It's time to see how Denzi is handling Nimbasa City.


Denzi was bored. That was all there was to it. Why was he bored? It was simple really. There were no worthy challengers coming to the Nimbasa Gym. How could Kamitsure put up with it?

He had gone through something like this before back in Sunyshore, but at least then he could fall back on his engineering project. If he was desperate he could also talk with Oba to relieve his boredom. Denzi wondered to himself if he could tinker with Kamitsure's personal roller coaster to pass the time. Just as he was about to get his tools and do just that…

"Kami! Where are you?"

A loud voice sounded throughout the Gym. Denzi's eye started to twitch, as he knew who was coming. Turning to the source with narrowed eyes, he saw the redheaded eighteen-year-old pilot running into the room. She looked surprised to see a different Electric-type Gym Leader than the one she was looking for.

"Hi, Denzi!" greeted Fuuro with a bright smile.

"Fuuro, what do you want?" questioned the Shining Shocking Star with a sigh.

"I came here to see if Kami wanted to go out and have some fun. Where is she anyway?"

Denzi raised an eyebrow at the question. He would have thought that Kamitsure would have told Fuuro about the bet and that she'd be in Sunyshore.

"She's not here, Fuuro."

Denzi went on to explain to Fuuro about what was going on and where Kamitsure was. Fuuro looked a little disappointed that she was left in the dark, but soon bounced back with a smile.

"So I guess this means you'll be staying here in Nimbasa, huh?"


"It's not that bad, Denzi! Come on! I'll show you what Nimbasa has to offer!"

Denzi frowned at the thought of going into the city. He really didn't care for sports or amusement parks, but it seemed that he did not have a say in the matter as Fuuro had already started dragging him toward the door. Just as the two were about to leave, the door opened to reveal a young woman with short purple hair and round rim glasses. She was dressed in a classy style and had a strange looking ornament around her neck.

"Ano, hello," spoke the woman is a quiet voice.

"Hey, Shikimi! What brings you here?" asked Fuuro as she let go of Denzi's arm.

A faint blush appeared on Shikimi's face. "Well, Adeku mentioned that Denzi was taking over the Nimbasa Gym and wanted one of us to see how he's been fairing."

"And you volunteered?" questioned the Highflying Girl with a knowing smirk. This caused Shikimi to blush deeper.

"Y-Yes!" replied the Elite with a stutter.

Denzi raised an eyebrow at seeing how red Shikimi became. "You okay, Shikimi? You're all red in the face. If you're sick you could have had someone else come down here."

Shikimi froze when Denzi placed a hand on her forehead, while Fuuro could only sweatdrop. She never thought Denzi could be so smart, yet so dense.

"I'm fine, D-Denzi!" stuttered the shy bookworm as she suppressed a shudder from the feel of Denzi's hand upon her forehead.

"Hey Denzi! How 'bout we go see the sights of Nimbasa now?" questioned Fuuro, hoping to get the Electric-type Gym Leader's attention before he caused Shikimi to faint.

The Shining Shocking Star turned to the Highflying Girl with a glare. "I don't want to see the sights."

"Nonsense! Besides, I bet Kamitsure would drag you out of the gym if she was here," stated Fuuro with a smug look.

Denzi could feel his eye twitch again. This girl was probably even more annoying than Oba. Seeing no way out of this, Denzi relented, making the young redhead beam.

With that, Fuuro dragged Denzi out of the gym and invited Shikimi to come along as well. The three first headed to Big Stadium to catch a football game. The teams playing were the Gurdurr 11 and Team Darmanitan and Denzi was bored out of his freaking skull. Looking over towards his companions, he noticed that while Fuuro looked like she was having fun, Shikimi looked downright uncomfortable. At least he wasn't alone in this.

Leaning over towards the shy bookworm, he whispered in her ear. "Want to get out of here?"

Shikimi felt her face heat up as Denzi's breath wisped across her skin. Not trusting her voice at the moment, she could only nod an affirmative.

With that, Denzi told Fuuro that he and Shikimi were going to go and see the rest of the city while she enjoyed the rest of the game. Granted he lied and that he was going to go back to the gym, but he needed her distracted so he could do so.

Once the two were out of the stadium, Shikimi spoke up. "What would you like to do now, D-Denzi?"

"I don't know about you, but I'm heading back to the gym," replied the blond.

