A week later, we entered the last trip of three weeks: South Carolina. We dropped off the rental car Dad was using before we left Maine since I remembered that wasn't his car, he flew. Opps! Dad didn't care. He just laughed about my mistake! He always does that. This beach house where we were staying in South Carolina is larger than any other beach houses we rented this month. The truth? I never been to South Carolina, so this was different. We were staying in Charlotte. Dad and I get to spend the afternoon together. That was fun.

"I just love it when we spend time alone together," I said with a smile.

"Me, too, peanut," smiled Dad.

"Sharon is teaching us how to fish later," I said. "How about you and I can have a contest see who can catch the most fish?"

"What's the prize?" asked Dad as I giggled.

"Well, I'll think of something," I said.

Then, I had an idea.

"How about a bet?" I asked. "If I catch more, you get me ice cream and if you win, I'll do the same."

Dad, who loved the idea of that bet, said, "You're on."

I can't wait to learn how to fish since I never been fishing. Dad hadn't done it in a long time. Dawn and Jeff did with their parents when they were still in California. They said it's fun. They do that when they go camping on most summer vacations. Dawn and Jeff have been doing that since they were little.

That evening, Sharon did showed me and Dad how to fish. She didn't know he and I made a bet. She'd probably laugh anyway.

I was a pro in no time. I've been catching every one of them. Dad? He'd catch a boot! That was funny. We were all laughing at that. Don't worry, he caught some fish at last. After that, I had 15 and Dad only caught seven. Wasn't that a shame or what?

"Well, I won the bet," I said.

"You sure did," said Dad as we laughed.

"You poor thing would have to pay me ice cream," I teased while I was still laughing.

"What bet?" asked Sharon.

"I made a bet with him to see who can catch the most fish. I won, so he has to pay me ice cream," I said.

She just laughed at that and added, "Boy, your dad always seem to lose a bet every time."

"I know," I agreed.

"Maybe next time I'll win a bet," said Dad.

"Maybe, maybe not," I said as we laughed again.

It's always fun to be together. He and I went out for a late ice cream and he did pay me ice cream. I just love it when I tease him and he just laughs at that. He doesn't mind being teased that way. He can't stand to be insulted liked I already mentioned before. I just wish Dawn would just apologized to me and she hasn't, so I haven't spoken one word to her at all.

Tobey must have saw Dawn again because I saw them. Did she knew he was coming? If so, why she didn't say anything? Did she think caught in a lie? Sure enough, Dad found out and asked her that and she said yes.

"Then, you should have said something," said Dad.

"What's gotten into you?" asked Sharon. "Apparently, you knew you was going to be caught for lying anyway. You are grounded for two weeks."

"That's not fair," said Dawn.

"Yes, it is. That would teach you not to lie again," said Sharon. "End of story."

"So, you are not going anywhere with Tobey for the rest of the vacation. You are sticking with us. Is that clear?" asked Dad.

"But I want to...," started Dawn.

"The subject is closed," Dad interrupted her.

"Whatever," said Dawn as she headed to the room where she was having while we're here.

A week later, we were back home. And, I still didn't talk to her since she didn't say her sorry for what she said to me. We unpacked our suitcases after we got settled in for a bit. Dawn was still punished for lying.

An hour later, Stacey came over and said, "Why did you tell Mary Anne to promise not to tell me about you and Tobey, Dawn?"

"Because I said so," said my sister.

"No, that was a wrong thing to do," said Stacey. "Mary Anne has the right to tell me everything besides on what's going on. She'd tell you anything like she does to everyone else. Would you like it if you were forced to keep a promise? Come on, Mary Anne, you and I can go hang-out."

"Go ahead, girls," said Dad.

She and I left to join the others at the mall.

"Hi, Mary Anne, Stacey told me everything about what Dawn did," said Kristy.

"Yep," I said.

"Did Lewis knew?" asked Mallory.

"Yes. I told him and he broke up with her. Boy, you should see Dawn, that was when she started complaining and that was when she told me I was the worst sister to keep a promise," I said.

"What!" exclaimed Kristy in a low voice.

"That's a rude thing to say," added Claudia.

"I know. I haven't spoken to her ever since and I was like, I'm done helping you. She knows I try to help her from getting hurt," I continued.

"I agree," said Stacey.

"He must have been glad you told him," said Jessi as I nodded.

"You and Alex did the right thing," said Stacey.

"I know," I agreed.

Dawn finally apologized to me two to three days later.

"Don't you every hurt me like that again," I said. "There are two more people you need to apologize, too. Stacey and if you want to have Lewis again, you need to say your sorry to him."

She called Stacey to apologize and she forgave her thankfully. She did the same thing to Lewis and he also forgave her as long as she promises not to do it to him again. I'm glad that's over now. And, Dawn and I made up thank goodness. Carlos came home from the trip two to three weeks later and he told us all about it.

The End