A one-shot starring everyone's favorite Electric-type trainer, Denzi. I would use the English names, but for this one-shot to work, I have to use Japanese names for the human characters as one of them has yet to get their English name. Hopefully, that won't impede anyone from enjoying this.



At the sound, a tall man with spiky blond hair, blue eyes, and wearing a green muscle shirt, tan camouflage pants, and combat boots, turned from his work to see a young boy of about ten walked into the room. The boy also had spiky blond and blue eyes, but wore a black t-shirt with a blue jacket over it and black jeans. On the boy's shoulder was a yellow mouse-like Pokémon. The boy did not look happy.

"Something wrong, Denzi?" asked the man as he took off his sunglasses.

"I hate her," muttered the boy, Denzi.


"Kamitsure! When is she leaving, Dad? She's driving me crazy!" exclaimed Denzi.

"Now, now, son. Be nice. She is your cousin after all," sighed the man.

"Matis, what's going on? What's with all the yelling?" questioned an old man who walked into the room.

He was stout bald man with a white spiky beard and a spike of white hair sticking out on the back of his head. He wore bright yellow pants and a brown aviator jacket.

"Grandpa Tessen! Kamitsure is being mean!" cried Denzi.

"Pika!" agreed Denzi's Pikachu.

"Oh? What exactly is she doing, Denzi?" asked Tessen.

"She's bad mouthing my decision to join the military when I get older, like you and Dad did!" explained Denzi. "She then said that the army was stupid to begin with and that anyone who joins is a fool!"

Matis could feel his eye twitched as he turned to glare at his father.

"Damn you, Old Man. You and Ma couldn't have given me a brother, could you? No, the both of you had to give me a sister, who I know is filling Kamitsure's head with that shit!" exclaimed Matis.

"Permission to gather water balloons and throw them at Kamitsure, Sir?" asked Denzi with a salute.

"Permission granted!" bellowed Matis.

With a grin, Denzi was about to head off to his room to get a pack of grenade-style balloons and then to the bathroom to fill them, but was halted by Tessen.

"Hold it, young one. First off, this is an Electric-type Trainer family. You know water is not a good idea, especially if Kamitsure has her Blitzle with her. Secondly, Matis," started Tessen, directing a glare of his own at his son. "Do not use that kind of language in front of the boy."

"What? It's not like he won't hear it later on in life!"

"True, but what would his mother say if Denzi started saying it now?"

Matis actually started to sweat a little. His wife, when mad, was one of the only people he was actually afraid of.

"If I can't use my grenade balloons, what can I do to get back at Kamitsure?" asked Denzi, getting annoyed that he was being ignored.

"…Tell Kamitsure to come here," said Matis.

Nodding, Denzi and Pikachu ran back outside to find the girl. About a minute later, Denzi came back with a girl about his height and age with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a yellow and black tank top, black pants, and yellow flip-flops. She also had a pair of headphone sitting around her neck.

"Yes, Uncle Matis?" asked the girl.

"Kamitsure, I want you to hand over your headphones and CD player," said Matis, holding out his hand.

"What for?" asked Kamitsure, raising an eyebrow.

"For not only disrespecting your cousin, but also showing disrespect to myself and your Grandfather all because we were in the military."

"Why am I being punished for speaking my mind?" demanded the girl, anger clear in her eyes.

"Because it is a tradition in this family for any of us to be part of the military!" argued Denzi. He and his cousin then got into a glaring match.

"There is no way I would ever join the military! I plan on being a model when I grow up!" yelled Kamitsure.

"Enough, goddamnit! Look, Kamitsure, seeing as how you and possibly your mother already have your future planned out, I don't care if you want to join the military or not. But I will not have you badmouthing and showing disrespect to anyone who is in the military or wants to join the military! Is that clear?" growled Matis.

"…Yes, Uncle Matis," relented Kamitsure, looking a bit ashamed.

"Good. Now hand over your headphones and CD player. You'll get these back when you leave at the end of the week."

Reluctantly, Kamitsure handed over her electronic device over to her uncle, who then locked it in the desk drawer.

"This isn't fair," muttered Kamitsure.

"Well get use to it, girl. You can't always expect things to go your way all the time. Now, you and Denzi go off and play somewhere. I was in the middle of some trap plans when this whole incident started," said Matis, turning back to his blueprints.

Once the two kids left, Tessen let off a grin.

"You seemed to have taken care of that well. Wahahahah! I wonder how'd you do if you had a daughter instead of a son," laughed the old man.

"I'm thankful that I only have Denzi. The teen years will at least be easy," shuddered Matis. "The worst a teenage boy could do is ruin some teenage girl's life. Raising a teenage girl is damn impossible."

Tessen could only let out another jolly laugh.



This one-shot, I believe, is the first one I've written that deals with anything from Gen V. Who would have guessed it'd be Kamitsure though! Anyway, this is a one-shot, but I could continue it if anyone really wants to see it continued.

Why did I add Kamitsure to this little family? Well, seeing as how before Gen V the Electric-type Gym Leaders had more in common with each other than the other Gym Leaders who used the same types, I figured I'd make Kamitsure the somewhat black sheep of the family and where she and Denzi hate each other's guts.

She's the only Electric-type Gym Leader that has nothing to do with the military, does not use any Pokémon from the Pichu line (Though that's only because there's none of the old Pokémon in Gen V. I still hate that fact), and has no traps in her Gym.

You know, with how Kamitsure (the model Electric-type Gym Leader) is so different from Matis, Tessen, and Denzi, (the military Electric-type Gym Leaders) it almost seems like Nintendo is subtly saying that women shouldn't be in the military and should only be like Barbie dolls.