Title: To Wear a Blazer
Author: Lenora
Pairing,Character(s): Kurt/Dave, Blaine/Brian (OC), Burt, Carole, Headmaster Harry Black, Will, New Directions
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Word Count: 1,960
Spoilers: Up to Original Song, select spoiler from The Spanish Teacher
Series: To Wear a Blazer 'verse
Summary: Kurt has left McKinley High and must now learn to fit in at Dalton Academy. Thankfully he already has allies there in Blaine, his boyfriend Brian, and unknowingly the Headmaster Harry Black.

A/N: This is the last chapter. I will be writing short drabblish parts that cover what happened in the two episodes between last chapter and this one. And it will also include exactly how/why Harry and Will got together and later episode's plot lines. Such as Prom Queen.

To Wear A Blazer

Chapter 14

Last Chapter:

"They're at Kurt's house. Apparently they went there after school and Burt came home and the three of them have been talking ever since."

Blaine nodded and smoothly maneuvered his car in the direction of the Hummel-Hudson house. He had a feeling that the other couple would need some time with friends tonight if they had been talking with Burt for over two hours. He reached over and casually took his boyfriend's hand, grateful that he had Brian. He didn't know what he would do without him.


The Monday before Regionals Kurt sat in his bedroom finishing up the hem for the pants of the boy's outfits. Tina had agreed to work on the dresses if Kurt would hem the boy's pants. He looked up absently when his phone buzzed next to him. He was surprised when it was a notification for a Skype call from the Warblers. Kurt accepted the call and was immediately blasted by Warbler chatter.

"Whoa guys! Simmer down! One at a time," Kurt ordered, sitting back from the sewing machine and picking up the phone.

"Kurt! Kurt! Kurt! Blaine and Brian are breaking up!" Jeff cried, tears in his eyes.

"What?!" Kurt snapped. He had just seen them the day before and they were as lovey dovey as always.

"Blaine suggested a duet at Regionals and he chose "Candles" by Hey Monday. It's a break up song! They're going to break up!"

Kurt let out a sigh of relief. "Jeff…it's just Blaine the inappropriate striking again. You guys remember how bad he is at picking songs. He probably thinks it's really romantic and doesn't realize that it's a break up song. Though why Brian didn't point it out, I have no idea," Kurt mused.

"They've been off practicing," Wes explained.

Kurt snorted. "One of you should go flush them out of their hole and make sure they actually practice. Leave them alone for too long and they'll just make out until Saturday." Wes looked over at Flint, who nodded and disappeared from frame. "I'd love to continue talking guys, but I'm kind of in charge of half of our costumes, so I have to cut this short. I'll see you guys on Wednesday for coffee and for those of you I don't see, I'll see you Saturday." It only took a couple more minutes to get off Skype and he couldn't help but chuckle at the Warblers. Though he was happy being back home at McKinley, he would miss the Warblers.


Harry sighed as he looked over his schedule for the next week. He had a couple fundraisers to attend that he was required to bring a plus one to. He was trying to figure out how many donations he would lose if he brought Will to them when the painting of Severus Snape on the wall spoke up.

"So you like this muggle?"

Harry glanced at the door, even though he knew the painting wouldn't have spoken if it was open. He turned his chair so that he was facing the painting. "Of course I do Severus. I wouldn't have introduced him to my boys if I didn't. It's just this is a smallish town in Ohio. I could hurt the school if I brought Will to the fundraisers like I want to. And it's not like I have an abundance of female friends to ask." He chose to gloss over the fact that his best friend had abandoned him over a decade ago by choosing to side with Ginny's lies. He thought for a moment. "Maybe I could ask Luna. She's supposed to be in the States for Fashion Week anyway this week."

Severus eyed the man for a minute before speaking. "Why don't you just ask your lover and damn what anyone else thinks? This attitude of pleasing others is not the Harry Potter I knew. You spent more time telling people to fuck off in various ways than ever acting the way they wanted you to."

Harry smiled fondly at the painting. If you had asked his seventeen year old self if he could ever see himself smiling at Severus Snape, painting or not, the younger Harry would have died of shock or laughter at the thought. "You're right Severus. I'm allowed to have a life, and if uptight parents don't like it, well, I could always hit up the Warbler parents for more," he said with a laugh as he reached for his cell phone. Just because he had made up his mind to invite Will doesn't mean that he could chicken out if he waited longer to ask.

"Hello? Harry? Anything wrong? You usually don't call until we're both done at work."

Harry couldn't help the smile as he heard Will's familiar and beloved voice. "Hullo Will. No, nothing's wrong. I was just wondering if you'd like to accompany me to a couple Dalton fundraisers this week. I'll go with you to Regionals to return the favor," he said wheedlingly.

Will laughed. "I'd love to Harry. Just tell me when to show up and what the dress code is and I'll be there. You don't have to come to Regionals unless you want to. Besides, wouldn't the Warblers be upset if you come to cheer on the New Directions," he teased.

Harry couldn't keep the sappy smile of his face. "Are you kidding? With our loss of Kurt, they might as well be ready to forfeit. Though I did hear something about one of the song choices almost causing a mini meltdown among most of the group. But I'm not telling you anything about what they've chosen," he said mock-seriously. He sat back in his chair and let Will's laughter wash over him.

"That's fine. I couldn't give anything about our set list away either because we still don't have one."

Harry looked at the calendar and saw it was Wednesday. "Don't you guys have to practice?" he asked worriedly. He might want the Warblers to win but not if it came about because of a lack of preparation by the New Directions.

