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Dragon Princess

Chapter 25

Anzu floated in darkness for days, she could hear soft whispers around her from time-to-time but they were always hushed quickly and there was once again silence. But when she did wake up, she couldn't help but smiled.

"Ah, she smiles as she awakens!" Atem chuckled as he stared down at her, a sweet, tender smile swept across his face.

Anzu reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. "How could I not smile when it's you whom I first see?" He chuckled once more and kissed her. Sighing, she kissed him back until she ran out of air.

"So," she said, breathless, almost. "What happened after we fainted? And why does it feel as though I slept the longest?"

"Because you did, when you faced Calieve with your skyfire power, you didn't realize just how much power you put into it. My Mother even said she saw the faint outline of your spirit in her realm; thankfully, the Creator pushed your spirit back. A reward for going up against Calieve when so much was against you."

"Well, that was nice of him." She murmured thoughtfully. "Are our children ok?"

Atem sighed. "Yes, thank the gods for that, by the way, you're not getting away from that stunt you pulled on me." He growled. "Do you know how many heart attacks you gave me?"

"Enough to send you to the Creator?"

"A little bit more than that but fairly close." He huffed. "For the next two years you're going to stay in the cave and you're not going to come out."

"Hey, that's not fair! Oh . . . umm, you never did explain the whole two years thing."

He blinked. "I didn't? Huh, thought I did. Anyway, dragons, as you know, live for a very long time, in fact, given the right circumstances, even the plain dragons live for about two million years." Anzu mouth dropped. "Shocking, no?"

"And you've been alive for how long?" Atem hummed and tapped his chin.

"I put it roughly around one million years, but then again, I might be older." He paused as he saw the look on her face. "Do remember that I am a god, it doesn't matter how many years pass, I will live on."

"But surely we gods and goddesses have a limit?"

Atem shrugged. "Only the Creator knows the number of years, so, back to the two years. The reason why it takes so long is because of the basic process. They start out by taking both of our auras and combining them. Then it's about a four month wait until the chicks become aware that they are alive."

"Become aware?"

"Weird, right? So, if you get only two eggs at one point but then you get fifteen eggs when you try again, it merely means that the first time, not enough became aware of themselves and the second time, you had lots become aware of themselves. It's like a gamble each time. After that happens they start to separate themselves from their brothers and sisters and create their own aura. That takes another four months and finally, they make the shells of the egg where the actual growth and body forming comes in, and that takes up the rest of the year. The second year the eggs will sit in the nest and the rest is history."

"And you know all this how . . .?" she asked. Atem sighed and lay back on his pillow.

"The most interesting question I asked my Mother." He muttered under his breath. Anzu blinked once, than twice before bursting into a fit of giggles. He glared at her. "What?"

"Nothing, but I can guess that the question is the equivalent to the question when human children ask where do babies come from."

Atem chuckled and wrapped his arms around her waist as he snuggled closer to her. "I'm very angry at you."


He looked slightly insulted, as though she should have known. "For two months I had to go and be social with everyone else but you! You couldn't stand the two days I was down, right?"

"Yeah, it was horrible."

"Two months, my dear, try that."

"No thank you." She smiled, making Atem laugh.

"How about this, I'll make sure not to knock myself out just as long as you do the same, deal?"

"Deal." She said, sealing it with a kiss.

There was a knock at the door then and Chaya's cheerful voice seeped through the door. "Hey there, you awake, bro?" Atem glared at the door, hoping that his youngest sister would go away. Anzu laughed softly.

"She's not going away, love. We might as well get up." She said, slowly getting off the bed in case she had a case of vertigo. When that wasn't the case, she went to the door and opened it.

Chaya, a young dragon, who, at the moment, had blond hair tipped with turquoise and blue eyes, exploded at the sight of her friend. "Finally! You're awake!" she exclaimed and gave Anzu a fierce hug. Atem growled.

Chaya peeked over Anzu's shoulder and glared back at him. "Oh shut up, big brother, you always get to have her now, share her." He came up from behind Anzu and stepped in between his mate and sister.

"Mine." He growled.

Chaya pouted. "You're not serious." His glare intensified and a small flame sparked in his eyes. Chaya sighed. "You're serious." She stomped out of the room. Soren peeked into the room just as she was leaving.

"Hey there, Beautiful." He then noticed Atem and Anzu. "Hey guys! Glad you're up Anzu. You had us all worried." He turned back to Chaya and found her glaring at him, though it wasn't really a glare, more like a pout. "What?"

She rolled her eyes and grabbed his arm. "I hate it when you call me that in front of people." She muttered. Soren glared.

