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Warnings: Citrus, Language, angst, sap

Summary: When Saiya-jins look at the moon they usually transform into their ape form, if they have a tail that is. But what happens when the moon is red, not its usual yellow / silver? Vegeta finds out.

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" Blood Moon "

October 2003 Debs-dragon

Chapter 1

"Fine! Stay in there and rot for all I care!" Bulma slammed the door to the gravity machine and stormed off. "Why that no good, arrogant son of an ape, I don't know why I bother with him when there are far better opportunities out there." Bulma continued to mutter and curse under her breath as she stomped off towards the large swimming pool in the Capsule Corp grounds.

"Vegeta not joining us ,dear?" the ditzy blonde voice pierced the air.

"No mother." Bulma rolled her eyes in frustration.

"Care for some tea, sweetie?"

Bulma gave an exasperated sigh. "No, thank you." She threw herself down onto the sun lounge and closed her eyes, indicating to her mother that any further attempts at conversation would be ignored. As she lay soaking up the sun her mind continued to run around in never ending circles. She had tried numerous times to get the Saiya-jin prince's attention, but alas nothing had worked and frankly she was running out of ideas. She'd tried everything from wearing skimpy outfits to watching suggestive movies around him. About the only thing she hadn't done was come straight out and proposition him; well that and parade around naked in front of him. Frankly she was beginning to wonder if Vegeta had any interest in the female species at all. She knew that Saiya-jins had too though, Goku and Chi Chi had shown her that much.

Idly he wondered if maybe, just maybe he wasn't interested in females but males instead. She laughed out aloud at that stupid thought. No, Vegeta certainly wasn't gay, he was just an arrogant, self obsessed, blind son of a bitch who was determined to drive her crazy with his looks and body. With another frustrated sigh she rolled over and let the sun caress her back.


Vegeta glared at the door to the Gravity chamber as it slammed shut. Good, maybe now that that annoying female had gone he would get some peace at last. He moved to the console and flicked a few switches. The machine hummed into life and the inside of the chamber darkened to a deep red. The small, fighting bots were activated and Vegeta quickly took up a defensive pose. The woman's constant stalking of him annoyed him, she simply wouldn't take no for an answer. Vegeta had a pretty good idea of what it was she wanted from him, but he just wasn't interested.

Dammit! Couldn't she see he was a warrior?

He was the best, a Saiya-jin elite and therefore he had to continue his training, build up his body and fine tune his skills, always be prepared for any scenario. He couldn't afford any distractions and he was damned if he was going to let her anywhere near him. With a growl he activated the bots and began to take his anger and frustration out on them.


Bulma stepped out from the shower feeling refreshed. She quickly dried herself off and slipped into a pair of shorts and T-shirt. She hung the towel up and brushed her hair. Her mind wandered back to the prince.

"Stuff him!" she growled and slammed the brush down onto the dressing table a little more forcefully than she had intended. "Who needs him anyway? There are plenty more men out there who would jump at the chance to be with me." She took one last look at herself in the mirror, fixing a mask of disinterest firmly into place and exited her room. She wasn't going to waste any more of her time on that arrogant swine. Mind made up she headed down to the kitchen and dinner.


Vegeta finished his training session and powered down the machine. He grabbed his tank top from the floor and walked towards the hatch, picking up a towel as he activated the door. Wiping the sweat from his face and torso he made sure to lock the door before heading into the dome for a much needed shower and then dinner.

Sitting around the dining table, Vegeta couldn't help but notice that Bulma seemed a little *different* towards him. She was still polite and friendly in a hostess kind of way, but the flirting and fawning that had become so much a part of his usual conversations with the woman were no longer there.

It confused him.

He tried to figure out why the woman was finally leaving him alone after all this time. After dwelling on the thought for a while he came to the conclusion that she must at last have gotten the message that he wasn't interested through her thick skull.

He didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed. Mentally shrugging his shoulders he finished his meal and adjourned to his room for some meditation and thoughts on new battle strategies before going to bed.

Bulma watched some television before bidding her parents goodnight and going to her room. She opened the curtains wide and stared out into the darkened sky, enjoying the beauty of the stars. Her gaze wandered to the moon and she tilted her head as she stared at the satellite. Normally the moon glowed a silvery yellow, but tonight it was different, taking on a red / orange hue. Her mind wandered as the vision of the moon burned into her retinas. While the moon was certainly beautiful, even in this unusual color, she couldn't help but shiver as her subconscious reminded her of how the Saiya-jins reacted to the vision.

She shuddered as the memories of Goku all those years ago flooded back. She could still see the wild look in his eyes, so vacant and unknowing, the memory still haunted her at times and she hugged herself, thankful that Goku, and Vegeta for that matter, no longer had their tails, their ability to transform having been taken from them with the removal of the furry appendage. With one last look at the evening sky, Bulma turned from the window and climbed into bed.

Vegeta finished his meditation and stretched. The breeze from the open window played across the bare skin of his shoulders and he shivered with the ghostly touch. He approached the curtains that fluttered and began to draw them shut. As he did so he glanced at the moon and froze, unable to tear his gaze away. He felt a strange stirring in his blood, his skin felt on fire and it was only with some force that he was able to tear his eyes away.

Puzzling over the unusual reaction he killed the lights and stretched out on the bed. Giving up on trying to figure out what was wrong with him he turned over and drifted into a restless slumber.

The next morning he awoke early and stretched. Although he had slept undisturbed he felt tired, weary and restless. His body seemed to ache and he hadn't a clue for what reason; he could only hope that he wasn't coming down with something. He dressed quickly and went down to get himself some breakfast. Due to the early hour no one else had arisen yet so he busied himself brewing coffee and putting together a substantial meal. With his hunger satisfied he felt a little better and so dumping the dirty dishes into the sink he left the dome to continue his training. Given the unusual feeling and state of his health he declined the use of the gravity machine, opting instead to fly out of the city and into the mountains, hoping the change of air would clear his head and refresh his system.

He trained hard, pushing himself to the limits of his strength and endurance, desperately seeking to purge his blood of the fire that seemed to flow within his veins. The day wore on, the sun passed over the sky and began its descent, but still he drove his body on. Finally, near exhaustion he called a halt to the punishing routine. Panting heavily he sat upon a rock and stared out at the gathering dusk. The sweat began to cool on his skin, but still he burned. He noted the rapidly gathering darkness and turned his eyes skyward. He shivered as he stared at the moon. It was a deep red, as if covered in blood; and it called to him.

He didn't understand.

Only too well aware of his body's usual reaction to the moon and the transformation it demanded, the feeling was not all that alien. It evoked an urge deep inside, an urge that he was at a loss to know how to satisfy. Had he still got his tail he had no doubt he would have transformed, but his tail was no longer there. The stump throbbed a little from time to time, reminding him of his lost ability, but this feeling...

...it was unlike anything he had ever felt before. It was a hunger building deep in his gut, a longing for something unknown and he hadn't a clue what to do about it. With a sigh he stood up and flexed his tired muscles. Levitating into the air he began his journey back to Capsule Corp, still puzzling over his current state.


Bulma had enjoyed a peaceful day. With the arrogant prince gone who knew where, she wandered around the grounds soaking up the sun and savoring the freshness of the air. It was strangely satisfying not to have Vegeta around, but she couldn't help but miss the exchange of insults that were an ingrained part of her usual routine. 'Damn him!' she thought. Even though she had given up on her quest to capture the prince he still occupied her thoughts.

She occupied herself with doing some much needed maintenance on the gravity machine, seeing as how his royal highness had disappeared for a while. Evening began to draw in and so Bulma finished off tightening the screws and replacing the panel. Wiping her sweaty brow she decided to call it quits for the day. Picking up her tool bag she locked the door and went back into the dome for a shower and dinner.