He could practically hear the shrug in Will's voice. "The last time we really practiced hard before a competition our set list was stolen. We've kind of been flying fast and loose ever since. Not a good philosophy, I know, but it just keeps ending up like that."

Before Harry could say anything in response, his secretary knocked on the door. "Headmaster Black, you're required in the science wing. One of the seniors has caused another fire."

Harry chuckled and shook his head. "Will, I've got to go. Some of my students are trying to set my school on fire again. I'll talk to you later tonight." Before Will could respond, he hung up the phone and was already halfway out the door.

"Brat," Severus muttered fondly.


The night of Regionals found Harry lurking backstage during the first club's performance. He didn't want to announce himself to the Warblers just yet, knowing that his presence would likely make the boys more nervous rather than less. He wasn't exactly known for going to their competitions and the more savvy members would realize that he was there to cheer on their rivals rather than his own team. Wes would give him that disappointed look and Harry wasn't good against his kids looking at him like that. He couldn't help the snort of laughter that escaped him when the first club blatantly pandered to the judges with their performance of "Jesus is a friend of mine".

He hung out in the wings watching as the Warblers got ready for going on stage. He overheard Blaine and Brian talking. "Has anyone ever literally died on stage?" Brian asked.

Blaine looked at his boyfriend fondly. "Are you nervous?"

Brian fidgeted. "Please don't judge me. This is the first time I've had a solo in front of a competition audience. I have this nightmare that I'm going to forget the lyrics or I'm going to sing and nothing is going to come out." Blaine just continued looking at him after he moved over to the other side of Brian. "Okay, you can judge me."

Blaine just smiled fondly. "I think it's adorable. I think you're adorable. You'll do fine. I love you," he whispered, kissing Brian softly before grabbing him by the shoulders. "The only people who are going to be dying tonight are the people in the audience. Because you and I are going to kill this thing." He kissed his boyfriend one last time before they got into formation with the others.

Break a leg boys, Harry thought as they started.

In the audience, Will immediately knew that this was the song that Harry had referenced. A break up song sung by the golden couple of the Warblers, of course it would have caused a minor melt down among the others. He chuckled lowly, gaining the attention of Kurt who was sitting next to him. He leaned over and whispered in Kurt's ear. "Harry told me about the minor melt down caused by this song."

Kurt snorted. "They Skyped me about it, convinced that Blaine and Brian were breaking up." The two just exchanged head shakes and went back to watching the Warblers. Though Will did notice that Dave was holding Kurt's hand on top of the countertenor's thigh. Will's eyebrow rose at the sight, causing Kurt to blush brightly.

"Raise Your Glass" was a hit. As much as Will believed in his kids, there was no doubt that Blaine Anderson would go far.

As soon as the Warblers finished receiving their accolades from the crowd, Harry moved to greet his team. "That was great guys!"

Wes looked at the headmaster in shock. "Headmaster Black! What are you doing here? You never come to our competitions."

Harry smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head. "You can't say never, I'm here aren't I?" he asked, trying to deflect.

Brian looked at the clothes that the headmaster was wearing. "You're on a date, aren't you? With Mr. Schuester."

Harry laughed thinly. "I'm not rooting for one team over the other. I'd be happy with either of you winning."

Wes just rolled his eyes at the man. "You're pathetic Sir," he said fondly.

David coughed. "Like you don't have as divided loyalties as he does Mr.-I'm-Dating-Rachel-Berry." Wes blushed brightly as the Warblers laughed.

Harry laughed as the Warblers made their way towards their seats. He grinned when he felt an arm wrap around his waist. "Hey babe," he said quietly, looking up at Will.

"Why are you hiding back here?"

Harry gave that same sheepish laugh as earlier. "I didn't want the Warblers to get nervous about my presence. I don't usually go to their competitions." He saw Will's satisfied smirk, causing him to roll his eyes. "Don't get used to it. My kids could just as easily win as yours."

Will was cut off by the start of music. After what he had seen in the audience a few minutes before, the kid's suggestion of letting Dave and Kurt sing a duet made more sense.

Harry rested his head against Will's shoulder as they watched New Directions tear up the stage. "I hate to say it, but I think the Warblers are doomed," he confided. Will just laughed quietly and kissed the top of Harry's head. The two cuddled as the club continued their routine.

After the New Directions finished, Harry reluctantly moved back to the audience to await the results. He passed the time until the announcement by checking the Warbler's Twitter feed from backstage. Apparently a tweet war between the Warblers and New Directions had erupted from some comment that Puck had tweeted in response to something that Trent had said. Harry was still snickering when the announcer brought the choirs back onto the stage.

On the stage, Will caught his boyfriend's eye and mouthed 'Sorry' when the New Directions was named the winner before shaking Blaine's hand.

Harry pulled up his own Twitter account on his phone and tweeted a congratulations to the New Directions. He then made his way towards the front of the theatre, deciding to wait there instead of trying to make his way backstage.

The Warblers were the first to make their way out from backstage. Harry waved at them as they slowly trickled towards their cars, having taken them instead of a bus. He straightened from his slouch against the wall when Will and his kids came out. "Hey guys. Congrats." He turned to Will. "I'll meet you at your house," he said, walking over to the kids and hugging the ones that he knew, including Kurt.

Will smiled and watched his boyfriend walk away, causing Santana to hoot at him while snarking "Wanky." Will blushed and herded the kids back to the bus, suddenly wanting to be back in Lima in the worst way.

"Nationals, here we come!" the kids cheered as they climbed into the bus.

Kurt smiled at Dave and took his boyfriend's hand and rested his head on Dave's shoulder as they sat in the back among their friends.