"But don't you want to see the amusement park?" questioned the Elite, hoping he'd say yes and then the two could go on the Ferris wheel together. She blushed at that thought.

"Not really. I don't care for amusement parks," said Denzi, unknowingly crushing Shikimi's hopes.

Shikimi had to think fast. Before she could say anything, a voice spoke up.

"So the rumors are true!"

Denzi and Shikimi turned to the source to see two eighteen-year-old boys. The first was a black-haired young man who looked like he should be teaching a class, while the other young man, the one who spoke, had brown hair, a red cap atop of his head, and wore a light blue jacket.

"It seems that they are, Touya. Though I do wonder why a Gym Leader from Sinnoh is here in Unova," said the black-haired boy as he pushed up his glasses.

"Does it matter, Cheren?" asked Touya. He then turned back to Denzi. "I wish to challenge you to a battle, Gym Leader!"

"…Tell me, will you be worth my time?"

Touya looked confused. "Huh?"

"Look, most of the trainers who challenge me are not much of a challenge. Will you be a challenge?" questioned Denzi, narrowing his eyes at Touya.

The young trainer gave off a grin. "You bet!"

Denzi could see it. He could see that this kid was definitely going to be a challenge. With a nod, Denzi led Touya, Cheren, and Shikimi back to the gym, where Denzi and Touya got into position. Shikimi was to be the referee.

"Oi, Denzi! Mind if we make this a six-on-six battle?" asked Touya.

Though his face didn't change expressions, Denzi's eyes lit up at the idea. "Of course."

"This will be a six-on-six battle. Only the challenger will be allowed to substitute and the first to knock out all of their opponent's Pokémon is the winner! Begin!"

Denzi pulled out a Poké Ball from his belt. "I'll start things off with Jolteon!"

"Jolt! Jolt!" barked the spiky Pokémon as he appeared in a flash of white.

"So cool! I'll go with Excadrill!" exclaimed Touya as he threw the Poké Ball.

"Excadrill!" exclaimed the mole-like Pokémon.

'This should be interesting,' thought Denzi with a smirk. "Jolteon, get in close with Quick Attack!"


The Lightning Pokémon charged forward at high speeds. Before it could reach the Subterrene Pokémon though, Touya called out his command.

"Use Iron Defense!"


Just as Jolteon's attack connected, Excadrill shone a metallic sheen, signifying that Iron Defense worked.

"Good job, Excadrill! Now use Sandstorm!"

"Jolteon, use Double Kick quickly!"

Complying with their orders, the two Pokémon attacked. Jolteon's attack connected first, but Excadrill was still able to create the Sandstorm thanks to his raised defense.

Touya smirked as he watched the sand swirl around the field. "Now finish this with Drill Run!"

Unable to get a command in quick enough, Denzi watched as Excadrill slammed into Jolteon, causing super effective damage to the Electric-type and knocking him out.

"Jolteon is unable to battle! Excadrill wins!" called out Shikimi.

Denzi recalled his fallen Pokémon. "You did well, Jolteon." He then gave Touya a smirk as he pulled out his next Pokémon. "Looks like you were right in being a challenge, Touya. Go Lanturn!"

"Lanturn!" cried the aquatic Pokémon.

Touya raised an eyebrow at the choice, especially since there was no water for Lanturn to maneuver in. Denzi must have had something up his sleeve.

"Excadrill, want to take a break?" asked Touya.

"Drill," replied the Ground-type with a shake of the head.

"All right then. Use another Drill Run!" shouted Touya, hoping to use Excadrill's Sand Force ability to finish this quickly.

The Shining Shocking Star smirked. "Lanturn, use Rain Dance and then use Hydro Pump!"

With a cry, the orb hanging from Lanturn's head glowed bright blue, which created the rain that fell and washed away the sand. With Excadrill now weakened, Lanturn blasted him with a powerful stream of water from his mouth.

"Ex…" moaned the unconscious Excadrill.

"Excadrill is unable to battle! Lanturn wins!"

"Touya, you should have known that having Excadrill battle a Water-type would be a bad idea," chastised Cheren. This earned him a glare from Touya.

"Bite me, Cheren! Not everyone has to go by the book like you!" shouted Touya. He then turned back to the field. "Let's go, Galvantula!"

In a flash of white, a large yellow spider-like Pokémon appeared on the field.


