Kurt Hummel wrote on Blaine Princeton's wall: I didn't know you were acquainted with Sam Evans.

Blaine Princeton: What do you mean?

Kurt Hummel: I mean what I said. I didn't know that you knew Sam Evans.

Blaine Princeton: Well... Yes, I know him.

Kurt Hummel: How come?

Blaine Princeton: He used to go to Dalton.

Kurt Hummel: Did he? Were you friends with him?

Blaine Princeton: What are you doing?

Kurt Hummel: What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm not doing anything.

Blaine Princeton: You're asking me questions. What's your motive? What do you care?

Kurt Hummel: Am I not allowed to care about my boyfriend's life?

Blaine Princeton: We don't talk any more. We sort of had a fight. It's nothing to be concerned about.

Kurt Hummel: I'm not concerned, I'm just curious. What was the fight about?

Blaine Princeton: He... had problems. There was stuff going on in his life, and... I don't think that's my place to talk.

Kurt Hummel: Funny, because he didn't seem to have problems when I met him. Were you good friends?

Blaine Princeton: Sure, I knew him fairly well.

Kurt Hummel: Well enough to kiss him?

Blaine Princeton: What the hell?

Kurt Hummel: I would have thought we'd certainly gained that level of trust, Blaine.

Blaine Princeton: I would never cheat on you.

Kurt Hummel: I know, hence why my immediate conclusion was that it must have happened before us. But you're avoiding the subject.

Blaine Princeton: He told you?

Kurt Hummel: You're still avoiding it.

Blaine Princeton: I'll assume that he told you. -deep sigh- Okay then. What am I avoiding?

Kurt Hummel: What is he, your ex, then?

Blaine Princeton: Define "ex".

Kurt Hummel: God, Blaine, I'm trying to be mature about this, can you?

Blaine Princeton: I'm serious. What do you mean by "ex'?

Kurt Hummel: What does everybody mean by 'ex', Blaine. As in, you had a previous relationship with him.

Blaine Princeton: Yes.

Kurt Hummel: Why didn't you tell me about this? You knew I knew him.

Blaine Princeton: I respect Sam's privacy.

Kurt Hummel: Stop it, okay? I'm trying really hard to handle this well. I just saw a picture of you two about to...kiss. I don't know what to think, Blaine. And you're refusing to talk to me about this and I just...I just don't know what to do.

Blaine Princeton: We can talk more about it later. In private. Again, I'm sure he doesn't want this all over Facebook, and neither do I.

Kurt Hummel: Fine. Whatever.

Blaine Princeton: You understand why I can't talk about this here, don't you?

Kurt Hummel: No, I really don't.

Blaine Princeton: If Sam wanted people to know about who he's kissed, he'd tell people.

Kurt Hummel: Ah, of course he would. I apologize for the intrusion, then.

Blaine Princeton: I'll come over and talk soon, okay? I'm worried about you.

Kurt Hummel: Okay.

Kurt Hummel wrote on Sam Evans's wall: I knew it.

Sam Evans: o_O...Knew what? Wait, what?

Kurt Hummel: My sixth sense. Both of them were right.

Sam Evans: What? That I dyed my hair? Oh...I guess Quinn told you about the lemon juice then, huh?

Kurt Hummel: ...well, no, actually, that wasn't the one I confirmed, but I knew it already. I don't want to compromise you by posting it in a public place.

Sam Evans: Wait...I'm confused. o_O Explain dude.

Kurt Hummel: Not over here. Can I call you?

Sam Evans: Uhh okay...wait, Quinn has my phone, but I'll go over to her house and get it real quick. You're kinda scaring me dude..

Kurt Hummel: No need to be scared, I just want to talk to you. Let me know when you have it back.

Sam Evans wrote on Kurt Hummel's wall: Hey Kurt, I have my phone now :)

Kurt Hummel likes this. -

Kurt sat down on his bed and waited for Sam to pick up. Sam answered his phone nervously, standing up and pacing once he could hear Kurt on the other line, "Okay dude, what's up?" "I knew you were gay." The words were out before he could stop himself and Kurt bit his lip. "I mean...no, yes, I do mean that." "W-..I-...no, what?" Sam stumbled over his words, taking a seat, and then standing up and pacing again. "What are you talking about Kurt?" He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself before he actually knew how Kurt could come to that conclusion. Kurt swallowed, okay, maybe not the best approach at the situation. "I'm sorry. I saw a picture of you and Blaine...and he told me that...you guys dated before, when you went to Dalton..." he trailed off in a quiet voice, giving the other time to breathe. "I just wish you'd told me. I mean...I could, you know...get you."

