...

"You fucking bastard!" Ichigo snapped as he charged at the other with full speed. Anger blinded him as both sword clash. Aizen had brought his sword to defend himself and only grin at the other. Ichigo stiffen and pushed back to leave distance. Ulquiorra brought his sword out ready to attack until Aizen brought his hand to stop him.

"Do not interfere." He ordered. Ichigo attacked again, slashing at Aizen. The samurai blocked the feeble blows. Ichigo let out a frustrated growl. 'Damnit! He blocks them and doesn't move an inch! This guy..!" Aizen brought his sword to swing at the boy's shoulder. Ichigo dodged and set back.

Aizen smiled.

"Brilliant. I admire your strength, my friend."

"Shut da hell up, you freak!" Ichigo panted.

Aizen ignored the insult and began, "Though skilled in fighting, you do not compete in my level of strength."

"Shut your damn mouth!" He roared, he ran then jump into the air to bring down his sword towards Aizen's head. The samurai smirked at the attempt and brought his sword to block.

The sword clang together. Ichigo knelt to the ground in front of the man. Aizen smile grew sinister. Ichigo looked at his sword, trembling. The blade was cut in half. How was that possible!

Ichigo's shook as he looked at the sword, fear was in his eyes. "T-That's not possible...!"

Aizen brought the back of his blade down and aimed against the young male's wounded shoulder. Ichigo widen his eyes, and hacked out blood. Pain shot threw his body at the sudden blow to his shoulder. He fell to the dirt ground and clutch his bleeding shoulder, gritting his teeth in pain. Tears began to well up, but did not let them fall. His orange hair hid his eyes and bit his bottom lip.

Aizen seethed his sword. Gin walked next to him and looked to the younger being. "Ya really did a number on him." He commented. Aizen said nothing and turn away, "Bind him and mount him on my horse." He instructed one of his men. Gin poked the boy's head when the men came to grab at him.

Ulquiorra began to spoke, "You are not going to kill the stranger, Aizen-sama?"

"No, I intend to use him for my own purpose..." He said and walked away. Ulquiorra glared at his master than to the boy. He could feel jealousy coursing through his veins. His master was interested in this weakling.

As Aizen walked, he glance at the blue hair male leaning against a tree with his arms across. He could sense that the man was not happy. He stop walking.

"Is something troubling you, Grimmjow? You seem...upset?" He smiled a bit. Grimmjow ice blue eyes shot a glare at the older man and scoffed. He turn his head away not wanting to look at the other.

"Tch, what makes you think I am upset?" he spat.

"You seemed angered by the interruption of your fight with the boy." He read the other. Grimmjow lent away from the tree. He scratched his tattoo on his left cheek, "Like I care. Such a shame I couldn't see the boy's full potential. Pretty weak if ya ask me." He replied and shrugged off. Aizen looked at the other leave and smirked. He knew the man was lying. It annoyed Grimmjow when he interrupted the fight between them. Doesn't matter, if he hadn't the boy wouldn't leave to see tomorrow. What a waste.

(A/N: The tattoo on Grimmjow's cheek is his jaw bone. I thought it would look bad ass.)

Hours had pass, the dark took the sky. The crickets creaked and the wind blew gracefully against the trees. Inside a hidden cave surrounded by the forest, Ichigo adjust his eyes and took in the sight.

'W-where am I?' Ichigo rose from the ground he slept, and wince in pain as his hand shot out to touch his shoulder. He looked at the now bandage shoulder and a red and white yukata covering his body. He blinked a couple of time to register what had happen. When memories of the village and bandit's took over, he growled.

"Such a growl for a beast..." A voice startled him. He looked over his shoulder and saw the evil samurai lord leaning back casually, and a thin tobacco pipe in his slender hand. The boy was in the man's chamber. They laid on a large futon on top of tatami mats, candles lit the room and a wooden desk placed by the walls.

Ichigo crawled back away from the older man, snarling. "Where am I? Why did you bring me here!" He demanded. Aizen placed the exquisite kiseru near the ashtray and tapped the end.

"Your are in my lair, my boy." He simply said as he relax and brought back the pipe to his lips, inhaling it.

"Bastard, why did you bring me here? What do you want?"

Aizen did not answer the boy, but only stared. A small smile crept his lips. He closed his eyes as he taste the tobacco against his tongue, and breathed out, "You're a sharp boy. You'll figure it out." He placed the kiseru in the ashtray and sat up. Ichigo watched him closely, to see if the man was up to something suspicious.

"Tosen, bring the girl in." Aizen ordered through the shoji screen. Ichigo was confused, as the screen open it revealed a dark skinned man, cloth covered his eyes. The man grip the girl. A bag was over her head, so Ichigo did not know who was the mysterious girl.

"What's this...?" Ichigo asked out of curiosity.

Aizen step next to the boy. "Reveal her..." He said. Tosen grap the bag and yank it off. Ichigo gasped. Rukia's raven hair covered her bruised face and swollen eye. Her kimono torn and her hands bound behind her back. She looked up to see the orange hair boy.

