I feel horrible that it took me this long to finish this, but I finally did it! Yaay! Please enjoy the ending, and thank you for your patience :)

Finn was a little worried. After Kurt woke up, Mr. Hummel had said that he needed to rest and didn't allow any visitors. Finn sensed that the man was a still a little upset at him, so he didn't push the issue. As he headed out to take Quinn home, and Puck had smoothly invited Brittany and Santana over to his place for the night, Finn noticed that Dave was still sitting in one of the chairs, staring at the ground blankly.

"Hold on a sec, Quinn." He said, ignoring his girlfriend's quizzical look and going over to Dave. He sat next to him and chewed on his lip for a second before opening his mouth.

"Uh, Dave? You okay?"

Dave looked up slowly and looked at Finn almost like he didn't recognize him. "Huh? Oh, yeah…I guess."

Finn smiled. "Well that's good. We're all heading out, since, you know, Kurt's gonna rest."


Finn watched him, raising an eyebrow. "…are you gonna leave to…or…"

Dave stood up suddenly and walked out of the hospital, not saying another word. Finn watched him, his eyebrows scrunching together in confusion before he shrugged. Karofsky was weird.

After taking Quinn home, Puck dropped Finn off at his own house. "See you Monday dude." He said, grinning. Of course he would be happy. He was about to get his threesome on. Santana smirked over at Puck, while Brittany had occupied herself with a band-aid she found on the hospital floor. Finn smiled. "Yeah, see ya."

Puck peeled away, and Finn headed into his house. He wasn't surprised to find his mom asleep on the couch, television still going. He walked over as quietly as he could and turned the television off, then pulled a shrug blanket over her before heading upstairs.

That weekend was fairly uneventful. He slept in and played some video games. He figured he should do some kind of homework, but by the time he got around to it, it was already Sunday night. He knew he couldn't finish it all in such a short amount of time, so he played some more video games before going to sleep.

Monday morning, there was no one near the dumpster. None of the usual jocks were standing around, waiting for Hummel to show up. Finn was confused, but relieved at the same time. He didn't know exactly how bad Kurt's injuries were, but he knew that they wouldn't heal as fast if Kurt had to endure being tossed into a dumpster almost right after getting hurt that bad.

Finn met up with Quinn at her locker, and they shared a quick kiss before she closed her locker and they started their slow walk to first period.

"Has anyone seen Kurt yet?" Finn asked.

Quinn shook her head. "Not that I know. I hope he's out of the hospital by now."

Finn sighed. "Me too."

Behind them, they heard a scuffle, and the familiar sound of a slushie dripping onto the linoleum floors. Hesitantly, they both turned around. Kurt was standing there, wide eyes, in shock. Dave Karofsky was standing in front of him, his face covered in a bright red slushie. His eyes were shut tight, and his jaw was clenched. The entire hall seemed to go dead silent. The jock who had thrown the slushie stood frozen, unblinking at Karofsky.

"Dave, dude, I didn't-"

"Beat it." Dave barked, and the jock ran quickly down the hallway.

Kurt's jaw dropped slightly, and he flinched as Dave brought a hand up and quickly smeared some of the ice out of his eyes. He turned slowly and looked at Kurt menacingly, and Kurt thought that his time had finally come. Dave Karofsky was finally going to kill him.

He nearly dropped dead of shock when Dave smiled at him instead. "Good game on Friday, Hummel."

Kurt tried to say something, anything, instead succeeding on sputtering nonsense. Finally, he gave up trying to make sense of it and sighed, smiling. "Come on, let's clean you up." He said, grabbing Dave's arm and leading him to the boy's bathroom. Finn, Quinn, and the rest of the students in the hall watched.

Finn couldn't help but smile. Kurt was going to be okay.