Sam sighed, scratching at the back of his neck with his free hand as he roamed around his room. "I'm sorry, it's just that...he broke up with me a while back and I guess I didn't want to, you know, re-open old wounds."

"I promise it was before I knew you though. I mean, before we both knew you. I'd never do that to you.." He trailed off.

Blaine broke up with Sam? Kurt had always thought it would have been the other way around... "Oh...I'm sorry. I really don't mean to intrude, it's just...I know what it's like to feel like you're alone, and I just want to let you know that you'...re not," he said lamely, feeling like an idiot, but sighing anyway. "And I know you wouldn't. You're a good person, Sam, even if you dye your hair," he joked, trying to lighten up the mood.

Sam smiled softly, feeling his cheeks get hot at the comment. "You think so? I don't think I'm a good person at all...The truth is, I left Dalton when people found out about us. It scared me and I wasn't ready...Blaine got pissed, understandably, and broke up with me. So, long story short, I'm a coward." He said in a regretful tone.

"Oh." Kurt totally had not been prepared to hear that. That changed things. Quite a bit, too. He stayed silent for a moment, thinking about what all of this meant. Blaine had broken up with Sam, then, not because the feelings died out...but because he'd been upset. Did that mean...no, no, he wouldn't. He'd have told him. "That doesn't make you a coward; it makes you a teenager," he replied after a long moment. Sam stayed silent for quite awhile on the other line, like he was contemplating something. "You know...you're...you're a really great friend, Kurt. I really like you." Sam said honestly, stopping himself before going too far, after he reali...zed what he was saying. "As a friend, of course." He said quickly. "So, what did Blaine say?" He asked, changing the subject. Kurt tried not to think twice about the comment, of course as a friend, what else would it be... Sam might be gay or...bisexual or whatever, but he was with Quinn. He nodded. "Like I said, you're a wonderful person, too." He thought about Blaine for a moment, and sighed. "We haven't fully talked yet...he just told me you guys dated." "Yeah...well we're not exactly close anymore, and he doesn't seem to like me talking to you.." Sam said sadly, referring to the facebook posts earlier where Blaine was telling him to back off. "Hey.." He said, knowing he was taking a long shot at asking this, but whatever. He and Kurt were friends. "Uhh..do you want to go see a movie or something later? I mean, it's kinda nice having someone to talk to about this.."

"Oh, yes," he would have continued saying that he didn't know what got into Blaine, but he had a vague idea, and he didn't want to voice it in case he was absolutely mistaken and embarrassing himself with the other boy, so he dropped it th...ere, and there was a small pause before Sam...Kurt's face lit up. "That sounds fun. I am staying in another city right now but I could drive over there, I suppose. What do you have in mind?" This was nice. Making friends. And he was glad that Sam trusted him enough this way.

Sam grinned, "We could see Harry Potter...or something scary like Paranormal Activity 2? Your choice. You can come by my house first...at like, 7." He remembered that his mom would probably be there and quickly added, "But my parents don't...don't know, ya know, what we talked about. So just a heads up...I-I don't think I'm ready for them too just uh, yet." Kurt blanched a little and shook his head. "Harry Potter sounds good," he squeaked. The thought of that other movie...he shuddered. He wasn't going to admit it, but horror movies made him want to pee his pants. "Don't worry," he assured him... "I know about parents, Sam. I'll keep it to myself." He probably should talk to Blaine about this. "Thanks man. I'll see you around 7 then." Sam smiled again, relaxing. "And thanks for being so cool about it, I'm just glad you're not mad about the whole 'Me and Blaine' thing. You're really great." He repeated from earlier, silent for a moment. "Umm..well, speaking of Blaine, you think he'll be cool with us hanging out?" "It was in the past, of course I'm not mad," Kurt agreed, fiddling with the edge of his shirt and glancing at his bedside clock. He still had about four hours to talk to Blaine and sort stuff out. "I don't see why there's a problem. We're just two guys, hanging out, right?" No, he wasn't reassuring himself, what are you talking about. "Uhh, right." Sam agreed, but truthfully, when he had first talked with the brunette countertenor, after his first Glee Club practice, he sorta thought the boy was adorable...but he would just keep that to himself. Of course. "Right, we're friends. So there shouldn't be a problem." "Precisely." Kurt stood up and went over to the mirror to fix his hair, brushing it back like he'd been styling it lately and frowned at a few wrinkles in his Dalton shirt. "I'll meet up with you later. Bye!" he said, clicking the phone 'off' and putting it on his counter, sighing and leaving his room to talk to Blaine.