"Galvantula, use Agility and then use Electroweb!" called out Touya.

The EleSpider Pokémon sped up as it closed in on Lanturn and then spat an electrified spider web.

"Lanturn, take the attack!" order Denzi, surprising Touya.

Touya was surprised even further when Lanturn seemed to absorb the Electric-type attack.

"Crap, I should have expected Volt Absorb," muttered Touya, facepalming at his own foolishness.

"Lanturn, try to lower Galvantula's speed with Bubblebeam!"

"Galvantula, dodge and then use Gastro Acid!"

Denzi's eyes widened when he heard the attack being called out and when Galvantula was able to dodge and perform said attack by spitting up a glob of acid on Lanturn.

'Damn it,' thought Denzi, clenching his fist.

"Now finish this with Thunder, Galvantula!"

"Galvantula!" roared the Bug-type as he unleashed thousands of volts of electricity on his opponent.

"Lan!" cried out the Water-type, no longer able to absorb the electricity.

It became too much for the Light Pokémon and he collapsed to the ground. As if knowing that Lanturn was defeated, the rain had suddenly stopped.

"Lanturn is unable to battle! Galvantula wins!"

"This is becoming more entertaining by the minute," muttered Denzi to himself as he returned Lanturn. "My next Pokémon will be Electrode!"

A simple Pokémon in appearance, Electrode was simply a large ball-shaped Pokémon that looked like an upside down Poké Ball with a face.

"Electrode," said the Ball Pokémon in a mechanical-like voice.

"Galvantula, I need you to return," said Touya as he called back his Pokémon. 'Let's see, I'm going to need something with speed if I'm going to match with Electrode. Or I could use something to slow it down!'

"Would you just pick a Pokémon, Touya," said Cheren, getting annoyed with his friend.

Touya could feel his eye twitch, but kept quiet as he chose his Pokémon. "Go Cofagrigus!"

The Pokémon of Touya's was gold in color and looked like a sarcophagus from ancient Egypt. The top part of the sarcophagus opened revealing ghostly red eyes and a sharp toothed grin.

"Grigus," said the Coffin Pokémon in what sounded like a laugh.

Shikimi's eyes widened at the sight of the Ghost-type. She wanted to warn Denzi about what Cofagrigus could do, but since she was the referee, she had to stay neutral.

'Hm, judging by its appearance, I'm going to say that this is a Ghost-type, which means Normal-type moves will be ineffective,' thought Denzi. He then smirked. "Electrode, use Spark!"


The Ball Pokémon crackled with electricity as it rolled towards the grinning Coffin Pokémon. The attack soon connected, which confused Denzi, as he wanted to know why Touya didn't even tell his Pokémon to dodge. He soon got his answer when Cofagrigus wrapped his shadowy arms around Electrode. The next thing Denzi saw was Electrode wrapped up like a mummy.

"What just happened?!" questioned the Shining Shocking Star, surprised by what he was seeing.

Touya gave off a grin. "That would be Cofagrigus' ability, Mummy. When an opponent makes contact, their ability becomes Mummy as well."

"Grigus," laughed the Ghost-type.

Denzi was impressed. He was also glad to finally have a challenge. Before he could call out another command, Touya went first.

"Cofagrigus! Use Scary Face!"

"Gri, Gri, Gri."

The Ghost-type's eyes glowed an eerie red. As they glowed brighter, a large version of Cofagrigus shimmered into existence and scared Electrode with its horrifying face.

"Now use Will-o-Wisp!" called out Touya.

Cofagrigus created a ghostly fireball in his shadowy hands and shot it at Electrode. Since the Ball Pokémon's speed was lowered, it couldn't dodge in time.

"Electrode!" cried the Electric-type as he was burned.

"Electrode!" called out Denzi, worried for his Pokémon.

"Now finish this with Hex, Cofagrigus!"

The Ghost-type let out a wicked laugh as his eyes started to glow purple and red. Electrode didn't stand a chance as it was struck with the strange energy that caused it a lot of pain.

"Electrode is unable to battle! Cofagrigus wins!" stated Shikimi.

"What exactly was that attack?" questioned Denzi as he returned Electrode.

"That was Hex. It's a Ghost-type move that does more damage if the opponent is poisoned, burned, paralyzed, or frozen," explained Touya. Cofagrigus let out another laugh.

