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Chapter 8

What Lies Within

My mind was blown. How was it that Nadia could have kept something so personal from me? Was she afraid that I was going to leave her if I found out about the fact that she secretly had a child? Andrei's child no less.

"Wait," Felix shook his head in confusion. "So let me get this straight. You got pregnant and Andrei refused to let you continue on carrying the child. So he threatened to cause you to have a miscarriage if you didn't abort it because he didn't want his and his family's reputation to get squandered?"

Nadia nodded with tears in her eyes as she looked down at the picture of the infant. It looked a lot like her. Luckily for the kid. "It was awful. My parents at first had threatened to disown me and Andrei wanted nothing to do with the child. I had nowhere to go. I lied and told everyone that I got an abortion but really over the summer when I was originally due for labor I ran away. I was really at my relatives and asked them if I had the child, would they raise it as their own for me."

"So all this time Andrei thought he was home free, but he must have found out somehow that child is still alive," Felix deduced.

Nadia just nodded. "I only get to see him a few times a year, and even then it's in secret. He doesn't even know that I'm his real…" she began bawling.

I looked over at her with much sympathy. To think that something like this happened to Nadia. Sure I know a lot of pregnant high school teenagers. But….never would I have guessed that Nadia would be part of the statistic. On top of that, I've shared everything with her. Even the horrible things my father has done to me and my mother in the past. Something that only Felix knows and I trusted her with my story. But…could I really be mad at her for keeping this from me?

"Boris…I'm sorry I never told you. I'm really sorry but I was so afraid. Afraid that if you knew you wouldn't like me anymore and cast me out just like everyone else did at my old school. Afraid that if I was cast out the word would spread and he would have found out sooner," she cried. "I was doing it to protect him…I was doing it to protect us."

I didn't know what to believe anymore. I stood up and grabbed my crutches looking around the locker room. "So…Andrei wants to make sure that you keep quiet about this child I'm assuming," I said softly.

"I don't know how he found out. Unless he's just going on pure suspicion or rumor. Still…even if he asked and I lied to him he would find out. He always finds out," she said as she began shaking. "I don't know what I would do if he found him and…hurt my baby. What if he killed him Boris? What if he's planning to?"

Felix placed a hand on her shoulder and shook her head. "The kid's not going to do anything that drastic. You see how much appearance means to him so why would he go and get his hands dirty?"

I nodded in agreement and turned to face the two. "Nadia…you have to tell him the truth. You have to tell him that your son is still alive. Until you clear things up with him…he's going to continue to torture you until he finds out the truth."

Felix nodded. "Boris is right. If we want things to go back to normal around here we have to find a good way to let him know. And maybe at the same time he'll leave this place and we won't have to worry about him being around here anymore."

"I'll be with you," I assured her. "There is no way that I am going to let you be alone to tell him this news."

"And you know who else should be there? Natasha. There is no way Natasha would stay with the guy if she found any of this out. That would be one more reason for him to leave the school," Felix suggested.

Nadia shook her head. "But how? We aren't exactly best friends. It's not like we can just invite ourselves to sit with them at lunch."

I looked to her wide eyed. "That's it! We'll invite them out to the mall or arcade or something after school. Somewhere were Nadia can pull Andrei away to where he thinks they are talking in private but I sneak Natasha over to hear the big reveal!"

Felix thought for a second. "That's crazy enough to work."

"I know. But we have to time it perfect. And we should go and set up a rendezvous point so that we know where everything is going to happen."

Nadia smiled. "Thank you…For believing me all this time," she said standing up and hugging me. "I just want this nightmare to be over."

"Well what kind of boyfriend would I be if I believed that douche bag over you?" I smiled half hugging her back. "But…we won't do this until you're ready. If it's today, tomorrow, next week, next month. Take all of the time you need."

She shook her head. "This weekend. This needs to just…happen. I'm ready to stop hiding the truth."

"Well then," Felix smiled walking over and stood between us wrapping an arm around us. "Let's start plotting."

The bell rang as soon as we walked back into the hallway and I made my way off to the nurse's office to take my medicine. Seriously I don't understand why they don't trust me to keep my medicine on me. Like I would sell it off or overdose myself, right. When the day was over I got a surprise out in the parking lot when I saw mama in the car waiting for me in the car.

"I didn't know you were going to pick me up today," I smiled putting my crutches in the backseat. "This is definitely one good surprise that came my way today."