"Ichigo!" She yelp as she tried to run to her friend, but the man yanked her back and brought a dagger near her throat.

"Rukia!" He shouted and then whipped around to see the evil lord. He glared nastily at the other.

"Let her go!"

"If you submit to me and become my mine; I will let her live and the rest of the villagers my men holds hostage." He whispered and let it sink into the boy's stubborn head. Ichigo look to the man and to the ground. His fist shaking from anger. Damn! He squeezed his eyes tightly.

"Do not listen to him, Ichigo! Forgot about us! You must get back to your own time!" She choked out, as Tosen squeezed her. The dagger pressed into her creamy skin, almost drawing blood.

Ichigo looked back to Rukia, bitting his lips. He couldn't leave her here...them here. He couldn't bare the thought if he fled, Rukia and the others would be slaughtered. He wasn't a coward and selfish of his own being.

Aizen gave a small glance towards the girl, narrowing his eyes as she spoke to Ichigo escaping his own time? What does this girl mean? He observed the boy. There was every flaw the boy held: strange attire, different dialect, and fighting style. He ponder for a slight moment until Ichigo began to speak.

"If I do what ever you want, will you let them all go?" He asked to make sure Aizen didn't lie to him.

Aizen nodded.

Ichigo looked back to the raven girl, gazing into her feared teary eyes. He frown and looked away, give a small sigh.

"All right. It's a deal." Aizen smile grew, he averted his attention to his subordinate.

"Release the girl and the others. I have no use for them..." He waved his hand to dismiss the blind male. Tosen bowed and drag the shouting girl.

"Ichigo! No! Unhand me! ICHIGO!"

Ichigo cast his gaze to his bare feet, not wanting to look at the shouting girl calling his name repeatedly. His fist tighten, blood dripping as his finger nail dug into his palm. Aizen approach the trembling boy from his rear, towering over him. Ichigo sense the man behind him and turn around to strike him in the face. Aizen grip the boy's hand tightly, he snake his other hand around the boy's waist pulling him closer to his chest. Aizen force his lips onto Ichigo's unwilling one's. Ichigo struggle to release himself from the powerful grip. Aizen released the boy's mouth as he was bitten from is lower lip. Blood drip from his mouth, Ichigo having some blood on his chin from the man.

"You'll regret that!" He barked. Unfazed the by threat, Aizen grip the wounded shoulder. Ichigo widen his eyes as pain shot through him. He knelt down to the futon holding on his wound. Blood began to appear on the whit bandage and into the yukata.

"There still some fight in you. I will have to put it to good use." Aizen mused.

Ichigo was startled as strong hands grip either side of his shoulder, rolling to face the man above him. The samurai wretch open the collar of the yukata to reveal a well tone chest. Ichigo began to fight the man above him, pushing him away with all his strength. Aizen grunted and swat the feeble hands away from him.

"Let me go!" Ichigo snarled. Aizen frown and pin the boys wrists over his head, keeping them in place. He hovered over the boy, and Ichigo breathe hitched as cold eyes stared down at him. Those cold brown eyes paralyzed his entire body.

"If you begin to resist me, I will drag that girl back into this room and make you watch as I plunge my sword into her chest." He swore, his voice held venom. Ichigo shivered and relax. He curse the man above him and his stupidity, but that didn't stop him to give a little resistance.

"You sick demented fuck. I'll kill you for this!"

"Interesting choice of words, I look forward to seeing you try, my friend." With that said, Aizen cease the boy's lips again. Ichigo squeezed his eyes and mouth shut. He felt the wet tongue forcing into the resisting mouth. The teen wouldn't allow the man access. Aizen's face harden and grip the boy's chin, harshly pride it open. He dipped his tongue into the moist cavern, savoring the taste. The boy lips were intoxicating, he could taste freshness in these lips. More enjoyable than kissing his other toys.

Aizen devoured the boy's mouth, Ichigo trying to push the other away for air. The older male released the boy and attacked his exposed neck. Ichigo felt frustration wash over him. He wanted to kill this man and run away; desperately wanting to escape and return home or wake up. He'd always hope he woke up and find himself at home with his family, but he manage to find himself back to this strange place. How could this happen to him? Why him?

He was brought back from his thoughts when Aizen began to remove the yukata from teen's body. Ichigo grip his yukata for dear life, not wanting to be exposed to the perverted man.

"N-No! Stop it! Get away from me!" Ichigo stuttered. Aizen succeeded in removing the child's yukata and relinquish the boy's quivering form. Aizen felt his arousal harden by the sight of the boy. He wanted to take him now!

"Such an exquisite body you possess. I will enjoy this thoroughly." He grinned.

Ichigo gasp as Aizen pinned, his hands grip the boy's leg to spread him. Ichigo began to panic and attempt to crawl away. He claw at the sheets, as Aizen brought him close to his body. Aizen began to remove his sash and reveal his painful erection. Ichigo's eyes widen at the largeness of the man.