"I'm your mate though!"

"Doesn't matter." Anzu turned to Atem.

"Looks like your sister finally doesn't have to spend her days all alone now."

"Trust me when I say this, my Mother is very happy about that fact."

"I heard that!" Chaya yelled. Atem smiled and turned to Anzu, a sly smirk on his face.

"Only telling the truth."

Caleb looked up when four people walked in. He smiled. "Anzu, glad to see that you're finally up."

She nodded. "I am as well, Uncle." Without Calieve, things were peaceful, very peaceful. "With the Shadow Dragon gone, I can actually feel the peace in the air."

"Indeed." A familiar voice said. Anzu spun around and found herself looking at . . . who was she looking at? The . . . stranger, was standing beside by a woman who looked incredibly beautiful. The woman had white blond hair and bright blue eyes. Her smile was like the rising sun while her skin looked like the pale moon.

The person next to her . . . Anzu bit her lip. Once again she couldn't put this figure into a gender category. He, or she, had a male body with a face the spoke of female . . . and yet there was a touch of male in there. Then she remembered the image that had formed in her mind before Calieve was killed. No way . . .


He . . . it? . . . smiled broadly and stepped forward and held her hands. "Correct, I am the Creator."

Anzu blinked and turned to Atem, who looked just as surprised. "Umm . . . do forgive me but ugh . . . what do you want me to call you by?" The Creator tipped . . . its(?) head to the side. "He, she?" Anzu said, making it simple as possible.

The Creator blinked and smiled. "Ah, forgive me, as the Creator I do not take one form or be one simple thing."

"Well, yeah, that would make since and all but I really don't want to insult you by calling you an . . . it." That got the Creator grinning.

"Then you may refer to me as a male since most worlds and regions already do."

Anzu nodded. "So tell me, is there any more Shadow Dragons? In this world and others?"

"No, I have cleaned up my mistakes and I will never make another creature like the Shadow Dragons. They will now be a mere legend that dragon mothers will tell their hatchlings."

Atem smiled. "So let it be written, so let it be done." He murmured softly. The Creator nodded and turned to the woman beside him.

"Say you greetings and parting words to your children, Cindara, we must go back to our world." The woman bowed her head slightly.

"Of course." Her voice reminded Anzu of sunny meadows and the blooming flowers of the spring . . . days of laughter and childhood memories. Then her mind snapped at her, the Creator said Cindara.

Anzu turned to Atem. "She's your mother?" He nodded, making her turn to Chaya who was talking with Mai. "I'm sorry, but I don't see the connection."

"That is because you are seeing the human and elf forms, my dear. When in dragon form, you can easily tell she is my daughter." The voice of sunshine and spring said.

Anzu turned to see Cindara in front of her, a gentle smile of her face. Suddenly, and quite shockingly, Cindara, the Dragon Goddess, hugged her. Atem chuckled.

"So you give her a hug and not your first born son? Tragic, Mother, just tragic." Cindara sighed and let go of a shocked Anzu to hug her son. Once she was done messing with his hair she turned back to Anzu.

"I have to thank you, if not for you, my baby would have been alone for a very long time."

"Mother." Atem muttered. Cindara turned to him, one of her fine blond brows raised, very similar the way he did his. Atem decided to remain quiet, but he also didn't bother to hide the blush that covered his face.

Anzu shrugged. "I think he would have found me anyway, it's Soren you should be thanking at the moment."

Cindara smiled slyly at the comment. "How very true," she murmured. "You two can leave now, the other gem dragons are back home, safe and sound. Sadly, I could not heal all."

Anzu and Atem looked over at her, fear whispered in their eyes. Cindara reassured them. "No one is dead, but some have painful and troubled pasts, pasts I cannot heal with merely words and blessings."

"Oh . . ."

"Now, leave, go wherever you wish to go." She said before walking off to her daughter. Anzu turned to Atem.

"Hey, I need to talk to my Uncle before I leave, ok?"

"Of course, but don't keep me waiting too long, all right?"

"Yes sir." She laughed and kissed him before walking up to her Uncle. "Caleb . . ." He turned to her, his blue, serious eyes fixing on her.

"Anzu, you're leaving?"

"Atem wants me to stay safe for the next two years. Typical male protection thing, I suppose." Caleb laughed.

"Indeed, and I do not blame your mate." Anzu rolled her eyes.

"Will you stay here?" she asked. "You could come to the mountains with us."