While the teacher wasn't looking, Kurt took out his iPhone beneath his desk and quickly texted Blaine: 'I'm going to watch a movie with Sam tonight. I thought I should let you know. Don't miss me too much.' He added a light joke in there, just in case.

Blaine felt his phone vibrate and saw it was Kurt. He smiled, until he saw what the message said. It wasn't that Blaine didn't trust Kurt. In fact, he knew in his heart that Kurt was probably just going to help Sam out with his... issues tha...t had surfaced since the photo thing happened. In truth, it was Sam who he didn't trust. Not one bit. 'Alright, have fun' he replied, and tried to focus on the lesson.

Kurt smiled at the reply. See? He knew Blaine would totally get it; he was amazing. 'I'll try. xo.' he texted back, and pocketed his phone.

Stuffing in his phone and checking his reflection in the mirror once more, making sure that every hair was in place and that his clothes were properly ironed -he'd chosen a soft black v-necked cotton shirt over loose gray pants- Kurt left his dorm and closed the door behind him, making his way out of school and getting into h...is car. He drove in silence, while some random radio station played in the background, and reached Sam's house within half an hour, getting out and ringing the doorbell, waiting for him to open the door.

Sam got dressed a little after 6, in order to make sure his hair was styled right. He always spent so much time on his hair and he knew he would never be ready by 7 if he didn't get started early. Kurt knocked on his door about 15 minutes e...arly and Sam rushed downstairs, messing with his front bangs the whole way down until he reached the door. He took a deep breath and opened the door. "Hey dude!" He casually draped his right arm around Kurt's shoulders without thinking twice about it, before leading him inside. "Come on in. Uhh.." He glanced around, he knew his mom was upstairs, but she could be down any minute and it would probably just be best to avoid her. "Come on, I'll show you my room."

"Hi," Kurt replied, a little surprised but not displeased by the hug. Sam hadn't been overly touchy last time he'd been around him. But then again, that had been about a month or so ago. He guessed people did change. Following the blonde to his room, Kurt looked around curiously. "What time's the movie?" he asked.

His room consisted of a bunch of comic books, different video game consoles, and a large poster from the 'Avatar' movie. "Uhm, I think it starts at 8. So we should leave soon but..." Sam's eyes ran over Kurt's full figure, and he licked his... lips to dry them before realizing that he was, in fact, staring. He quickly averted his gaze, resorting to one of his dorky voice impressions. "Come on!" He said in his 'Matthew McConaughey' voice, a grin surfacing after, as he whisked Kurt right back out of his room.

Quite literally, Kurt had ten seconds to take in Sam's room before he was being dragged out. He caught a glimpse of some posters, and lots of bright colors that didn't match- what a dork, he couldn't help but think, amused and kind of endearingly, turning to look at Sam to tell him something along those lines (that he was a dork, not that he was endearing) and noticed him staring at him. Looking away, he stepped out and rolled his eyes at the impression. "Does that work with Quinn?" he asked skeptically, grinning over at him to show he's kidding.

Sam chuckled, slinking his head down as they walked back downstairs. "No not really, I actually had to vow to never speak Na'Vi or do any of my impressions ever again if we were going to date." He blushed when he admitted to speaking the Avatar language. "Yes, I'm a nerd, go ahead and say it." He laughed as they reached the front door again.

Kurt cocked an eyebrow at him and opened the front door, sniggering a little bit. "Nga," he agreed lightly, pressing his lips together, trying not to laugh. "I only know three words." They reached the driveway and he turned to face the other. "Your car or mine?" Either way was fine with him.