"Hn," grunted Denzi with a nod. He may not show it, but he was greatly enjoying this battle. "I won't make the same mistake again. Electivire, come out!"

Denzi's next Pokémon was a large yellow and black Pokémon with beady red eyes and two long black tails.

"Vire!" roared the Pokémon.

"Cofagrigus, return!" called out Touya, returning his Pokémon to his Poké Ball. "Since I know how strong an Electivire can be, I'll need to attack from afar. Let's go, Braviary!"

Touya's next Pokémon was a large eagle-like Pokémon that was red, white, and blue in colorization.

"Brav!" screeched the bird.

Denzi raised an eyebrow at the choice. 'A Flying-type Pokémon? He has something up his sleeve if he's going to use it against an Electric-type like Electivire.'

"Braviary! Take flight!"

Listening to the command the Flying-type took to the air and soared above Electivire.

"Getting ready for anything, Electivire!" called out Denzi.


"Braviary, use Air Slash!"


With great force, the Valiant Pokémon waved his wing and sent a wave of wind towards Electivire. The force of the wind sent Electivire skidding back a few feet.

"So that's what you're planning. Trying to stay out of Electivire's reach," said Denzi with a frown, realizing that Electivire only had moves that required contact with the opponent.

"Got that right!" exclaimed Touya with a grin. "Braviary, hit him with Heat Wave!"

With a squawk, Braviary flapped his wings at high speeds. This generated enough heat in the air to send wave after wave of hot wind at Electivire.

'Something's not right. These attacks seem more powerful than they normally would,' thought Denzi as he helplessly watch his Electivire stagger.

"Trying to figure out why Braviary's attacks are so powerful?" called out Touya with a smirk. His smirk got bigger when he had Denzi's attention. "It's because Braviary has the ability known as Sheer Force!"

Denzi's eye widened at that. He had heard about that ability. It had the power to increase damage of moves such as Heat Wave and Air Slash, but ignores the moves secondary effect. Meaning Heat Wave could no longer burn an opponent and Air Slash could no longer make them flinch.

"Damn it."

"Time to wrap this battle up! Use Rock Slide, Braviary!"


The screech the Valiant Pokémon let out created white rings above the field. From these rings, large stones appeared and started falling to the ground. Electivire, unable to do anything as it had been at a disadvantage throughout the entire battle, took the hit. When the smoke cleared, it showed that Electivire was out cold.

"Electivire is unable to battle! Braviary wins!" exclaimed Shikimi, a little sad that Denzi lost yet another Pokémon.

Denzi returned his Pokémon with a frown. While he may be enjoying the battle, he was also starting to get annoyed that he was being showed up so easily. He'd have to fix that with his next Pokémon.

"Luxray! Let's go!"

Denzi's next Pokémon was a large lion-like Pokémon that was blue and black in color. With a mighty roar, Luxray was ready to battle.


"Hey Braviary! Think you can handle another battle?" asked Touya. Seeing the bird nod, he gave off a grin. "Then let's do this!"

"Luxray! Use Charge!"

"I don't think so! Use Heat Wave, Braviary!"

Braviary sent another wave of hot wind at his opponent, but Luxray, whose body was crackling with electricity, dodged the attack.

"Luxray! Shock Wave!"


Luxray's body was soon covered in light blue electricity, which was the shot out at Braviary. The Flying-type didn't have a chance as the electricity made contact.

"Brav! Brav!"

The attack brought Braviary closer to the ground, giving Denzi the chance to finish this.

"Thunder Fang!"

Before Touya could give a command to defend, Luxray was already on top of Braviary, electrified fangs clamped onto the bird. Once released, Braviary collapsed into a heap.

"Braviary is unable to battle! Luxray wins!"

"You should have known something like that was going to happen, Touya," said Cheren, as Touya returned Braviary to his Poké Ball.

"Cheren, seeing as you have never beaten me in a battle, I don't think you're in any position to say anything about how I battle," said Touya, smirking when he noticed he hit a nerve. "Cofagrigus! Come back out!"

"Grigus!" cackled the Ghost-type Pokémon as he returned to the field.

"Scary Face and then Shadow Ball!"

"Luxray, Double Team!"

The Gleam Eyes Pokémon glowed white before it split into multiple images of himself, making Cofagrigus confused on whom to hit.


"Luxray, end this with Thunderbolt!"