Natalia laughed a little and began driving off. "Well I guess that's a good thing? I mean I know seeing me makes everyone's day better but…what at school was a bad surprise? Pop quiz?"

I shook my head and sighed staring out the window. "No not really school itself that surprised me. Just the people in it, especially Nadia."

"Oh that poor girl is she okay? I worry about her so much. I just hope that she doesn't have some sort of depression problem after all of the things that have happened to her lately."

"Well she should," I slipped. "I mean…I mean why should she? She has me remember? And now that I'm finally up and out that should be even more motivation that everything is going to be okay."

Mama laughed. "Ever the smooth talker just like your father." She then looked over at me seriously. "Boris…I really want you to look after her. I have a feeling that there is more to that girl than she is letting on. And I don't like the fact that all of a sudden when this new kid comes into town he has a secret bone to pick with her. What is that all about?"

I looked over to her wide eyed. She knows the gossip even at a high school level? She really was good. "Mama you have nothing to worry about. I assure you that I have everything under control," I said and looked back out the window. At least that's what I was hoping.

The next day after school Felix, Nadia and I waited for everyone to clear out so that we could meet back in the locker room. I don't know what it was about it but for some reason that seemed like one of the safest places outside of our homes to discuss such a plan. And since we didn't want any of our parents accidently finding out about what was going on we decided that an abandoned school room was the best place to plot.

"Well I was thinking we invite them to come out to the arcade tournament this weekend," Felix suggested. "I mean I'm sure they had already had plans to meet the cool kids at the mall so why not pop up ourselves if you know what I mean?"

"I guess I could see that working," Nadia thought out loud. "We would have to make sure to be there at the same time they are though. Andrei is notorious for leaving places and taking the party with him elsewhere when he feels he's getting bored."

"That sounds like a very bastardous thing of him to do," I scowled. Just thinking about that guy and how much nerve he had to show his face and do the things he did makes my blood boil.

"I'm pretty sure that's not a word," Felix pointed out and laughed.

"Not the point," Nadia shrugged. "How do you think Boris could get Natasha to overhear? That's the real problem."

"I already figured out," Felix grinned. "I was going to tell you guys as soon as I found out about it but I thought I would perfect my idea and surprise you at the meeting today. Now you know how there is a karaoke bar right next to the arcade and they have a television outside of it. The one that you can see right next to the entrance and exit. Well that's the one that is connected to the camera. Meaning we can move the camera and have it film Nadia and Andrei having their conversation."

"Felix, I don't want the whole school finding this out," Nadia interrupted. "I'm actually starting to be opposed to the fact that Natasha is going to find out about it either. I mean it's not really any of her business what happens to me or what went on between me and Andrei. If Andrei wants to tell her then that's fine but…"

"Well Nadia if that's the case then why should we do this in a public area?" Felix scratched his head.

"Because," I looked up finally coming out of my daze. "If she reveals that she has been hiding and lying about this the whole time don't you think he's going to be pretty mad about it? Not to mention we all know when Andrei gets mad, he tends to get pretty physical."

"Oh…" Felix nodded. "So the more people we have around when we reveal the news, the less likely he will want to do anything to drastic."

"You under estimate Andrei," Nadia said quietly. "Just because people are around…I don't think that's going to stop him from blowing up in anger when he hears about this…"

"Well there is only one way to find out," I sighed. "I guess we can only wait and see what he does."

"No offense to you Boris but how are you going to do anything if he does attack Nadia," Felix frowned. "I mean you're on crutches for tsar's sake and it's not like you are in any condition to fight."

"That's not the problem," I stood up trying to see if the pain in my shattered knee had subsided. "The problem is me getting myself in even more trouble with these broken bones of mine. I would have no regrets enduring another broken bone if it meant saving her from that asshole."

"I wouldn't let that happen," Nadia said standing up and gently pushing me back down so that I wasn't standing. At least not on the bad leg. "I will make sure that he won't hurt you anymore on my behalf. I won't let him."

"Well it's not like you can stop me from hitting him if the opportunity arises," I laughed.

"We all know how much Boris wants to get his hands on him and rip him to shreds for the hell he's been put through the past month."

That much was the truth. The only problem was how? We settled it there for the day as the sun was beginning to set and the locker room was getting too dim to see in front of us. "Well let's just get going," I said looking at my stomach that was growling like crazy. "Tonight when you get home Nadia will call and invite Andrei to meet us at the arcade. Then after school we can all have my mother take us there."