"Nga sevin." Sam smirked, not willing to give any hint as to what that meant, "Yours, that Escalade beats my old, beat-up truck." He joked, wasting no time getting in on the passenger side. "Your outfit looks nice by the way.." Sam said after he had situated himself in the car, his words lingering on...in a way that he didn't realize himself, in a sort of.. flirtatious way.

"I'm what?" he asked, getting into the driver's seat and clicking the key into the ignition, revving up the engine and backing out of Sam's driveway. He flushed at the compliment, not looking at him and gripping the wheel. "Thank you," he said a little awkwardly. Harmless comment, Kurt, don't freak out. He's just being polite. "Which theater are we heading to again?" His voice was back to being light as he took a turn and headed towards the general direction of entertainment in Lima.

"Nothin'!" Sam replied to Kurt's question about the Na'Vi nonchalantly, he wasn't planning on sharing unless it was forced out of him."'The Grand'.." Sam answered, turning to look over at Kurt as he drove. "Do you miss us?" He asked, "I mean...being in glee club with us?"

Kurt stayed in silence for a moment, driving to the said location and deciding to pass on whatever Na'avi it'd been, and then nodded. "Yes, I do," he said honestly, glancing sideways at him with a small smile. "But I don't regret transferring." His voice was decided as the car swerved onto a parallel road, taking a shortcut.

Sam pondered on Kurt's words for a moment, in complete silence as he did so, his bottom lip pouting without him knowing it. "Yeah, I guess it was for the best. That jerk wouldn't have stopped anyway..." He shrugged it off, staring at the road ahead. "Would you freak out if I told you something really personal?" He asked curiously, "Well not-I mean, just something else that's a secret."

"Do I look like the kind of guy to freak out over these sort of things, Sam?" he asked him with a raised eyebrow, giving him an encouraging smile. "What is it?" They were almost at the theater now, and still had about half an hour before the movie started, but they still had to get tickets and popcorn and all that. And M&Ms, of course.

Sam hesitated before speaking in a lower voice, as if someone would hear him if he spoke any louder. "Well...do you remember for duets week? When I joined and you asked me to be your partner? I uhh...I kinda crushed on you. But don't freak out." He chuckled softly.

Kurt wasn't sure what he'd been expecting. Maybe something like, 'I take steroids' or whatever, but...certainly, MOST certainly not that. He kind of froze for a moment, his eyes a little wide and not saying anything in reply, pressing his lips together. Keep calm...be cool...don't freak, you promised. He could handle this. Just be honest and...WAS HE SERIOUS? All this time... "You have terrible timing," he said in a pretty deadpan tone, pulling into the car parking at the theater.

Sam's mouth parted slightly at Kurt's tone, "Dude..are you mad?" He asked in a nervous tone, stepping out of the car slowly. "I'm sorry I just wanted you to know that-maybe I shouldn't have said anything. Sorry Kurt."

Getting out of the car, and taking a moment now that he was on opposite sides of Sam, Kurt took a deep breath. No, he wasn't mad, no he wasn't bothered, he was flattered. But he was with Blaine now. He loved Blaine. Putting a smile on, he walked over to the other side, clicking his car locked. "I'm not mad," he said, "Flattered, actually."

Sam grinned, letting out a relieved sigh, "Good! I'm glad, I mean, Nga sevin." He chuckled, making his way through the theater doors.

They got in and went straight to the ticket booth, Kurt turning to roll his eyes at Sam. "Do you plan on telling me what that means, or are you just going to torture me with the word for the rest of the night?" he inquired, asking for two tickets for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Sam laughed harder now, "It just...it means 'you're pretty'! Which you pretty much know already so..." He said mysteriously, draping his arm around Kurt again. "Let's sit at the top" He winked.

Kurt coughed a little and blushed furiously. Apart from Blaine, he wasn't used at all to ...guys calling him pretty. Hell, even girls never called him pretty. And that was twice now. He tried not to squirm and followed Sam into the theater, swallowing at the wink. "Wait! Popcorn!" he said, turning around and running to get food.

Sam shook his head, grinning at Kurt. "He's so adorable..." He muttered to himself. He found 2 seats for them at the very top, right in the middle and sat before it was taken, waiting for Kurt to come back with food.

