The Observatory over Metro City had always been a sign to most. Once upon a time it called upon the desire to know the stars, to seek out beyond their scope and reach for the stars. Yet after the earthquake of '65 and the collapse of the bridge, it was as if the powers that be were cutting them off from the new science. As if they weren't meant to fully comprehend, or understand the stars, at that time. Naturally a new observatory was in the planning but the finances behind it had always been put aside for other newer projects, leaving the old abandoned observatory to slowly rust and rot. Naturally over the years teenagers had taken tries at reaching the observatory, a place to smoke without being seen, but once their own rope bridge had given into the elements they decided to try and find greener pastures in which to loiter, drink, smoke and make out. It had left the old building ripe for the picking, and what a home an escape alien had made it in his years of living in it.

How would anyone know that the mountain beneath it was hollowed out, and that levels of machines of destructive capabilities lay hidden just beneath the surface? It was like something out of a science fiction movie, that's what it was like. There were the robots that were as tall as buildings, the smaller ones that were to have cloned alien fish implanted in them, as well as explosives and other deadly things. Megamind had proudly called it home, once upon a time, but now it stood there alone and empty.

It felt eerily cold. At least, colder than it normally was. Living inside a mountain wasn't really known for having good heating. Towards the very bottom of the hidden base, beneath the bedroom was where a long forgotten, abandoned, railway system lay. From within this damp, dark, empty tunnel space there came the sound of footsteps. Up above in the security system of the hidden fortress an alarm silently rang, and ten Brain Bots were set off to destroy the intruder, as was their job as Watch Bots. As they flew through an exit/entrance way leading into the tunnels, their heads acted as flashlights and they sought out the one who had set off their security alarm.

"Gow?" asked one of them who spotted shoes first and flew quickly before stopping short in mid air, as did the others once they spotted whom it was.

Megamind stood bathed in the glow of multiple blue orbs, and smiled despite the dust that clung to his body and the blood that was still smeared on his face and small cuts along his head and exposed left arm. Both of his boots were missing, revealing his metallic legs and feet that were dented. Ones inner workings was even visible upon the calf, gears and a spring clearly sticking out for the world to see.

They flew in circles around their daddy as he slowly made his way back into the base. He gripped the tall ladder that would take him to the bottom of his base, and he took his time rather then fly himself up there. But instead of making his way through to his bathroom to clean up he made his way up through to the security room. It reminded him so much of the facility down underground, how white he had made the room. It felt sterile; as if it had to keep clean despite all odds and how many times he would come up here with grease on his hands or on his boots. He unfastened his shoulder pads and let them fell to the ground, leaving him in just his one-piece spandex suit with his De-Gun slung on his side as always. He eased into his chair and leaned back, and watched the city.

He watched as the emergency people were assisting those who needed help, or were injured. Looked like they had somehow brought down his smoke machine, and his Brain Bots that had gone out with it. Surprisingly, he didn't feel angry or the need to lash back at them with a bigger robot. He looked to one screen, showing a paramedic bandaging an older woman's arm as she lay on a gurney. Another screen showed a fireman helping a child out of a partly destroyed building. In practically every scene he could see tragedy, and yet it all still glowed from the hope that shun through… like a cloud with a silver lining. Yet that silver lining hurt, like a knife to the stomach.

"I did this." he said quietly, shakily.

Megamind tugged his gloves off and tossed them aside before reaching for one single button and pressed it. All throughout the city, robots that had been built to wait dormant until a certain date arrived, suddenly woke up. Blue eyes opened in the darkness, and arms slowly drew out from within large torsos. Instead of punching their way up through to the surface as they were programmed to do in order to spread devastation and death, they turned, and began slowly and carefully make their way back home towards the observatory. They were all giants, but would just fit within the hollowed out mountain under which the observatory was built.

