First four chapters cleaned. They may have lost some of their original bite, though, if you're following this story and were a fan of the old version, let me know your thoughts.

With Fallout 4 out, I've decided to change a few things. No more airships. Talon Company no longer strictly adheres to the gear they had in Fallout 3, since we know this was just engine limitations, and they now possess equipment on par with 1950-60 U.S. Army, meaning a few Hueys, jeeps and tracked apcs. Outcasts and Lyon's pride will be removed from the story, replaced by members of the Enclave or Talon Company.

All of Cole's traits attributable to me being 12 when I made him will also be removed, but I'll try to keep what made him likeable; cocky, skilled and witty, but war takes a toll on everyone. No point in reading if characters don't grow.

Clearly, the narrator of a story like this won't die, but I'm hoping you'll be able to put the final and first chapter side by side and conclude the guy you met in the beginning is all but dead, for better or worse.