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Peas and Qs

By: mazziemay

Rogue can't eat her food if it's touching.

What started as a weak display of defiance has grown from habit to requirement in less than a year. Originally, she just did it to make the adults' lives more difficult, acting out in a way that was noticeable but so minor she couldn't be reprimanded. Not that Storm had ever done anything to earn the extra work, but Rogue would take what she could get back in the day. From there, it grew in to a need to enforce control in her life. She experiences so little of it that she when she finds something she can control, she doesn't just hang on to it—she chokes it.

Or maybe she just hates when things touch. She can't touch, why do her mushrooms get to make out with her potatoes?


Anyway. She's still at the table, well after dinner is done and everyone else has rinsed their dishes and wandered off to do other things. Steak covered in mushroom sauce with a side of peas. The peas were everywhere, and needed to be systematically relocated to an edible position. She kind of likes when they forget she's food neurotic; she gets just a little more a chance to do things Her Way (which is not a way that's done often).

"Fah-reek." Without lifting her head much, Rogue shoots Bobby a look. Easily having that teenage-boy-metabolism-thing down pact, Bobby is always coming back for thirds, and has recently taken to moving near Rogue as the seats free up at night. She doesn't think much of it since he's social, and seeing as how Rogue doesn't like to talk and he doesn't like to listen, they make for odd but welcome company.

"Ah guess Ah should be concerned then," she responds with an air of boredom, waving her gravyless fork in his direction. "If that's comin' from you, of ahl people; you're just as pickeh."

"Pik-ee, Rogue. Pik-ee." Her wrist goes limp and she lifts her head enough to give him a scowl, though her hearts not really in it. He just smiles at her through a mouthful of potatoes.

Rogue likes Bobby alright. He's super spacey and suffers Only Child Syndrome like whoa, but he has this weird naïve jerkness combination going on that's both exhausting and hilarious. Very much like the ice he creates, he's transparent, the worst liar she's ever met and painfully sincere; no filter on his brain, he just says whatever comes to mind, good, bad or ugly. If Rogue's being honest with herself (which, let's face it, she isn't most of the time), she sort of envies his refusal to acknowledge boundaries. Bobby takes no prisoners in the teasing department, everyone's fair game and he'll do anything for a good joke. It's hard to be in a bad mood around him and that's a quality she admires.

"Ah'll smack the taste from your mouth, boy," she warms, a piece of stake and a sliced mushroom on the fork she points at him.

Bobby stares at her deadpan. "Oh my god, she's getting all Southern on me. Now say 'cicada'."

She glares at him, chewing slowly, and he returns it with one of his own. Only it looks more like he just ate a sour candy and she can only hold his squinty stare for a beat before her hand shoots to cover her still full mouth so nothing flies out as she laughs. Another thing she likes about Bobby? He's the only one in the mansion who can make her Laugh Out Loud. Normally it's just a smirk or a chuckle, but Bobby has gotten her to laugh so hard she cried and ruined her make up on more than one occasion.

Smiling as though he's proud of himself (he is; Rogue's laughter is no mere feat), he shovels another fork full of peas and gravy into his mouth. "Gah." He stares at his plate like it's betrayed him. "This needs something." Surprise, surprise. Much like a kindergartener, Bobby only eats five things: Snickers bars, chicken patties, Ants On A Log, s'mores, and a super special fifth category for things with what he describes as 'mega-flavour.' She sets the salt on his side of the table.

He only stares at it.

And stares at it.

And stares at it.

And then looks at her in horror.

Rogue raises an eyebrow as she takes another bite.

"Rogue." He begins, brow creased, tone serious. Her other eyebrow joins the first. "Did you just give me… salt?" She stops chewing for a moment to look down at the shaker in question and resumes with a nod. "Rogue. I'm Iceman. Iceman? Salt melts ice." She snorts. "It's not funny, Rogue!" And he slams his fist on the table top. "I could've died!" Her fork drops to her plate, and she has both hands over her mouth as her head is dropped with shoulders shaking, trying everything she can to not blow peas all over the table.


She fails.

The next morning, Bobby proceeds to tell—nay, show—everyone a dramatic reenactment of how Rogue tried to kill them that night. Only in this version of the story, she succeeded, only to realize the error of her ways and cry over his body. Her tears are made of peas. Even while everyone rolled their eyes, they laughed. Rogue glares at him from her spot behind the couch, but as usual her heart isn't in it.

As they leaving for school, Bobby pops a piece of gum in his mouth, handing her the wrapper. "Here. I got this for you." And then he's gone. Rogue's laughter is quiet and surprised as Kitty lets out a super offended, "Rude!" She stuffs the foil into her coat pocket, heading for Lance's Jeep with a tired smile.

Bobby would eventually confess in a very Bobby way that he did all that because he like-likes her, and they'd both learn that she can't drain him through the ice. They'd learn a lot of things in those seven months.

But more on that later.

Author's Note: So holy balls it's been a while since I've written anything! Well, written anything here, anyway. Like the story summary says, just a collection of short stuffs about Rogue and her various interactions and slash or relationships with teammates, enemies and people she just happens to know. I don't want to call them one shots, since some of them will be linking back to a previous post or leading up to another, so. They're just… shots. That skip around in her life and will be generally very confusing as a time frame. I apologize orz

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