As time began to pass, beneath him he could hear the moveable floors begin to slide up and out of the way. They all stacked neatly, nothing breaking, or shattering... he had designed it to be this way, after all. He had once had plans to create the largest robot anyone had ever witnessed beneath his hill, to have it erupt like a monster from the depths to set the whole city on fire. Now that plan was trashed, never having reached its fruition. This was a good thing, he told himself as he leaned forward and put his hands to his head as he felt the ground slowly vibrate through the slow movements of robotic giants.

He got to his feet, metal clinking on the floor as he did, and made his way to the elevator platform and took it to the floor that held all of his fish. They were sleeping, unaware of all what was happening and he preferred it that way. Maybe, he thought, a part of him had always hoped he would redeem himself since it looked as though he had built the tank with an expressway. The little fishes were to be 'flushed' out into the ocean surrounding the city, where they could live out their lives as any fish would. They would eat their fill, stay in a group, and know to avoid people and large ships like the plague. He pressed his hand to the glass before pressing his forehead to it as well, and looked at the group of fifty glowing fish and smiled sadly.

"Daddy's sorry." he whispered and pressed another button. He watched as their small eyes opened in alarm as the water began to churn, and waved at them as they suddenly vanished down a large tube that had opened in the tanks, and each and every fish was sucked down into it. They belonged in the water, in the wide-open water. Not stuck in robot bodies, that wasn't right at all… it was not fair to the small creatures to be condemned to such a fate.

Megamind left on the platform again and didn't stop until he reached the very top of the observatory floors, where the large telescope sat there alone and forgotten. How many hours had he spent in that lone chair, staring out in the skies, hoping he would see something. He, naturally, never had. It was just another grim reminder of just how alone in the world he was now, just like it had been then. He walked up to the telescope and sat slowly into it and using a flex of his hand the large doors eased open. Putting his eyes to the telescope he watched the night sky, twinkling in the far distance, all so very far away. He felt tears in his eyes again but did nothing to wipe them away this time, he had nobody to impress anymore.

Pulling away he shut his eyes and took another shuddering breath. His hearts were aching, just like his head.

Over the next hour the robots from throughout the city continued to make their way home, and shuffle into their proper positions so they could all stand clustered with each other. There was only six of them, as if each one represented the six aliens who had landed in America and had been snatched up by the government. In this time Megamind gathered as much information as he could. He took the folder that he had stolen and de-hydrated into a small blue cube when he had finally escaped the facility and put them into a large brown envelope. Within this envelope now was all the information regarding the government conspiracy about the aliens, how they were indeed real, and just how far they had gone to cover up not just the truth but also the treatment of the one known as Number Six.

They would be delivered where they belonged, no doubt about that.

It wasn't long until all of the robots were back, each one with their arms folded into their bodies so they could all stand there in conflicting ways. Each of them was a piece of mechanical wonderment, and no doubt would be worth millions if purchased by people and used to finish, or start, a war far too quickly. In fact that's what all of Megamind's creations could do. They could wipe out people so easily, as if stamping on ants and laughing over the poor creatures whose lives had been snuffed short just because you were either clumsy, or in a bad mood.

Standing here, now, he realized just how wrong he was and how wrong it was to continue any of it. He truly had no right to do what he had planned majority of his life in doing. Humanity may have its faults, but didn't ever species on this planet, much less all in existence in the universe? For every bad thing there was a good thing, and if bad actually won out... what then? There would be no challenge. Life would loose all meaning, and Megamind didn't want life to leave all meaning.

"No." he said quietly. "Six. I am Six."

Six took a shuddered breath and pressed a hand to his face and felt the tears begin to flow down his face once more. Instead of wiping them away he moved his hand so his wrist was to his mouth. His free hand found the little watch there and twisted the face and spoke into it. "Code, End of Days." he said solemnly.

What happened next ended up plastered all over the local newspapers for over a week, all but shadowing the attack of the blue master villain known as Megamind. The old abandoned observatory had been there one minute, but the next it was crumbling like a stack of cards. People would report poor foundation, which years of being left to its own devices and bad weather had eaten away at the mountain beneath the large tower. That was the reason that it had begun to cave in on itself. Nobody spoke of the explosions from within the dirt and rock that lit up the early morning skies that day, or the sound of tearing and screaming metal that tore into the skies so loudly it sent flocks of bird skywards in a panic.

