Complete and utter crack...but enjoy xD Based off of a LJ request

"Hey KF, why is Speedy here?"

"Speedy is here!" Kid Flash jumped up from his seat. "Where?"

"Um, right there." Robin gave Kid Flash a strange look and pointed to the door where, true to his word, stood Speedy. "Why do you care any- and he's gone." Robin shook his head and stared at the unlikely duo. "I don't even want to know."

"Did you-?" Kid Flash started, practically bouncing around with joy.

"Can I get inside first?" Speedy slid around KF and plopped down on a couch. "So, did you watch General Hospital yesterday?"

"Gah! Oh my gosh, no! I missed it! What happened?" Kid Flash's eyes practically bugged out of his head. "Come on tell me!"

"Well damn…I missed it, too. I need to know what happened to Jason." Speedy flicked an invisible piece of dirt off his shirt. "Whoa, Kid, don't have a heart attack." KF's face was red and he looked ready to explode.

"Man! I was so hoping you knew what happened! I plan my entire week around that show and I missed it! Oh fuck my life."

"Well, lucky for you I'm so amazing and DVR'd it."

"What? You…you did?" Kid Flash turned big puppy dog eyes on Speedy.

"Yes. I did. I was actually going to watch it when you called me over."

"C-Can I watch it with you?"

"Oh fine," Speedy sighed.

"YES!" Kid Flash jumped around. "Hey Robin I'm going to be at Speedy's watching General Hospital OK?" He yelled at the Boy Wonder. Robin's face was blank.

"Uh yeah. Sure." He really needed more normal friends.