The surge of electricity released came at full force. Touya was surprised that the attack took down Cofagrigus in one shot.

"Cofagrigus is unable to battle! Luxray wins!" exclaimed Shikimi; happy that Denzi's luck was turning around.

"Well that was unexpected," said Touya, returning the Ghost-type.

"Luxray is one of my strongest Pokémon. He won't be an easy opponent," stated Denzi, Luxray growling in agreement.

'Now what do I do? I have three Pokémon left to choose from. Hmm, it'll be a gamble, but I need to take it!' thought the brown-haired boy as he took out a Poké Ball. "Samurott! Let's do this!"

Touya's next Pokémon was a large, blue, sea lion-like Pokémon that stood on all fours and wore shell-like samurai armor. The Pokémon also has a white moustache on his face.

"Samurott!" cried the Pokémon.

Denzi kept his guard up. His opponent might be a Water-type, but considering the strategy Touya had with Braviary, he might have something up his sleeve again.

"Luxray, use Double Team again!"

The Electric-type did as he was told and more Luxray soon appeared on the field. That's when Touya and Samurott made their move.

"Samurott, use Hail!"


The Formidable Pokémon glowed a faint blue before chunks of ice started to fall out of nowhere.

"Now use Blizzard!"

With a war cry, Samurott opened his mouth and blast an icy cold mixture of wind and snow towards the group of Luxray. One by one the copies vanished until there was only one Luxray left and he was knocked to the ground.


"Yeah, we did it!" cheered Touya.

"Use Wild Charge!"


Out of the freezing air, a mass of electricity emerged and charged towards Samurott. From within the electricity, Luxray could be seen. The Electric-type soon crashed into Samurott and sent the Water-type flying, making him crash into the wall behind Touya.

"Samurott is unable to battle! Luxray wins!" declared Shikimi, noticing that Samurott was unconscious.

Denzi gave off a smirk. "I guess we're even now."

"Looks like it," said Touya as he returned his starting Pokémon. "Of course, I doubt your Luxray will be able to win the next one."

The military man looked over at his Pokémon and saw him panting heavily. Being able to take down three Pokémon in a row and take a Blizzard is no easy feat and doing so would be very tiring. Denzi only hoped that he could finish this battle quickly so Luxray could get a well-deserved rest.

'Hang in there, Luxray," thought the Shining Shocking Star.

"This will be quick. Come out, Mienshao!"

Touya's next Pokémon was an ermine-like Pokémon that was mostly lavender in color. She also looked as if she was in a Chinese-style of dress.

"Mienshao," came the soft voice of the Pokémon.

"Luxray, start off with Thunder Fang!" called out Denzi.

"Use Fake Out, Mienshao!"


Before Luxray could make his move, Mienshao rushed forward and slapped her hands together right in front of Luxray's face. This maneuver took the Electric-type off guard.

"Now finish this with Drain Punch!" yelled Touya.

Mienshao raised her fist, which was soon surrounded in a green orb of energy. Then with one quick jab, she slammed her fist into Luxray's face, stealing the last bit of energy the feline had.

"Luxray is unable to battle! Mienshao wins!"

"You did great, Luxray. Rest easy now," said Denzi as he returned Luxray. He then took out his last Poké Ball. "Let's go, Raichu!"

Denzi's final Pokémon was a big mouse-like Pokémon, whose tail looked like a lightning bolt at the end. Sparks of electricity crackled from his yellow cheeks.

"A Raichu, huh? Never actually seen one, but I know that they're fast. Mienshao, stay on your toes!"


"Right! Now let's use Calm Mind and then Focus Blast!"


The Martial Arts Pokémon closed her eyes and started to glow brightly. When she opened her eyes, they too glowed brightly. Next she put her paws together and formed a ball of chi, which she then blasted towards Raichu.

"Raichu, use Iron Tail to deflect it!"


The Mouse Pokémon's tail shone with a metallic sheen as he whipped it at the oncoming chi sphere. When it made contact with the metal tail, Mienshao's attack was sent right back at her. Not seeing this coming, Touya and Mienshao were too surprised to counter and Mienshao took the hit. When the smoke cleared, Mienshao was knocked out.

"Mienshao is unable to battle! Raichu wins!" declared Shikimi.

"How the hell did that happen?!" questioned Touya, still stunned by what he witnessed.

"You don't know how I deflected your attack?" asked Denzi with a raised eyebrow.