Rocks and metal went tumbling into the oceans, sending small tidal waves crashing into nearby beaches and giving some surfers a surprise that they hadn't anticipated. The docklands which, only the night before, had experienced a mild earth quake, was covered in sea water but nothing so powerfully it would knock over buildings thankfully.

Helicopters were soon surrounding the destroyed observatory, which now was nothing bit large rocks and dirt, broken and shattered trees and unknown to them, a lair of evil which had been destroyed and buried amongst the rubble and wreckage, never to be found. The site upon which the old observatory had stood was now a small island, totally cut off from the rest of the city. It was named Observation Island and was left as inhabitant free. Months later birds would begin to build their nests on the island, safe from feral cats and other animals. There they lived peacefully, and raised their young. It truly became a lovely island to which people flocked to observe from an observation deck built where the old bridge to the Observatory used to be.

Being a news anchor Roxanne was able to learn information not many others were privy to straight after they happen. The morning of the explosion she was shocked to learn, over her phone, that disaster had fallen upon the three heads of the Doom Syndicate. The sewage system that Psycho Delic called his base had exploded, the high tech drug facilities held within literally exploded. Most suspected a naked flame plus some gas equalled the explosion, yet Roxanne didn't feel like that was the reason behind it. Meanwhile Destruction Worker's own machinery turned on him, tore its way through his hide out before blowing up themselves and took out half of his goons in the process. He himself was knocked out, and taken to hospital where he was placed under arrest.

Hot Flash was not exempt from the destruction that seemed to be befalling her brothers in arms. Her boots that she had been wearing at the time exploded. The woman had been in the middle of flying so her fall was well documented on nearby security cameras but it was considered luck she landed in a fountain and didn't suffer too many injuries. Unfortunately when landing in the water the worst possible thing to happen to the woman, did. Her hair got wet, and went out. And just as she feared, with the loss of her hair, her flame abilities vanished with her. In a single stroke the three big heads of crime in Metro City had been done in, and with little to no actions of anyone.

At least that was the belief.

Because of recent events Roxanne Ritchi had returned to work earlier than she had anticipated. She had been on the other end of a microphone for the better half of a month, talking about what she had experienced at the hands of Megamind and what had happened. Did she believe him truly to be dead, or had he simply vanished back into the shadows in order to be lured out once again when everyone least suspect it? She told them they did. She had seen the destruction and due to the tidal waves the morning after most of the rubble of the old building had been washed away, along with any evidence that Megamind had ever been there.

The only thing that was found was a robot hand, which had belonged to a gorilla suit.

Now, though, Roxanne was just paying a cab for dropping her off home. It was raining. As she approached the door way and her door man Carlos had began hurrying up to the door to hold it up for her she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Uh?" she turned and asked smartly, and found herself face to face with a young man. Despite the rain, he was wearing sunglasses, and was dressed in postal worker clothes that were soaking wet and clung to his slim frame. He looked no older than at least thirty years old.

"Sorry." he said gruffly and held up a large brown package for her. "Miss Ritchi this is for you."

"Isn't it a little late for a mail run?" she asked as she took the package and was surprised at just how heavy it was in her hands, since going by how easily he was holding it the package didn't look heavy at all. Checking the return address but found nothing written there. "Who is this from?" Roxanne asked, noticing that the writing was beginning to run due to the rain. Not getting an answer she lifted her gaze but saw that the man was gone. She looked around, then looked to Carlos who was still standing there holding the door open for her to enter. "Come on Miss Ritchi you'll catch ya death!" he called out.

She was going to ask if he had seen anyone but she heard the distant sound of an engine starting and the soft rumble of tires as they drove through the wet rain. As she entered the door she glanced over her shoulder, but all she could see was the rain continually falling hard onto the world outside her door and nothing else.

The End of the Beginning