A/N: Written for Musicroom#3 a writing contest community I moderate on livejournal. It was written for our first challenge a-z drabbles, prompt A: Angst. If you are interested in joining in please send me a PM and I'll forward you the link.

Hello again, old friend.

I won't lie and say I welcome your embrace. But I'm not fool enough to not recognize that you are the one who recieves me each time I stumble and fall.

Once more, we meet in almost indentical setting and manner. Because, time after time it is you who catches me as I spiral out of control. At times, I wish you had the capacity to dry these tears that fall from violet eyes onto pale cheeks. In your defense, you always were a good listener.

I am their prince, better yet, their king, but my authority is continually flaunted, overruled, and underminded. I recoil and shrink away from words that sting like posion barbs and to which only you have the salve to ease the wounds.

My dear friend, silently you wait, always there, always patient. Though I rise above this temporary hurt and sadness; These overwhelming feelings of despair I cast off. In my shadow, I know you will be waiting, and for that I am grateful.

In happy times you are forgotten, and adandoned. My sentinel against sorrow, my dam to ward away angst. Do not think I take you so lightly, because you know as well as I, the time will come when I'll need you.

My dear friend.

My confident.

My healer.

My silent shadow.

My strength.

My corner of woe.