A/N: This is a continuation of chapter 11. It is manly a filler and gives you some hints as to where the story is going. I know I'm taking my time at writing it. I just have a lot of school work and regular work to deal with. So the next chapter is coming very soon. I hope you like.

Faceless Moon Chapter 12

Jacob's POV:

"Ok. What is it, Mason? I'm kind of in the middle of something." I said.

"Well first, my uncle is dead." I suddenly stopped. Finding out the chief of the Alaskan tribe was dead kind took me by surprise. He was the strongest and oldest out of the pack and now he is dead. I wonder who is Alpha now. It's probably Jason seeing as how he was their packs Beta. Mason never phased but he was next in line to become chief. Mason's father died about a year before Leah's father died and by the same causes.

"How did he die? Who's chief now?" I asked.

"Well, before you left he was talking to the counsel about you being chief. He believed you being chief would help our tribe, but seeing as how you are Quileute and not Tlingit, you could not be chief. So everyone ruled against it. Before he died, he was going to tell the tribe who was going to take his place. But when that day came he was attack by something in the forest while he was hunting." I could tell Mason was confused. I have a feeling whatever attacked him was most likely a vampire. If this is true, the leech may be coming this way. I have to talk to Carlisle and Edward.

"So, are you chief now?"

"By default and hierarchy, yes, but the counsel is talking about making Jason the Chief. Why? I don't know, but I'm going to find out. There has to be a reason the counsel would pass over me and chose my brother."

"Prehaps, let me know what they decide. I will need to talk to whoever is in charge about my dad and me attending the funeral. I'm pretty sure my father would like to send his prayers." I waited for his reply. The fact that Mason is oblivious to the knowledge that werewolves do exist makes it interesting to see how he will take it when he finds out. Nonetheless, I have to tell the counsel and the pack about this. We will have to be on high alert if there is danger coming our way.

"I'll let the counsel know of your possible visit and call you with the update."

"That sounds great. By the way, I'm sorry for your loss. I know you and the chief was pretty close."

"Thank you. He was like a father to me. Speaking of fathers, I still have to tell you the rest of the news."

"Well, what is it?" There was an annoying pause. Just the mere anticipation was driving me nuts.

"Um, I don't know how you're going to take this but…Renessmee is pregnant." SAY WHAT!

"SAY WHAT?! When did you find this out?" To say I am furious right now would be an understatement. Why couldn't she tell me this before I left? I can't be in La Push and Alaska at the same time. Damnit!

"Um, I just found out, today, from Amber. Amber and Bella were hanging out when Amber found out. You know how women talk." Yea, I do and Amber and Bella were pretty close.

"Shit, so does everyone know but me?"

"Just about everyone. My uncle didn't know. He was killed before the news could reach him. The tribe is happy about the news, but I just so happen to pass by Nessie and Jason not too long ago and she didn't look so happy. Neither did Jason. Something is up. I can feel it. What are going to do?" That was a question I couldn't answer just yet. I had too many things rumbling in my head and I needed to sort them all out.

"I don't know man, but give me a few days to get my head straight and I'll let you know then what I will do."

"Alright, call me then."

"Bye." As the call ends, I'm trying my hardest not to run and kill something or crush the phone. I forgot Paul was in front of me and most likely heard everything. I can tell by the way he is looking at me right now.

"Renessmee is pregnant?" He asked.

I told a deep breath. "Yes, and everyone in Alaska knew but me. How the hell am I going to tell Leah that my former imprint is pregnant with my child?"

"You won't tell her. She doesn't need any more depressing news from you. Just you being here is enough." Paul said with a menacing scowl.

"Look, how about we just get through the bonfire first. You have only been here one day and your already stirring up trouble. After the bonfire you can go back to your spawn issues."

A low growl escaped my throat. I hated how Paul talked to me. I'm the original alpha but to him I'm just an omega. Soon that will change.

"Whatever, I have to go. I'll see you at the bonfire." With that I phased back to wolf form and left. I need to talk to Leah. But first the bonfire and some sleep.