Nadia nodded. "Okay…sounds like a good idea to me. Just…as long as you guys promise not to leave me alone with him."

Felix shook his head. "I'll have my eye on you like a white on rice," he laughed.

We all then began laughing and walking out of the locker room towards the parking lot. "Well as long as you don't tell anymore of those jokes I think we should all be fine to survive whatever hits us tomorrow," Nadia teased.

I nodded in agreement. "Right. Rest up you two. It's going to be a long day."

We arrived at the mall and I waved to Mama as she drove off. As soon as we turned the corner we looked at each other and nodded and walked inside. It was more crowded than usual as today was the day of the tournament. We had to make sure to be in the same place at the same time if we wanted this to work. But then again we had the upper hand. Andrei would show, and he would wait as he was dying to know what Nadia had to say.

"Alright," I said looking around and whispering. "Nadia you go off and find Andrei. We will try our best to stay out of sight and when you pull him out of the arcade to talk we will be right behind you."

She took a deep breath and sighed looking me in the eyes. "Boris…I'm scared."

"Don't be," Felix said placing a hand on her shoulder. "Don't forget I'm here too. So you have nothing to worry about."

She nodded and began walking towards the sea of people in the arcade. After she was already inside we walked in after her casually as if it was just us two. There he was. Sitting at a slot machine with Natasha at his side. She looked bored, as usual, but entertained at the fact that she just won a whole bunch of tickets to buy something deadly from the prize booth no doubt.

Nadia walked over to Andrei and tapped him on the shoulder when Natasha was collecting her massive amount that was still coming out of the machine. He grinned and whispered something to Natasha before walking off with her. Felix got a head start and followed after the two while I struggled to keep up with these damned crutches.

"Hey! You want to help me out here limpy and get off of my tickets?" Natasha growled looking down at her long string that was stuck under my crutch.

I turned around and looked at her rolling my eyes. "Didn't your mother ever teach you that a lady is supposed to be polite in public?"

She laughed and scoffed walking closer to me. "And didn't anyone ever tell you that playing the hopeless, pathetic cripple doesn't suit someone of your stature?"

"What makes you think that I'm playing some sort of pathetic cripple? I don't have a nanny following me around with my things now do I?" I defended.

"No. But I'm sure that you might when you're at home in your cushy mansion surrounded by countless maids and butlers," she said tapping my nose.

I swatted her hand away and huffed in frustration. "What's your problem? Ever since you've been hanging around douche face you've turned into a cold hearted bitch. More so than when I first met you."

She stood there and clenched the tickets in her hand angrily. "How dare you?" She said throwing them on the floor and slapping me hard across the cheek. "HOW DARE YOU? You don't even know me?" she spat before taking her bucket and storming away.

I stood there in shock holding my face as she stormed off. What is with everyone and slapping my face? That's when I remembered. Nadia!

Nadia stood in the empty corner hallway leading towards the handicapped bathroom and kept her gaze away from Andrei's as if looking him in the eye would paralyze her or something.

"So?" he started looking over at her. "What is it that you are dying to tell me? And it's not as if you couldn't have told me over the phone last night. I mean if you needed to tell me face to face you have my address why didn't you just come there?"

She hesitated and looked behind Andrei seeing a shadow faintly coming from around the corner. She figured it was either Boris or Felix so she was safe. "I wanted to know why it was you came here? Why couldn't you have just let whatever we had between us in the past go? Why are you torturing me?"

"Oh Nadia," he laughed walking over to her and placing a hand on her cheek. "Don't make it seem as if you are the victim in this situation. I know what you've done," he said gripping her face slightly.

Nadia winced and placed her hands behind her so that her back didn't slam against the wall. "What…I've done?"

"I know that you have been keeping a secret from me. I just wanted to hear it from you. Why couldn't you have just told me the first day that I came here to see you? If you had that boyfriend of yours wouldn't have ended up in the situation he's in now. And….well neither would you."

She shook her head as a tear came to her eye. "You don't understand. That baby may not have meant anything to you but it was a part of me. A part that I didn't want to just give up or lose for the sake of your own selfishness," she defended pushing him off of her. "You would never have understand the pain and suffering I've been going through because of this! I cry. I cry every time I think about that child and how he will never know who his real mother and father is! I cry because the man that I thought once loved me abandoned me for the sake of his own pride! Andrei how could you? You are nothing more than scum to me! Seeing you now…I'm not afraid. I'm sickened! There. I told you. The baby is still alive and if that's what you're worried about then don't be. He will never know about you. About the father that tried to kill him."