Walking through the hallway to dinner she passed the prince who had returned. "Have a good day?" she inquired politely.

Vegeta raised his eyes and spared her a quick glance. "I trained," was all he would say.

Bulma shrugged her shoulders. "Fine. Dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes." She turned and walked off, head held high. He wasn't going to get to her, he wasn't going to get to her... she repeated the mantra over and over. Once out of visual she slumped against the wall. Who was she kidding?

Vegeta continued down the passage to his room. The meeting with the woman in the hall had unnerved him a little. He growled at himself for his weakness. Why the hell was she affecting him like this? Just standing next to her and exchanging a couple of words had caused his stomach to lurch and a weak feeling to course through his body. He shook his head and dismissed it as having pushed himself too far. He stripped off and stepped into the shower.

Bulma sat at the dinner table eating quietly. The conversation wasn't flowing very well, her parents were doing most of the chatting. They had tried to draw both Vegeta and Bulma into the general talk, but after a few grunts from Vegeta and short, precise answers from Bulma, they gave up.

Dinner finished and Bulma went to her room to listen to some music, her parents watched some television and Vegeta went to his room to meditate and try to sort out his mind.

The hour drew late and Bulma's parents went to bed. Bulma lay in her bed, earphones attached and listened to her music for a while longer. Her mind was busy figuring out just whom of the many admirers she was sure she had would be favored by her presence first. Gradually her lids got heavier and reluctantly she turned the music off and snuggled under the covers, switching the bedside lamp off as she did so.

Sometime later she awoke with a start. She wasn't sure just how long she had been asleep, but she had the strangest feeling that someone was in her room. Her eyes blinked open and she tried to look around without giving away that she was awake.

Vegeta finished his meditation but was no closer to clearing his mind than when he'd begun. He still couldn't rid himself of this restless feeling. With a weary sigh he sat by the window and stared out into the dark. Instantly he became aware of the blood red moon. His eyes were drawn to the round object and he shuddered. He'd never seem the moon this color before. It was a deep red, crimson almost, reminding Vegeta of all the blood spilled in battles.

His eyes fixed on the unusual object, unable to tear them away Vegeta experienced a sudden longing, an urge that he wasn't sure of. Fire tore through his blood, burning every nerve until his entire body felt like it was going to combust. Sweat broke out as a tingling sensation started in his loins. He needed something, craved something; but what that something was he didn't know. He groaned as he fought a losing battle with his body. A shaking hand raked through stiff, black locks as he tried to deny what was becoming more apparent. A scent flooded his nostrils and he shook his head, trying to clear it.

Desperately he forced his eyes away from the mocking face of the moon and threw himself on the bed. He growled as his control faltered. Even if his mind fought it his body knew what it wanted. With a frustrated sigh his resolve crumbled further, he grasped at anything to keep his sanity intact, but the call of the moon was stronger. It would not be denied this time. It was as if the dead planet could reach right through time and space, touch him, kindle the fire and fan the flames until the inferno took over, consuming him completely.

With a shaky breath the last of Vegeta's defenses collapsed. He looked at the moon and gave a low, guttural cry, almost a howl and sprang from the bed. His feet moved of their own violition, silently carrying him along the darkened hallway to stop outside a familiar door. Without knocking he opened the door and slipped inside.

His breath caught.

The room was bathed in the red glow of the moon, Bulma lay amongst soft sheets on the large bed in the center of the room. Vegeta paused and tried one last time to control his body - but failed. His natural instinct had hijacked his mind and wouldn't release the hostage until its demands were met. He had no choice but to give in and pay the ransom.

He moved silently towards the sleeping woman, the woman that had for so long been the bane of his life. He stared down at her and felt an unusual stirring in his soul. His heart froze for a moment as he realized she was awake, and staring right back at him.