Finding Emrys

Chapter One – The Celebration

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Arthur's POV


A voice tickled the back of his sleeping consciousness.

"Arthuuur..." It really was very annoying. He turned over and shook his head, maybe if he ignored it then it would go away.

"Arthur, come to me" The voice was very persistent.

"What? Don't you know I'm trying to sleep here?" Arthur was not happy at being woken in the middle of the night. It took him a few moments but he soon realized that there was no one else in his room. That's odd, he thought. I could have sworn that someone was calling my name. Then that he noticed something next to his bed, it was mesmerizing, suspended in the air was a perfect sphere of fire. As he watched in fascination it floated up until it was right in front of his face, looking into the dancing flames Arthur fell into a trance. He reached out his hand to touch it and immediately found himself face-down on a cold, stone floor surrounded by cloaked men.

"Welcome young Pendragon, to our little celebration." The word 'Pendragon' was spoken with such vehemence that Arthur drew back a fraction of an inch. A dark figure stepped forward, pulling back his hood to reveal a face scarred with hate and anger. "Did you like my gift?" He whispered something and an exact replica of the ball of fire appeared in his hand, "People find it ... irresistible." With a harsh laugh he closed his fist and crushed the flames.

Inside, Arthur was terrified by this casual demonstration of power but decided that it was best not to focus on the sorcery in this situation. "I don't think kidnapping a person should be any reason for 'celebration'."

"Ah, but that's where you're wrong. You are the celebration, this is your funeral, and we are here to celebrate that." The man gave a wicked grin and turned to one of his comrades, "Aren't we?"

"Yes, we are here to make sure that you suffer for what you and your father have done. You killed so many of our kind, brutally and painfully. We are going to do the same to you." This second man sounded way too excited.

Arthur just lay there, bound and speechless, on the floor. Somehow he knew that these men were not just going to kill him, they were going to get their twisted revenge slowly and painfully, and that only at the very end would he be allowed to die. There was nothing he could do about it, he had never felt so powerless and alone.

"First, I think you should be given a trial." The man hauled Arthur up by the hair till he was kneeling before them. "No wait, there is no trial." He released his head with such force that it crashed to the floor. "Lets just get going, How about we start traditionally, with fire. We will burn your spirit out of you like your father burned out magic." With that they whacked him over the head and he fell into darkness.

Merlin's POV

"You are the celebration, this is your funeral, and we are here to celebrate that." The words crashed into his unconsciousness.

Merlin choked and woke up suddenly, he didn't know how but he knew that those words were being spoken to Arthur, now. Right now. Something was very wrong and he needed to find out what. He leaped out bed and threw his clothes on. Running all the way the Arthur's chambers, he burst through the door, if everything was fine then Arthur could yell at him about knocking but right now he didn't care. He looked around, Arthur wasn't there but his sword was. There was no way that he would have gone anywhere willingly without his sword. Merlin's worst suspicions were confirmed, he had been taken.

Merlin raced back up to his room and grabbed his spell book, flipping through its pages he desperately tried to find something that would help him find and save Arthur. He knew he had read something about a teleportation spell somewhere, he just couldn't remember where. Finally he found what he was looking for, he memorized it as fast as possible and was halfway through reciting it when Guias interrupted him.

"Don't you think you're forgetting something?"

Merlin whipped around in surprise. "Guias! I didn't think you were awake."

The man raised an eyebrow at him. "How could I not be with the amount of noise you've been making? Just where do you think you're going anyway?"

"Its Arthur, he's in trouble." Merlin really didn't have time to explain all this to him, if what he had heard was true then Arthur was running out of time, and fast.

"I figured as much. But there is something you've forgotten." He held out a battered old cloak. "Arthur doesn't know who is protecting him and I'm pretty sure you don't want him finding out now."

"Oh, good point." Merlin grabbed the cloak and put the hood up so it plunged his face into darkness. "Any better?"

"Yes, much. But you are going to need to mask your voice as well." Guias didn't want to hold him up and waste any more time but he also thought it imperative that Merlin's identity remain a secret.

"I'm sure I'll think of something." Then he said "níedfaru mec hrædingæt Arthur" and disappeared, leaving behind a swirl of blue lights.


níedfaru mec hrædingæt Arthur – Take me quickly to Arthur

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I used ./ for the translation, I know the wording is kinda odd but I think it got the point across OK.

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