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The menace

Chapter 1

Jasper Whitlock POV

It was already dark by the time she left the grocery store. The cold wind had picked up speed, bringing the smell of heavy rain with it. She had her arms full of grocery bags, and I could see the shivers of her body as the cold air and the first drops of rain hit her.

She was not dressed for the harsh, rainy and cold weather of Forks, Washington, and even I, a vampire unaffected by the changes in temperature could see that.

As they had announced on the news, the night was preparing to be a stormy one. The people that were outside were rushing to finish their business, wanting nothing more than to finally retreat to the warmth and safety of their houses.

I watched as she walked as fast as she could, in the direction of an old, beat up Chevy truck. An ugly red beast that looked scary even to a vampire like me. I saw her look up angrily at the sky, and I heard her mutter between her teeth.

"Damn rain, it's so cold. What was I thinking coming here?" I chuckled darkly at her mutterings, my thoughts exactly little girl, I thought to myself. I had been following her since this afternoon.

According to my Alice, this girl, this tiny unattractive little creature was the reason why my family/coven was now in turmoil. She was the reason for the cowardly afternoon escape of Edward to Alaska.

I saw him exit the car, ready to flee, to escape, to just disappear from town, and the sight of the despair on his face was still burning in my mind; it was the look of a scared rabbit. I had never seen him looking like this. The all mighty Edward Fucking Cullen had run with his tail between his legs, scared shitless because of a little girl.

His flight was caused by a 17 year old human. Why? What kind of power did she have? I was set to find out; to rectify what had gone wrong with my family, and to make Edward return. His place was with us, and we had only just arrived here to this rainy town, and his leaving would arouse questions and put us on the spot light. That was unacceptable!

I had worked hard to be where I was, and I liked my coven / family as it was. I had all the things that money could buy thanks to my little future-seeing wife. A bank account that could finance a country's deficit for years. I had a life like I had never had. I had woman in my bed at night, willing to satisfy my every whim, and one who turned her head to my many slips of diet and others.

I even had a strong-enough entourage of vampires to successfully face most of the threats that come in our world. My life was good now; after my time in Maria's army and the ensuing nomadic days, I wouldn't let a small, weak human take that away from me. No. I deserved this life.

I could see her well even in the darkness that surrounded her, thanks to my excellent eye sight, she was not particularly pretty, and she certainly did not seem overly intelligent. She looked like a normal, teenage girl, though a little shy perhaps. I kept my mind free of any decision concerning what I wanted to do with this girl, so that Alice couldn't interfere; her heart and morals often would step in the way of difficult decisions. I knew she would try to protect this little human before I could deal with her.

I hadn't yet decided if I was going to kill her or not, or just to scare her so that she would move back to Phoenix; or kidnap her and take her away from Forks, keeping her as a toy for a while before giving her to someone else.

All I wanted was for her to be gone from here, from this town, from our lives and completely remove the temptation and menace she represented from my coven's path. All I knew was that something had to be done, and I was going to be the one to do it. I had decided to do it and maybe in the end I could gain something out of this mess, a distraction in my immortal life was always welcome.

I was the killer of the coven, the warrior, the monster. And that didn't disturb me in the least.

I had been an unmerciful cold hearted killer for more than 100 years and when I didn't need to immediately kill, I liked to play with my victims. And despite my change of lifestyle and diet, that beast was still lying dormant inside of me, beneath my civilized surface, waiting the right stimulus to come out. And that stimulus came with this tiny girl, who unknowingly threatened my peaceful living. I was a man of action and decision and this one was easy.

Isabella Swan had to disappear from Forks and from the Cullen's life.

While I had been going over these musings, Isabella had reached her truck. It was the perfect time, no one was around, the store was about to close and the staff had their parking spaces in the back, along with their door. I had disabled all the security cameras earlier so that no one witnessed my actions. She now was as defenseless as a new born baby and at my mercy.

Her truck was parked in a dark spot, and she was desperately trying to find her keys, without dropping her grocery bags. The rain was increasing, and she was almost completely wet by now. It was time to get her.

She made it easy for me to approach her, as her keys slipped from her hand and fell to the ground. She glared down at them, annoyance radiating from her as if the keys had just committed a monumental offense and looked around for a dry place to set her grocery bags down when she locked eyes with me.

At a slow human pace I approached her and gave her my most warming smile. I had long perfected my dazzling abilities to better get to my prey and this girl was easy prey.

"Need any help there?" I kept my voice smooth and non-threatening, while I shifted my prop shopping bag in my hand and I fought to control myself as her heart started to beat wildly. Her emotions skyrocketed, going through anxiety and fear that dwindled after a few seconds when she recognized me - probably from school - before settling on the inevitable lust for the handsome young stranger - even if he was approaching her in the middle of a deserted parking lot in the middle of a dark stormy night.

Foolish, stupid, predictable human girls.

Sometimes I had to wonder how the human race was able to survive at all, given their obvious lack of intelligence and self preservation. You had only to show them a pretty face and a smile and they would give you their lives!

