Title: Adult Content
Author: Beer Good
Fandom: Buffy, post-series
Word Count: 250
Rating: PG13
Summary: Buffy turns 30.
A/N: A few years ago I wrote a fic called "Birthday Girl" which was a pretty dark version of Buffy's 30th birthday. Here's a supremely fluffy one to compensate.

Adult Content

19 January, 2011

"Thank God that's over." Buffy collapsed in a chair as the last guests left, leaving only the ones who'd promised to help clean up.

"W-was it that bad?" When you've planned a party for three months (officially, though Willow had been secretive about something for a lot longer), you're anxious for it to go well.

"No, really Will, it was great," Buffy assured her. "It's just that if one more person asks me how it feels to be 30, I'm going to... um..."

"Feed a pigeon?" Dawn slowly balanced a huge stack of plates towards the kitchen. "I mean, that is pretty old."

"Urgh. Something like that. Giles looked way too smug when he gave that toast about me being the oldest Slayer since fourteen-dickety-two."

"That wasn't smug," Xander said earnestly.

"I know," Buffy smiled.

"Besides, he's turning 60 soon. Plenty of time to launch counter-mocking maneuvers."

Willow nodded brightly. "And also, hey, no monsters. Maybe that's some sort of adult bonus? Non-monster Buffy Birthdays?"

"Guys?" Dawn popped her head back into the living room. "There's some sort of wrinkly, grey-furred metaphor-type demon in the kitchen eating left-over cake."

"...Or not," Willow deflated. "So, quick midnight slayage?"

"You know what?" Buffy stood up. "I've had the best birthday in years, I'm wiped, and I've kept a certain someone waiting in bed far too long. Demon wants cake, demon can have cake. JUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF," she called out into the kitchen.

Then she hugged her friends and went upstairs.