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Daniel Jackson stood looking up at the temple on Kheb. He'd avoided coming back here all the years he and Grace had wandered around the Universe. This place, where his first steps to Ascension began, felt very strange now.

He didn't regret anything that had happened or that he'd done since the day he'd come here, looking for Sha're's son, so very long ago. Not even helping Grace O'Neill ascend in Ancient Egypt when she was dying, because she had gotten what she wanted. She was once again an infant and living the life she should have had.

After she'd succeeded, he had followed her on to the higher plane. Then, for the next five thousand years, they had planned how to reunite her with her parents, only this time in the modern world. It was only two months ago that their plan had come to fruition.

A smile crept across his features as he thought of just how well the plan had worked out. Their actions had changed the future, but in Daniel's opinion it was for the better. He had seen what happened to Sam and Jack in his time line and he was glad to spare them some of the pain and angst.

Sam and Jack were now married with another child on the way and Grace firmly entrenched in their lives. Pete Shanahan had never able to come between Sam and Jack and the man had faded into the background. Daniel's friends were happy, but his other self was still alone and miserable. He'd already started the second part of his plan, the part that he'd never told Grace about.

Soft footsteps came up behind him and he knew exactly who it was.

"Daniel Jackson. The actions, you and Grace O'Neill have taken did not go unnoticed." She paused to give Daniel a hard stare. "You know, we do not interfere in the lives of the lower planes," Oma Desala said as she stepped out of the temple.

Daniel sighed. "Oma, when are you going to realize that following the rules doesn't work? You did it once and you did so much good. You saved-"

"Stop it, Daniel!" Her voice was sharp."I have told you not to speak of the future and I happen to like the rules," the Ancient said.

Shaking his head, he looked up at the stars. "Look what happened, because you stood back and did nothing. You didn't let them punish Anubis and when things got dicey, they had to act, but by that time he was too strong and the plan didn't quite work. I've seen the future and I've changed it for the better. Thousands of people died when Anubis attacked Earth in my time line. All those people are still alive, living their lives. So forgive me if I am unrepentant."

Now she sighed. "They sent me here to warn you. You will get this warning and only once."

The smile on his face was sad. "Consider me warned, but if Anubis tries to do what he did in my time line, I'll stop him. I won't sit by and let him destroy all life in the universe to satisfy your rules... and you shouldn't either." Reaching out, he cupped her cheek. "You know I'm right."

She closed her eyes for a moment relishing his touch before she turned into a ball of light and vanished. A soft, "Goodbye Daniel," floated back at him.

From where he stood, Daniel watched her float slowly away from him as everyone did. Even Grace had chosen to leave him when the time came. Was he destined to live his life alone?

Allowing himself to finally relax, he looked up at the night sky once more , ancient stars blinking happily down on him. Well, he thought, if I can't be happy, maybe I can help my other self and perhaps fix the mess I've made.

Then he too transformed into light and disappeared.