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Faceless Moon

The rain is making little pitter patter sounds as it hits the window. Listening to my radio play Because I Love You by Lenny Williams, I stare at the faceless moon. Imagining him as the stars. Never will I see him again. The light in his smile, the intensity in his eyes, and the chills down my spine when he calls out my name. He is gone. Forever is a long shot. But I wouldn't put it pass him. My heart aches to feel his touch, to see him one last time, to get back to the way we were. That will never happen.

I hear something coming from the other room. I peered into the darkness of my room, not moving from my spot on my bed. A minute has passed and I'm still staring into the distance. The sound was gone. It was just my cat...I hope. I turn my attention back to the moon that now showed a face. A face that would bless my memories...his face. My skin suddenly burned and my heart was now a puddle at my feet as a familiar hand grazed my shoulder. Could it be him? Or is my subconscious mind playing tricks on me?

His eyes were full of intensity, passion, lust, and love all in one. But mine only showed pain, hurt, and the fear of this feeling going away. He leans down and places a soft kiss upon my lips. A kiss that I could only dream about. This couldn't be real. This isn't real. I close my eyes hoping to wake up from this wonderful nightmare. But no avail. Kissing You by Beyonce is now playing and he is now working his way down my neck. The more the song plays and his tongue taste the skin on my neck, the harder my silent tears make loud trails down my cheek. I open my eyes then only to see that faceless, lifeless, dull moon smiling down at me. It was a dream. A dream I never want to end. My heart is gone and all that is there is that harden, faceless moon in the sky and the dreams of what was once our forever.

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