"Don't freak out, don't freak out...he just...he just noticed that you're good-looking because he's gay, nothing else," Kurt mumbled to himself as he paid for one big bowl of popcorn and two bags of M&Ms, and brought them back up, looking around for Sam until he found the mop of blonde hair and sat down next to him, handing him his chocolate and setting the popcorn in between them, pushing up the armrest so it could fit snugly. "Did I miss any good previews?"

"Yeah you missed the Narnia preview. Sweet! M&M's!" Sam grinned all child-like, tossing a few in his mouth and grinning over at Kurt with the same expression. "Just a warning, I'm about to geek out over this movie hardcore.."

Kurt laughed at that. "If there's something I'll admit I'm a geek about it's Harry Potter," he admitted shyly, taking some popcorn into his mouth as another preview came on, this one for some thriller movie, and Kurt looked away, trying to be suave.

Sam scooted in his chair at the next preview, a horror movie, looking over at Kurt after who seemed to be trying to avoid the screen at that point. "Don't worry," He whispered, "I'll protect you from the bloody monsters if they decide to come through the screen," He joked, nudging Kurt lightly with his arm.

Kurt glared over at Sam. "Shut up." The last preview came and went and then the Harry Potter theme started rolling. "I've seen this thing five times and I still feel the thrill," he muttered excitedly, straightening up.

Sam ran his tube of chapstick over his lips, patting them together after. "Dammit, I'm almost out." He complained, sticking it back in his pocket and earning an interesting look from Kurt. "So did you uhh..did you ever like, crush on me, at some point dude?" He asked casually, taking a handful of popcorn.

"Ssh!" Kurt whispered, swatting at Sam's arm and frowning at him applying chapstick. He smirked a little. Really? Chapstick? And then turned back to the screen before freezing up at the question, and fidgeting in his seat uncomfortably, waiting for Sam to get popcorn before getting some himself. "Maybe...movie's about to start," he said quickly.

"Wait, you did?" Sam raised his eyebrows, a smile forming as he leaned closer, even though Kurt had shushed him. "Come on you can tell me dude." He said lightly

The movie had already started, and Sam was still talking, and he was still talking about -that- and Kurt felt the tips of his ears start to burn. He bit his lip a little nervously and turned towards him. "Why, Sam?" he asked in a quiet voice. "Why do you want to know?"

Sam was stumped for a moment, why DID he want to know, exactly? "Uhh...just to know, if I would have maybe had a chance, ya know? See what I missed out on." He smiled softly, eyes finding their way into Kurt's.

Kurt looked at Sam intently, thinking for a moment, popcorn still in his hand, not having gotten round to putting it in his mouth and sighed deeply, giving him a small, a little sad smile. "Yeah, you missed out," he told him, grimacing before turning back to the movie. So this wasn't as utterly platonic as he'd imagined...

Sam looked down, masking his sudden sadness by facing back up to the screen. He wasn't expecting this feeling but...it was there. And then came the gut feeling, the one where you know you shouldn't be doing something but simply can't stop yourself. He could feel himself...let's just say...getting excited, and he took a deep breath, running a hand over his face. "Umm..." He sighed out, hoping Kurt wouldn't notice.

Harry Potter was rolling, but Kurt wasn't focusing. You couldn't blame the guy - Sam freaking Evans had pretty much very subtly told him he wanted to be with him, if he wasn't making things up. It didn't help matters that he had a boyfriend... whom he was in love with, and that he'd previously harbored a small crush for the blonde as well. He leaned on his hand and sighed a little, turning to glance at the other boy as he 'um'd and noticed him looking a little flustered. Thinking it was still about what he'd said, he didn't comment on it, and instead reached to grab more popcorn.

Sam reached his hand in to grab some popcorn, hopefully to get his focus elsewhere...but his hand brushed against Kurt's. That didn't help matters one bit, and he pulled his hand away from the box quickly, getting jumpier by the second. "S-sorry.." He whispered, his seat growing more and more uncomfortable by the second. He sat up, burying his face in his hands and trying to calm down.

Kurt shot his hand back at the touch, blushing. Oh, god-that-he-didn't-believe-in, of all things... he frowned at Sam's reaction, though. "Hey, are you...it's okay, are you alright?" He was a little worried now, and leaned closer to him, wondering why on earth he was burying his face in his hands. It wasn't that big of a deal...

