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Kurt Hummel had been devastated to leave his friends behind at McKinley High when he transferred to Dalton Academy, but he honestly could not have stayed at the school after Karofsky returned. He still couldn't believe that his Dad and Carol had willingly given up their honeymoon money for the tuition for the private school.

Blaine had been wonderful. Kurt had been worried that his friend would have been upset that Kurt was running away, but once Blaine had found out about the death threat, he had been the first to issue the invitation to come to Dalton. He had also taken a day off from his classes in order to show Kurt and his father and stepmother around the campus before they left Kurt for the week.

"You guys ready?" Blaine asked, standing next to Burt Hummel's truck. "You guys can leave Kurt's things here and we'll take them to his room before you guys leave."

But couldn't stop himself from scrutinizing the boy standing before them. He knew who it was, Blaine hadn't wasted any time in introducing himself at the wedding. Blaine wasn't exactly what he had expected. Burt had honestly expected Blaine to act more flamboyant like his son, as stereotypical as that thought was.

Carole, however, had immediately wanted to keep Blaine as he was so polite and obviously wanting to make a good impression.

Blaine took them through the scenic route to the headmaster's office, knowing that the Hummel's were early and Headmaster Black preferred to meet with people when they were scheduled. "…and those are the dorms for those that live too far from the school to be day students. I've got a room here too, so you don't have to worry about Kurt not knowing anyone in the dorms. Over there are the athletic departments. We have all the usual sports except our football team lacks cheerleaders since most guys don't have the gymnastic skills…or the ability to trust other guys throwing them around," Blaine joked.

Burt and Carole shot significant looks at Kurt, who blushed and shifted awkwardly. "That's a good thing, because I think Coach Sylvester would drive over here to murder me herself if I deserted McKinley and joined the cheerleaders here," Kurt said quietly.

Blaine grinned. "Oh I don't doubt that. You know, she actually asked me if I was trying to steal you for our team until she realized that Dalton was an all boy's school and we didn't have a team," he said lightly. "And is she always that scary? Or was it just because I was on campus with her favorite, what is the ridiculous name for the team, Cheerios?"

"Trust me, she's worse when she has a bullhorn," Kurt said, smiling. "And when did she corner you?"

"Right after I brought you back from that lunch the day after we met. She cornered me right before I left the campus," Blaine explained. "She warned me that if I took 'Porcelain' away, she'd turn me into a castrati…with her bare hands."

"Geez, she was calling me that even then?" Kurt grumbled. "And if you can believe it, that was the least offensive nickname she gave me."

Blaine chuckled, the boy's conversation leaving the adults out of the loop. He caught sight of the bell tower clock in the middle of the campus. "Well, Headmaster Black will be expecting us in a couple minutes," he said, leading them directly to the building that held the faculty's offices.

They made good time, despite the winding path Blaine had taken them on in the first place. "Good, you must be Mr. and Mrs. Hummel," Headmaster Black's secretary said, smiling at the two. "He would like to meet with the two of you first and then meet with your son. Blaine, would you be willing to wait with Kurt?"

"Of course Sally," Blaine said. The two boys sat in the chairs outside the doors as Burt and Carole walked into the headmaster's office. "Nervous?"

"Of course, this is the person that let me into the school halfway through a semester without paying the tuition right away. I'm terrified," Kurt confessed.

Blaine laughed gently. "Trust me Kurt, he's going to love you as much as Brian and I do."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Your boyfriend is required to like your friends, it's in the code."

"Is this some gay code? Because my last boyfriend hated my best friend," Sally piped in, grinning from behind her desk.

It was Blaine's turn to roll his eyes this time. "That's because your current boyfriend is your best friend. Or do you forget that he stole you from your last boyfriend?"

Sally blushed. "How do you know this stuff?"

"Please darling, it's an all boy school. Your love life rushes through here faster than any other faculty member's because you're one of the only girls we see a week."

Kurt couldn't help but giggle at the banter going between the two of them. It was obvious that Blaine spent a lot of time in the office from the way the two of them were comfortable joking back and forth. It also helped keep his attention off of what was going on in the office.

All too soon, in Kurt's opinion, the door opened to reveal his dad and Carole. Kurt immediately shot to his feet, all of his nerves rushing back. "Is everything okay?" he asked.

Carole hugged him tightly. "Of course it is. Your father and I are going to make our way back to the truck and get your bags. By that time, you should have finished your meeting with Headmaster Black. Then we can take your stuff to your dorm. He said your boyfriend will be meeting us there Blaine. He's the one that will be assigned to Kurt to help him out these next couple weeks."

"Why Brian, why not Blaine?" Kurt asked, confused.

"Because I'm your roommate, roomy," Brian said, leaning against the doorway. "I figured when Blaine wasn't answering my texts, that you were here. How are you doing Kurt?" he asked, hugging the other teen tightly.

"Better now that I'm here," Kurt admitted.

"Well, that's good to hear. Now, what's this about me helping at the dorms? Why don't I go with your parents to get your things now while you're talking to HB."


"Yeah, Headmaster Black. It makes him laugh for some reason when it's shortened to that. No one's figured out why yet," Brian laughed. He turned to the adults. "Sorry, my manners are horrible. I hear it from that one all the time," he pointed to Blaine over his shoulder. "I'm Brian Rose, Blaine's boyfriend. And now, I'm Kurt's roommate. I was one of the only guys with no roommate, in a double room. So it was easy enough to arrange for Kurt to room with someone he knows already."

"Boys, Headmaster Black is ready to see you," Sally interrupted.

Kurt took a deep breath before walking into the office. "Headmaster Black, I'm Kurt Hummel."

The man sitting behind the desk wasn't what he had been expecting. First of all, the man was young, probably around Mr. Schuester's age or so. He had messy black hair which was arranged semi-neatly. It looked to Kurt like the man struggled to get it to behave daily. He wore stylish silver framed glasses that showed off emerald green eyes.

"Mr. Hummel, I am Headmaster Harry Black." The man stood up and held out his hand for a handshake, the movement shifting his hair to reveal a faded scar on his forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt.

End chapter 1

2nd A/N: That was always where I wanted to end the chapter. This was always intended as a crossover. If you don't like it, I'm sorry. There won't be a lot of magic in this story because it's ultimately Kurt's story, not Harry's. And I know, no Karofsky yet, but he's coming soon, around the third chapter or so. If you need a fix, there's a side story to this called "When You Smile" that features Dave.