"You are too kind, but I cannot. In two years who knows how much mouths you'll have to feed, it is best, for right now, that I stay here and rule over the Celestial Kingdom until I can find the next King and teach him all that I know. Also . . ." he paused, as though not sure how to put it in words. "I have news . . . about Ulrick." Anzu sucked in a sharp gasp. "While I was seriously ill, he came to my room and traded his life for mine. It was how I saved you just in time." He explained.

Anzu felt her heart scream out and cry. Tears flowed freely as she thought of her old, funny, friend. Her last connection to Derek. Caleb rested a hand on her shoulder. "I asked my wizards to give him a resting place that any wizard would love and adore."

"Thank you." She whispered softly. Caleb bowed and walked away to the Good Wizards as Atem came up behind her. "You heard?"

"Yes," he said softly. "Come, this place is full of painful memories. Let's go home and pile on the years."

"You sound like an old man." She muttered, it made Atem laugh.

"Maybe so, but it's true." Anzu smiled up at him as she took his hand. They walked to the north, not bothering to transform yet. They came upon her old home where she had been born and raised in. Where she first fell in love, where her destiny first started.

"It's so odd," she said softly as she stared upon the ruins of her former home. The village buildings had collapsed and the grasses were slowly taking over, filling what was once such a barren and cold place with flowers of every color of the rainbow. The wind created a sad song as it passed through the bricks of the castle and trees. "To look back and see this place. I remember it to be my former home, and yet . . . to see it in such a state . . ."

Atem gripped her shoulder and pulled her into a tight hug. "Places that we once called home change all the time, whether we choose to notice it or ignore it." Anzu nodded and remained silent before releasing her magic and she turned back into her dragon form.

Atem's black dragon formed beside her. "Come," his wings flared open just as hers did. "Let's go back home." They flew together, their tails brushing together sometimes. She could feel the sun set and the birds call to one another as winter approached.

100 years later . . .

Anzu sat on top of a cliff that overlooked the mountain range that she lived in. Below her was a valley with lush green grass with small wildflowers around in random places. A small stream provided the valley with the water it needed.

In the valley was a massive black dragon with gold and violet that ran down his back to his tail. He was surrounded by five baby dragons the size of horses. Three of them had her sapphire color and powers while the other two had Atem's scales and powers. There was no fighting today because on this day, Atem told them a story.

Anzu sighed and looked to the ruins that were still standing of King Kevin's castle. Nature had done its job on the village, but it could not cover the massive rocks and bricks that made the castle. Only time would do that.

So much had changed over the years. Caleb, her uncle, had found his pupil and trained him until he was twenty-five, by that time, he was already married to a spitfire named Rosa.*

Chaya and Soren were dealing with their own four hatchlings while Yugi, Rebecca, Seto, and Kisara had yet to get started. Tristan and Duke were still fighting over Serenity while Joey and Mai traveled around, both not content to sit around and do almost nothing.

"Anzu." Atem said softly. She looked down to see her little ones staring up at her. Laughing softly, she crawled to the bottom of the valley and curled up beside her mate.

"And what do my babies call me for?" she asked. One of them, a black one, stepped forward.

"It's nap time." She yawned. Raven was a mirror image to Atem, except for the gender, much like Little Yugi. The little black she-dragon went up and curled against her mother's side and quickly fell asleep. The others crawled over and did the same. Once they were all down Atem scooted closer so that the five dragons were surrounded by both parents.

"So what was the story today?" she asked him. Atem chuckled and nuzzled her gently.

"I told them a humorous story about the Creator."

"When are you going to tell them our story?" she asked him curiously. He paused for a moment.

"It'll probably be their last story I tell them. They do know that I leave the best for last." He said as his tail curled around hers. Anzu purred as she soaked up the sunlight. Her fight for happiness and peace was over with. She had found her happily ever after.

It was true; she couldn't get her father's kingdom back like she had promised to the wind so long ago, but she had found everything here with Atem. She found her prince on a white horse, though he was far from a prince and he would rather eat a horse than ride it, but she still found the one she loved.

"What are you thinking of?" Atem asked her softly.

She turned to his warm crimson eyes and smiled. "Only about what we can do now that they're old enough to travel between worlds and dimensions."

"Anywhere we want." He said.

"Is there a new world, perhaps?"

Atem tipped his head to the side, thinking carefully. "A new world with little people and such things?"

"A place where they can grow. There's enough dragon gods and goddess in this world, don't you agree?"

Atem nodded. "I believe there is." He turned to her. "After the nap?"

Anzu nodded. "After the nap." She agreed and turned to the sky and she slowly smiled.

Looks like another adventure awaited her across worlds, space, and time.

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