Sam buried his face deeper, shaking his head. "I-I don't know.." He mumbled mindlessly, Kurt being closer to him only increasing the urge. He turned his head to the side, locking eyes with Kurt again, the pure want showing in his own eyes.

Still frowning, Kurt tentatively placed a hand on Sam's shoulder reassuringly. He, of all people, knew what it was like to have feelings for somebody that's not available, if that was the case, but when Sam looked up at him, he withdrew his hand immediately, because the lust that he saw in the hazel eyes before him was too evident for it to be casual, and he gaped at him a little, mouth hanging open, completely frozen for the moment.

Sam inched closer slowly, the moment passing by like each second turned into a minute. His lips hovered closer to Kurt's, eyes still locked. "I-I just.." He paused for a moment, giving Kurt the freedom.

Kurt blinked furiously as Sam neared his face to his, and then suddenly his lips were right there and he gulped and looked up, alarmed, at his eyes, before jerking backwards and scrambling to his feet, flushing and heartbeat speeding up. "Maybe I should leave..." he mumbled, as somebody from behind them yelled at him from blocking their view.

"No.." Sam pulled back, realizing what he'd done. "No! Kurt..I'm sorry, that was stupid, I was just caught up man..." He sighed.

"I...I'm sorry, Sam," Kurt told him honestly, his eyes a little fearful. "I really like you, and I don't want to hurt you...but I'm with Blaine now, and I love him, and I don't want to hurt him, either." He sat back down as a kernel of popcorn hit him in the back of the head, keeping his distance on his seat now, looking at his hands on his lap.

Sam nodded, he understood...but that didn't mean it hurt any less. "I'm so sorry dude...really sorry, I don't know what got into me. Maybe...maybe I should just get the feelings out. So it's out in the open, no secrets. Okay, the crush isn't over. I like you Kurt. Really like you. And I know there's nothing I can do about it but I guess it's good that the feelings are shown now...right?"

"It's f-" His reply was lost as Sam continued to confess his feelings for him. Well, okay, he'd had a nagging suspicion but to just have it declared like that? Kurt wasn't sure what to think. One moment he's convinced he's going to spend the rest of his life alone, the next he has two guys crushing on him. No, no, he reminded himself. Blaine loved him. It -was- different. Kurt looked up at the blonde and bit his lip, nodding slowly, still unsure of what to do.

Sam smiled weakly, knowing his feelings wouldn't be returned. "Dude it's fine...you don't have to say anything. I get it." He nodded, looking down as though he saw something very interesting on the...seat before him.

Still biting his lip, Kurt watched Sam uncomfortably. He couldn't help but curse his timing. If he had just spoken the hell up before he'd met Blaine and...wait. "You're dating Quinn," Kurt said quietly, frowning in confusion. "You don't have feelings for her?"

Sam looked back up at Kurt. "I don't know...to be honest, if by feelings you mean feelings like I feel right now, then no." He shook his head, "I'm so screwed up."

"Why now?" he asked, confused and so not even glancing at the movie anymore, trying to whisper because the woman next to him was eying daggers at him. "You haven't been around me in about two months...why now?"

"It was sort of...there ever since I met you, I guess it just somehow grew stronger." He said honestly. "I can't forget about you."

"Sam, I...I can't do this. I'm so sorry...I have to go," he stood up again, frowning in worry and dispair and other things he couldn't quite place, and quickly walked out of the row of seats.

"Kurt!" Sam called after him, a little too loudly for being in a theater, gaining glares and shh's! from all around him. But he didn't care. He jumped up and followed Kurt about halfway down the steps before he was able to work his way in front of the boy. "Don't leave like that. That's not...I-I don't want to lose you."

Kurt stopped short so he wouldn't slam into the other boy, who had somehow made his way so he was standing one step below him, and they were being really loud in the middle of the theater. His face just looked lost now, and he opened and cl...osed his mouth a couple of times. "I don't want to do this to you. I've been in your place, and I wouldn't wish anybody that. I...maybe it's better if we don't see each other again," he mumbled all of this really quickly, trying to sidestep him.

"Try to forget about me."