Andrei stood there in silence. It was hard for her to guess what was going through his head at that moment but a glimmer of hope shined through as she saw him stepping away. "So that's what you think of me huh? I'm just the scum of the Earth. Me? The one who was trying to protect you?"

"Protect me from what?" she yelled and took a step towards him. "From the fact that you weren't man enough to own up to your mistakes and so you blamed me and wanted me to punish this baby that did nothing wrong to you?"

The look in Andrei's eyes showed that this was clearly an argument that he wasn't going to win. He took another step back and laughed. "Nadia please. You and I both know that if I would have accepted the fate of being a parent we both would have been out on the streets. My parents and your parents would have disowned us. What would we have done then? Lived on the streets? This isn't some movie or one of those dumb anime shows that you watch! We couldn't have gotten some one room flat while I worked the day shift at a convenience store or a noodle shop while you tended to the baby at home!"

Tears were streaming down Nadia's face as she heard the screams coming out of his mouth. "Why not? How do you know what would have happened? How?"

He walked over to her and began shaking her. "Snap out of your fantasy land Nadia! Get over yourself and forget about that child! Spare me the pity and just go on! I can't afford for my parents to find out that this mistake is still alive! If they do I'll…." He stopped mid-sentence and looked at her with anger. The hot spit that fired from her mouth came dripping down the side of his face. "You little bitch!" he yelled slapping her across the face and throwing her into the corner.

Felix came running around the corner and tackled Andrei to the ground. "How dare you? How dare you lay a hand on her!"

I heard the commotion and ran down the hall as fast as I could. "NADIA!" I slammed into the wall and pushed myself off of it running towards her.

"What the? You have to pee that bad that you ask your girlfriend to wait at the handicapped bath…" Natasha's voice carried from behind us before she came around the corner.

"Let me at her! Get off of me! That bitch deserves every hit I take at her!" Andrei yelled pushing Felix off of him.

"Andrei! What the hell are you doing?" Natasha demanded.

"Shut up and stay out of this! This is none of your business," he glared over at her and looked to Nadia as I held her close to my chest on the floor.

"It's over Andrei. Get out before it's too late," I warned and looked up at him.

"Oh and what are you going to do to me huh?" He grinned walking towards us slowly. Felix jumped to tackle him again but was flung into the wall and slid down it passed out.

"Andrei please…please stop!" Nadia begged.

"Oh I'll stop," he said pushing my head against the wall with one arm and grabbing her hair with the other. "Once I give you all the ass beating you deserve!"

I tried to push him off of me but he hit my head against the wall a few times causing me to begin to black out.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Nadia yelled fighting him but she was thrown to the floor.

"Andrei…seriously stop," Natasha said walking a little bit closer.

"You can't stop me. None of you can!" he yelled and stood up placing his foot on Nadia's chest. "I going to do to you something I've wanted to do for the longest time my canary."

My eye sight was blurry and darkening. I wasn't going to be able to stay awake much longer. I couldn't let him harm her or at the rate he was going…kill her. My head then turned to Natasha. She was pulling something out of her purse before throwing her purse off her shoulders.

"Andrei. Step away from the girl….now," she said seriously. My eyes traveled from her purse on the floor to her hands that were stretched out in front of her. A gun? She had a gun!

Andrei turned around and laughed. "Please. Natasha you don't even know how to handle that think. I've seen you in archery club and I must say your aim is just…how you say, horrible? Save it honey or else you'll be next," he said raising his foot to stomp down on Nadia's chest.

"I'm warning you Andrei!" Natasha yelled. Her arms were shaking and there was sweat coming down her face. "Step away from the girl!"

He looked down at Nadia who was bawling in fear. I tried my best to get up and move but my body was so heavy. My head was pounding and everything was slowly fading to black. "No. I'm afraid you'll have to shoot me to stop me from harming her," he said as his foot began going for Nadia's heart.

Just then I blacked out. I couldn't see anything. I only heard the sound of the gun firing, a scream, the gun dropped and the thud of Andrei's body that followed after. She shot at him…and she didn't miss.

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