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Anzu is a regular princess with a regular step-mother and is waiting for her prince-charming to come take her away from the place she used to call home. But just after Anzu turns 18 and her step-mother wastes away, a wizard who is under orders to send Anzu away permantly casts a spell on her. One that turns her into a dragon, permantly.

Fearing to hurt anyone because of her usual size as a dragon she goes to the mountains that are said to hold a dragon. After a rocky meeting with and explains that she doesn't know how to be a dragon, he steps in to teach her. At first she figures it would be find but as she gets to know this dragon it hits her full force, she just might loose her heart to this dragon.

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My Life as a Dragon

Chapter 1

Princess Anzu sighed as she looked out one of her windows that overlooked her home. It was much like those you read in fairytales. Emerald green grass stretching for miles around and stopping at the large mountains to the side of her window. There was a sapphire blue river that glittered in the sun or moon that traveled and wrapped around the village and castle. From what Anzu could see, the river ended behind the mountains. Of course, she knew the river went on, but as far as she could see, the river went behind the mountains and on to some other far off place she didn't know.

Anzu got pulled out of her thoughts as she heard her step-mother scream at some poor servant. She groaned and walked onto her balcony to get away from her step-mother's voice.

Her father, who she loved dearly, was dead. Anzu had a gut feeling that his death had something to do with that horrible woman. The moment she had met her 'mother' she could see it in her face, the way she walked, they way she talked, that she hated her father.

Anzu closed her eyes as a single tear slid down her cheek. The wind ruffled her short brown chocolate hair promising something, of what, she didn't know.

Day after day she kept wondering when her prince charming would come riding on a white horse to slay her step-mother, take her away and ride off into the sunset.

How many times had she thought of her life as a fairytale?

Probably more than she could count.

"Anzu!" a screeching voice called out.

She closed her eyes, pressing her lips into a thin line. What could that woman possibly want now? Straightening her dress and hair while putting on a tiara and went down for whatever reason her mother had called her.

Where was that little brat? She should have been here by now!

It was by miserable luck that she had to marry a king who had a daughter. Not to mention a daughter with beauty that surpassed hers. Of course that didn't matter now that she was practically fifty! That's what got her.

That brat was beautifully eighteen while she was wasting away! Gods, she had to get rid of the little bitch or the elders of the castle would have the girl married and all the control that she wanted would be ripped out of her hands. There had to be a way to get rid of the girl.

"My Queen." A voice said. She turned to see her personal wizard standing at the foot of her thrown.

"Ah, there you are Derek!" she said. "So, before Anzu gets down here, did you find any good spells that will keep her away permanently?"

"I did find one, my Queen. But this spell is something I will need to prepare for about two days." He said.

"Alright, I've been waiting all my damn life for this, I think I can wait for two more days." She squealed with delight. Derek cringed mentally. There had been so many times when he wanted to go back to his Master Ulrick who lived in the Woods but to leave the Princess to this repulsive woman was something that he couldn't do.

"You called for me Mother?" a proud voice rang out. Derek turned to see Princess Anzu in a simple powder blue gown and a tiara with a single sapphire on it. Derek had always respected her, because unlike the Queen, she had a warm heart and spread her kindness to others.

"Ah yes, I did. You are to order new dresses and have them fitted. For two days we will have a festival."

"For what reason? We just got done with the Summer Festival two weeks ago." She said, slightly baffled. The Queen glared at the Princess.

"What's your point child? Can we not have fun around this dull place?" she asked.

"Of course." The Princess said quickly and bowed. Derek knew that the Queen couldn't read minds, but he could.

"It's not my fault this place is dull and waiting for you to explode."

He almost laughed out loud at that comment. Another thing he liked about Princess Anzu, she had one sharp tongue. It was hard to find princesses these days with sharp tongues.

"Go, get ready for tomorrow." The Queen ordered.

"Yes Mother." She said emotionlessly and walked away. When the doors slammed shut the Queen let of a loud shrill, one that sounded like a dying animal.

"Derek, I trust that you will have that spell ready. If I have to wait anymore days you will face my wrath." She snarled.

He pressed his lips in a thin line, trying very hard not to snap at her telling her she could do nothing to a wizard, but the fear of the Princess taking the Queens wrath made his gut twist. Derek bowed his head and prayed to every god and goddess he knew that he could get the Princess out of danger, and if that meant turning her to into some creature, then he would go for it. But for the Princess's sake he would choose an animal that was graceful and powerful.

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