"What?" Sam shook his head, biting his lip, as he matched Kurt's steps as to not let the boy sidestep him. "You...I can't do that. That makes it worse Kurt, that you would want me to forget about you." He looked lower, genuinely hurt. "You said you've been in my place...w-would you have wanted to be told that? I can't, and more importantly, I don't want to."

"But Sam, listen to me," he whispered frantically, turning to face him directly, aware that they were making a scene. "I'm in love with Blaine. I do like you, and had you done this before, things could have gone differently, but I can't do... any of this right now." He sighed, biting his lip again, now close to tears.

"Please, I don't want to hurt you."

Sam shook his head again, refusing to end the conversation just yet. "I'm already hurt, dude. And it's my own fault. I understand." He said, his voice breaking on the last word as his own eyes watered, because he could see Kurt in tears. "Come on Kurt, please don't cry."

Kurt swallowed back his tears. "We're disturbing the rest of the theater," he muttered, walking calmly outside, knowing Sam would follow, and taking the moment to take a deep breath and relax, think about the logical solution. His back was to him as he spoke next. "What do you want me to do, Sam?"

Sam took a deep breath, blinking back his own tears and staring at the ground. "I don't wanna lose you." He repeated, "That's the only thing worse. I really don't think I'd be able to handle that."

"Okay?" He asked softly, trying to crack a ...smile that only came out halfway.

Nodding and then turning around, swallowing the rest of his tears, Kurt looked at Sam worriedly, pressing his lips together. "You're not going to lose my friendship," he replied, emphasizing the last word a little. "But I can't promise you anything else. I'm going to go back to school now...do you...do you need a ride?"

Sam nodded, grateful that Kurt wasn't going to distance himself from him. "Yeah, I...can you bring me to my house? I'm supposed to meet Quinn soon I think but I've gotta chill for a sec." He followed Kurt outside of the theater. "Thanks, dude."

Meet Quinn. Kurt visibly relaxed. They definitely needed to talk. He wanted to ask if he was going to tell him about this but...that was a sensitive subject and he didn't want to bring it up again. Instead, he just made his way to his car with Sam and got in. The drive was pretty quiet and a little awkward, until they reached Sam's house. Kurt stopped the car and stared at the steering wheel. "I'll...talk to you...later," he said lamely.

"Okay," Sam stepped out of the car, ducking his head back in shortly after. "I-I might call you later. If that's okay.." He smiled sadly, "Goodnight, Kurt." He stepped back finally, waving bye.

Kurt looked sideways at Sam and nodded slowly, smiling a little and lifting his hand to wave at him as well, sighing. "It's fine. Goodnight." And with that he drove away, towards Dalton, towards Blaine, feeling on the verge of a nervous break down.

Sam slumped his head down after Kut pulled out of his driveway, crossing his arms over his chest and finally just collapsed onto the grass, feeling sad and empty inside.

He gathered himself together to stand up about 15 minutes later and grudgingly made his way inside, planning on sulking in booze for the rest of the day.

Kurt slammed the school door behind him and ran straight to Blaine's room on the third floor, not even pausing to take a breath, or stopping by his room or anything. Without even knocking, he flung the door open and all but jumped into his arms.

Blaine had been sitting on the edge of his bed reading a book when suddenly, Kurt burst through the door. He dropped his book as Kurt crashed into him. Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt, thrilled and yet puzzled at his enthusiasm. "I take it that you missed me?" he discerned.

Burying his face in his shoulder and trying not to shake too much, Kurt nodded and hugged him tighter against his body. "B-Blaine I...Sam..." he stuttered, not knowing what to say or how to phrase it so he wouldn't take it the wrong way or make a big deal out of it or something. "He has a crush on me," he finally whispered. "He tried to kiss me. I'm so sorry, Blaine, I...I swear I..."

He knew it. He had a gut feeling that Sam was going to do something awful. Blaine held Kurt tightly and brushed the hair out of his eyes. "It looks like everyone wants to kiss you. Stop being so cute, will you?" He smiled, hoping to help ca...lm Kurt's nerves. "But really, you need to confront him about this. I'll go along with you, if it helps. Actually, it's probably best for me to join. I've got a bone to pick with him now."

"No, no," Kurt replied quickly, shaking his head and trying to take a breath to steady his nerves, which were acting out and threatening to do something stupid like cry. "Don't...I...it's not...he didn't kiss me, though," he quickly assured Blaine, panicking for a moment. "I pulled back, I freaked out, I'm so sorry..."

