The Morning After Dark

Disclaimer: I don't own The Vampire Diaries – unfortunately.

She zips her dress ignoring the stare she feels on her back as she does so.

He's not supposed to be awake.


She doesn't stop looking for the sparkly new black stilettos that she'd spent so much money on only to have tossed away at random without care for last night.

Finally she finds them but just as she's prepared to jam them on her feet make for the door he grabs a hold of one and before she can snatch it back places it beneath the crumpled sheets he's still lying under.

"Caroline."He says her name a second time and this time she stands still and unmoving, waiting to hear just what it is he has to say to her.

"Don't go."

This makes her turn around and face him.

Hands on her hips and a look on her face that says "Are you kidding me?"


"Because I don't want you to."

Her none beating heart would cue like an annoying alarm clock if it still worked.

Still – she shakes her head and utters the sentence she doesn't want to say.

"Last night was a mistake."


No it wasn't at all

Authours Notes: I'm so bad I know! I love Jenna and Alaric (who doesn't?) but this has been nagging me for a while so I finally grabbed my laptop plopped, down on my bed and started writing it. I blame xHAPpyProductionsx for making the single video of them on youtube and trust me when I say it was beautifully done. This may be the first Calaric fic posted here on FF if so I feel much honored and hope that Calaric fans enjoyed it.