"I saw that! What I mean is, Mienshao's Special Defense went up due to Calm Mind. She should have withstood the deflected Focus Blast!"

"You forget, Touya, Calm Mind also raises Special Attack and since Mienshao's Special Defense is already low to begin with, it's obvious why she lost the way she did," explained Cheren as he pushed up his glasses.

"Thank you for the lesson, Mr. Bookworm," said Touya in a sarcastic tone as he returned Mienshao. He then turned to face Denzi. "I guess this is it."

Denzi nodded his head. "Hm."

"Then let's finish this! Galvantula, let's go!"

The EleSpider Pokémon made his return to the field, being Touya's last Pokémon. Electricity crackled over his body as he glared at Raichu, who returned the glare and had electricity crackle from his cheeks.

"Raichu! Agility!"

"Use Agility as well to keep up, Galvantula!"

The two Electric-types sped across the field, trying to outrun each other, but their speed was just about even.

"Raichu, use Thunder!"

"Galvantula, use Thunder!"

At the simultaneous command, Raichu and Galvantula unleashed their attacks. The electricity collided with each other and caused a massive explosion, which knocked everyone back.

"Are you two insane?!" shouted Cheren as he braced himself.

"Sorry about that, Cheren!" called out Touya as he stood up.

"Hey, Shikimi! You alright?" asked Denzi as he watched the shy writer stand from where she was knocked down.

"Y-Yes, I'm fine, Denzi," replied the girl with a faint blush.

Denzi nodded at that and then turned back to the field. He and Touya both noticed that Raichu and Galvantula looked a little worse for wear.

"The next attack will decide this," said the Shining Shocking Star.

"Right," replied Touya with a nod.



"Volt Tackle/Signal Beam!"

Raichu sped towards Galvantula, covered in electricity, while the EleSpider Pokémon unleashed a beam of rainbow-colored light from his eyes. Raichu cut through the beam and made his way towards Galvantula, soon making contact and another explosion, this one being on a much smaller scale. When the smoke cleared, both Pokémon were out cold.

"Both Pokémon are unable to battle! This match is a draw!" stated Shikimi. She was actually surprised by the outcome.

"Man, I was really hoping I'd win that," said Touya as he returned Galvantula.

Denzi returned Raichu as well and made his way over to Touya. "I must admit, Touya, that was one of the better battles I've ever had."


"Remember what I said before our battle. Most of the challengers I get are not very challenging. I am able to beat them with ease. You really put me through the ringer today."

"Hehe, thanks!" said Touya with a grin.

Denzi was about to say something more, but a familiar voice called out.

"So this is where you went, Denzi! I've been looking all over for you!" cried Fuuro as she made her way over to the group.

Denzi gave the redhead a shrug. "Had to have a battle with Touya here."

That was when Fuuro noticed the brown-haired trainer. When she did, she let out a squeal and glomped the teen.

"Touya! It's been so long since we've seen each other! I didn't know you were here in Nimbasa."

"Well I had heard Denzi was here and I wanted to battle him. Simple as that," said Touya, grinning as he felt the girl's breasts press up against him.

"You know, you still owe me a flight on your Braviary," stated Fuuro with a pout.

"We'll see, Fuuro," replied the boy.

"Are you two lovebirds done flirting?" questioned Cheren, getting annoyed by the scene.

The two simply rolled their eyes at him. "At least I can get a girlfriend, Cheren."

Fuuro let out a few giggles, while Cheren and Touya started arguing. Denzi could only let out a sigh and shake his head, a little amused at this.

"Ano, Denzi?"

The blond turned to the shy woman beside him, eyebrow raised in question. "Yeah, Shikimi?"

The woman gained a faint blush to her cheeks. "Ano, you b-battled really well t-today and maybe in the future, we c-could have a b-battle, like when we first m-met."

Denzi gave her a smirk, making her blush even more. "I'd like that, Shikimi.

Maybe coming to Nimbasa wasn't so bad after all.



Sorry this took so long to come out. I'm not good with writing battles and was stuck with trying to make it good.

Anyway, that was Denzi's time in Nimbasa during this little mini-arc. Next chapter will wrap up the arc and then we'll go back to random drabbles.

Poor Denzi though, having to deal with Fuuro and not having any clue about Shikimi's crush. At least he got a challenging battle out of Touya.