Blaine's heart rose at Kurt's words. Sam hadn't gotten his way. "Why are you sorry for not letting him kiss you?" laughed Blaine. As he pushed back his hair, he saw that Kurt was on the verge of tears. Blaine rubbed his back soothingly and stroked his soft hair.

Kurt looked up into Blaine's hazel eyes with some wonder. "Why aren't you...why are you so calm?" his voice was small as he let Blaine hold him, and he pressed his lips together. "You and Sam..and now this...I just...I didn't encourage him. I mean, I..." he trailed off, and his eyes teared up. "I did have a crush on him, but it was before...before everything. Before I met you, before...I don't know, but it...I don't know..." Blaine continued to stroke Kurt's hair, and leaned forward to kiss his brow. "...Don't worry, it's going to be okay," he said. He brushed away a tear that he saw escape Kurt's eyes.
Blaine brought Kurt up onto the bed, leaning against the h...eadboard so that Kurt rested back into his arms. "I'm going to take care of Sam, I promise. I'll make sure that he stops bothering both of us... Please don't cry, Kurt."

"No, Blaine," Kurt struggled to say something, but let himself snuggle against his boyfriend, blinking back tears and swallowing hard. Why was he even getting so worked up about this? "I...he's not bothering me. I really like him. He's my friend, I..." he stammered. "I don't want to hurt him."

Blaine sat and thought a moment about their options. "Well, we certainly can't have this happening again..." He stopped to think once more, stroking Kurt's hair thoughtfully and massaging his scalp. "Would you be content with just.. not being alone with him again? We could always go on double dates with him and that girlfriend of his... or you could limit it to phone conversations."

Kurt shook his head slowly. "He won't try to kiss me again..." Was he trying to convince himself? Maybe. He didn't want that to happen; he didn't want to make the wrong choice in the spur of the moment. "I don't know what to do...I've never been on this end of the stick. I'm usually the one with the hopeless crush."

Blaine chuckled to himself and played with Kurt's hair. "First of all, I would encourage you to advise him that... his girlfriend is there for him. It sounds like they need to have a talk. And second of all, I won't let him anywhere near your face again. Ever."

"I don't want you to get in the middle of this, though," he mumbled, looking at his lap. "And he said he...he said he liked me more than Quinn." Kurt bit his lip and turned to look up at his boyfriend, his eyes still watery. "I'm so sorry, Blaine, I...I didn't mean for this to happen. Not with him of all people..."

"It doesn't matter if I get caught in it, as long as we fix things for you," Blaine replied. "I'll do whatever it takes." He focused on relaxing Kurt, massaging him rhythmically and cuddling him close to his body.

"No, I'm...I'm fine," Kurt said determinedly, letting himself curl up against Blaine, though. "Please don't do anything rash?" The last thing he wanted was for them to start fighting over him or something, and ending up hurting one or the other, or both.

"Of course not, I'm not the type to be rash", he encouraged. He molded his body against Kurt's, holding him tightly and warmly. "Is there anything else you need?"

"Just...can you hold me for a little while longer?" Kurt asked in a small voice, leaning his head against Blaine's chest and letting the few tears that had escaped his eyes dry on his cheeks. "I really love you."

"Of course. I'll never let go, if that's what you would like", said Blaine, smiling in bliss. He held on to Kurt a little tighter, and caressed his cheeks to make sure that the tears were gone. "I love you too, Kurt. And I'm always here."

Kurt smiled, because this was right, this wasn't complicated, he'd made the right choice telling Sam no. Blaine loved him, he cared for him, and so did he. "I know," he replied simply, and sighed, feeling better and much more reassured now.

Blaine felt fully comfortable that Kurt wasn't going to suddenly run off in the sunset with Sam or anything. He had been meaning to ask Kurt if he had any remaining feelings for Sam, but now was not the time to talk. Now was the time to enjoy the feeling of Kurt's soft skin.. the way they breathed together with a beautiful cadence that had seemed to succeed in calming his boyfriend down. So they stayed like that for a while longer, just holding each other in a comfortable silence. It wasn't long before Kurt fell asleep, in his clothes, with shoes on, but happy in his boyfriend's arms.