Hi this is my first Beyond the Break story. I have loved this show ever since it came out. I think it really sucked that they just left us hanging at the end of season 3. I wished they would bring back the show but that seems unlikely. So I decided to write a story about my favorite couple which is Lacey and Vin. I have loved them since the beginning and I thought it was crappy that they couldn't be together due to Kai liking Vin also. Okay so the story starts when lacey's mom complains about lacey to Justin her brother.

Lacey's POV

"I am so sick of her shit, Justin. I have tried to be a good mom but how can I when she never gives me a chance. She just keeps on bringing up the past. I am clean! I have been for 6 months. She smokes, drinks and runs away all the time. " Here I was in Hawaii listening to my mom rant to Justin about my "wreckless" behavior. We were in this beautiful beach house that looked liked it could be out of a magazine, I never saw anything like it. I was used to run down shacks, roach infested apartments and the streets as a home for me. My mom has never been there for me when I needed her the most. She put me through hell and back when she was on meth but Justin never knew what an evil person she truly was. All he would know is the mom who was trying to get another chance at life. Yeah right! He would never know, as long as she doesn't open her big fat mouth. To say I was embarrassed about what happened to me would be a big he understatement; I always thought that I deserved it. I tuned in to what more my mom had to tell Justin.

"I mean she was pregnant three times already. One miscarriage, one abortion. She…"

"SHUT UP!" I yelled startling Justin and my mom who were sitting on the couch as I stood by the kitchen. My veins were pulsing and waves of heat rolled off of me. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! I hate you and I always will. You think just because you are clean for six months that we are going to be best of friends, that I will forget everything you did to me. Well I'm not! I'm not going to feel sorry for you just because your boyfriend left you again. It is not going to happen, so forget telling your stupid sob story."

"Lacey stop yelling." Justin told me trying to calm me down.

"Whatever… I'm leaving. Nice seeing you again Justin." I grabbed my backpack and walked out the house. As soon as I stepped outside the sun beamed down on me making my dirty blonde hair with black streaks and my blue eyes stand out even more. I saw a group of teenagers around my age just staring at me, whether it was because of my outfit which was my machine black and white destroyed skinny jeans, anime shirt and my high top converse, my multiple piercings, or was it because they heard me yelling.

I don't even know or care. I just wanted to get away and fast before anyone decided to follow me.

"Lacey!" Dang it I spoke too soon.

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