"Get it away from me!" He shrieked as Aizen spread his leg and position it to his virgin entrance. Ichigo struggle once more, but stop as he felt Aizen thrust the head of his shaft into the ring of muscle. Ichigo face twist in discomfort as the man began to thrust the length all the way to the hit. Ichigo bit back a scream. He could feel the large appendage ripping inside him. The man gave no preparation nor lubrication to the younger being underneath him and savagely thrust into the now bleed entrance.

"Gahh! No! Get it out!" He pleaded.

Aizen grunt from the boy's tightness. The boy was positively tight it made Aizen cock unable to thrust. He looked down to the boy tensing his muscles. "Relax..." He said.

"Relax your body and the pain would not be bearable." He finished. Ichigo scowled at the older man, "Fuck you, you son of a bitch!"

Aizen frown and thrust harshly.

Ichigo gasp in pain. The evil samurai slowly began to piston in and out of the boy, until the bloody entrance gave him more lubrication to fill the unruly teen all the way to the hilt. Ichigo grunt in pain. The pain was horrible, Ichigo could not describe this pain. But he knew it was worse than getting beaten to a pulp. This only send him in humiliation and disgust. The feeling of control and domination strip away from him to a higher being. It left a made taste.

"N-no..." He whimpered.

The man's thrust began to ease, sliding inside the moist anus. Ichigo body was force to rock back and forth to the man's thrust. His back was against the man, as he found himself riding the man onto his lap. Aizen spread the boy's legs for more access and drove into the boy hitting as spot deep within Ichigo.

Ichigo's mouth flew open and a pleasant sound escape his lips.

Aizen smirked, he had found the boy's prostate.

He began to slam into him, pressing his face in the rook of Ichigo's neck. He licked the side of his neck and down to the collar bone. Ichigo tried to fought back the moan, but his traitorous was engulf in pleasure and the moans fluttered around the room.

"If I haven't notice, I'd say you were enjoying this." The evil lord smiled and thrust faster and harder into the orange hair.

"Ahh..hahh! N-noo..please..stop..." Ichigo bowed his head, and his lustful eyes lingered to the indecent view. He could see his legs spread and the man's cock thrusting into his forbidden passage. His cheek flared from embarrassment.

'Is this how my life is reduce to? Becoming a whore?' He thought to himself.

"Is this punishment for becoming what everyone thought I was? Because my of my stubbornness, I reduce to become the thing that everyone thinks I am. A delinquent...a criminal?'

A flash of a women crossed the young man's mind.

Ichigo's eyes began to tear. 'Mother...I'm sorry...I'm the reason why you are not here. It's my fault. If I...if I haven't...' He couldn't finish his thoughts. It was painful and hard to face it. What he had done was worse than anything. Ever since that day, everything changed...he had changed. Fighting only dimmed his anger, he was satisfied. If he fought, then the pain would go away...though, it never did.


Ichigo gasp as the thrust became more elaborate. Aizen grip the boy's chin, tilting his head as he ling the shell of the teen's ear.

"You belong to me, Kurosaki. Every inch of your being, even the air you breath is mine. Submit to my whims." He whispered possessively.

Ichigo bit his lips, "N-Nooo..!"

"Still resistant...though, I would be displeased if you weren't." He smiled.

Yes, it would be a shame if he would submit too soon. It never pleased him when someone submits to him when he commands it. They were eager-to-please little whores, and would bow to their master when he made his presence. It annoyed him and he would feel nothing but disgust for these insects. Nothing satisfied as he was pleasured by his toys, they were loyal and mindless fools. No matter how beautiful one person might be, their pride and innocence were gone once they had a taste of their lord. Not long his toys, but his minions were the same. They would follow his command and wipe out the world if he order them. Slaughtering countless lives, stealing, raping, and raiding around the land. Not one would resist him...and no one would challenge him!

Except one boy...

Ichigo Kurosaki, a boy who challenged him and gave himself all just to protect lowly commoners. He gave himself to Aizen, but would never submit to him. Aizen knew this boy was different. Why was he attracted by this young man? Because of his strange appearance? Maybe...was that he desired from this boy?

It did not least not yet.

AIzen began thrusting, feeling the walls contact from inside the boy, massaging his glans. It send delicious pleasure inside the pit of his stomach. He grin as he look to see his length seething inside his victim. He wrapped the boys waist possessively and slam with sheer force.

Ichigo's face flushed. The pleasure and heat wrapping around him. He could feel his prostate being struck by the blunt head. He bit his lips as he felt his climax coming to an end.

His mouth gaped open and moan loud as he released.

Aizen smirked at the quickness, "My...that was fast, but it still not over my friend." He smiled sadistically. Ichigo whimpered a bit. The night was still young and Aizen still demand flesh from his prisoner.

A single flame flickered on the candle, a slight wind brushed the flame as it distinguished and darkness overtook, the only sound from the dark abyss was the cry of pain.

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