"No, it's fine - I can manage this. Thanks." What a predictable answer from a good little daddy's girl. I decided to make my gift work for me.

In small, undetected waves I made her anxiety disappear and turn into trust and comfort. I kept checking for any kind of awareness on her part of my manipulation of her emotions but she seemed oblivious. I decided to get into action.

"Nonsense, Isabella. Here, let me help you. I am Jasper Hale, by the way."I smiled at her when she nodded. It seemed that she had already been informed of my family. Of course, we can always count on the gossip of a small town. I bent over and picked up her keys from the wet ground.

"Here you are, Isabella." I took the keys and looked at them. I quickly identified the one that opened her truck door. I could feel her gratefulness and she quickly put her groceries on the passenger's seat and hopped in, closing the door. I could feel that she felt a lot safer inside her truck.

"I prefer Bella. I know you from school. Jessica pointed you and your siblings out to me today. But how did you know my name?"

"Really Isabella? I smirked at her making her blush. "It's hard not to know that the Chief's daughter arrived today. You are this month's celebrity in this rainy town; everyone knows your name and all about you. The town has been waiting for you for the last month." She groaned and rested her head against the steering wheel, making me chuckle at her childish behavior.

"Not an easy first day?"

"No, far from it. I felt like I was the centerpiece at a freak art museum. Everyone was looking at me. I have met maybe 100 people and I can't remember one tenth of them and yet everyone seems to know me. I hate being the center of attention." She grumbled blushing deeply and making my beast rear his head in hunger at the increase of her scent. If this kept happening her destiny was an easy one as my dinner. I decided to play the sympathy and understanding card.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I, I mean, me and my brothers and sisters had exactly the same reception as you. The gossip was unbelievable during the first days at school. Don't worry. It will last about two weeks and then they will move on to the next celebrity." I shrugged, easing her discomfort and sending her way a small, undetectable wave of mirth.

"I hope you are right. Well, I better be going - it seems this night is going to be bad and I want to go inside. Bye, Jasper." She said joyfully, a wide smile in her face and the small bit of apprehension from before had been replaced by lust as her eyes wondered quickly down my body. The lady was feeling a little flirtatious by what I could detect. That could work in my favor.

"Yeah, me too. See you at school tomorrow. Bye, Bella." I gave her my killer smile and looked at her through my eye lashes and patting her hand that rested on the open window, before turning away. My smile only got wider when I heard her heart skip a beat. Line, hook and sinker!

She started her truck, maneuvering to get out of her parking lot. I waved at her when she passed by me and putting one hand on my front pocket, I grabbed my bag with the other and started walking home. I needed her to see me on foot, under the heavy rain, so that she had to invite me into her truck. Only then could my plan work.

At this moment I was not really worried about Alice anymore, all her efforts today were directed at Edward, scanning his future and the implications of this in our family's life. I had told them that I was going for a hunt. I had long since perfected a way of hiding things from my seer wife. I smirked at the thought - I really was hunting, just, I was hunting a different and much better prey.

My path to get out of the parking lot and get to the road was closer than hers and, as I walked alongside the road, now soaked to my bones, I could hear the rumble of the motor of her truck approaching me on the nearly deserted road. I picked up my phone and made as if I was calling someone.

As she passed by me, maintaining her speed limits, I saw her looking at me and frowning. I smiled at her and continued to hold my phone as if desperately trying to call someone.

I had to hide my smile when I saw her pulling on the side of the road waiting for me. I took my time getting there as if I was unaware of her. I even managed to jump slightly as she lowered down her window and called to me.

"Jasper, where are you going on foot?"

"I am going home. My brother Emmett left me here before going to visit some relatives with the rest of the family. I am trying to call Carlisle, but he is at the hospital for the night shift. I can't reach him. So, I think I have to get home on foot." I gave her my best hopeless face, before tugging my coat closer to my body, as if I was cold.

I felt her resolve, even before the words left her mouth.

"Get inside, I will drive you home."She smiled and I could feel her worry and determination.

"Huh…I don't want to impose, really I can walk, I am used to it."I coughed a little to add some effect.

"No way, you will catch your death with this weather. Hop in. You just have to show me the direction. I won't take a 'no' for an answer." Her speech amused me. Really! It was all I could do not to burst out laughing in her face, Catch my death? Well I have been dead for more than a century and a half, stupid human.

"Okay, Bella. But I don't want you to get in trouble with your father."I smiled at her

"Oh, it's nothing. I talked to him already, he is on duty tonight and I told him I was going out to do some grocery shopping. And I have my cell phone if he decides to check on me." I nodded before going to the other side and hoping down on the passenger's seat.

"Well, where do I go from here?"She said blushing, looking at me expectantly. Yep, definitely lust there, and some desire. Her scent increased and made my lower regions stir.

I inhaled deeply: virgin. Hummm. It has been a long time since I tasted a virgin. And here she was - a tiny, curvaceous, blushing, defenseless little virgin. All for me.

Maybe you won't die tonight girl, maybe I am going to let you live to see tomorrow.

If you play my game well, that is.

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