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So here's my first ever story, I has so mistakes that I'm to lazy to go change, so its best to ignore them.

This is mainly a story on robin and how the team see him.

Its going to have some fluff at some points, and family moments with batman and the JL, but yeah, I'm still working on the story so bear with me.

Also, my friend proof read it, but she mixed somethings, I dont know if i got it all sorted and back in order, so if you see something that doesn't make sense, ignore it or go with the most logical answer.

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Chapter 1

"FK in position" was the first announcement over the intercom, connected to the 5 newly formed team of young justice. The mission was simple, a get in, get out, without getting caught. It was an information gathering mission to do with a mechanic's lab in DC, apparently the head of the operation to design weaponry for the army had got a bit carried away, there was rumours stating that he was creating something a bit more powerful then a new machine gun for foot soldier's.

Obviously Batman had gotten wind of the rumours floating around the underground crime network through his connections and decided to send in young justice to verify the claims.

So at this moment Robin, Aqualad, Superboy, Kid Flash and Miss Martian, were on the case to locate the source of the rumour and find out any other information that indicated that Marcus White head of Engineering for Euphoria labs was building an ultimate weapon for personal use.

"Roger that, KF, when the guards pass the junction in the hall, bypass into the door second on the right and then follow through to the labs" the boy wonder replied into the intercom. Robin was the tactician for the mission, to find the best and quickest ways in for the team and hacking the labs systems to get in quietly. He followed behind Miss Martian and Superboy heading east to the labs in the middle of the building, while Aqualad and Kid flash went in via the west side, just in case a distraction was needed. It sounded stupid, but one team can start a distraction so the other could escape then the escaped team could then create another distraction to get the others out, so in away it worked, well in theory.

"How far now, Robin?" Aqualad questioned, as he and KF ran into the room Robin indicated the safest way into the research lab. "5 metres to your left is a door, the code for the door is, 6392453, punch it into the control panel to the right, it'll let you in, the rest of us will be there momentarily" Robin replied turning off his holographic interface attached to his left glove. "Its gotten quiet" Superboy suddenly whispered to himself, Miss Martian caught it anyway and looked around suspiciously, it was also a lot darker then that anticipated. Robin was at the back of the group, the others had insisted that it would be easier to have the muscle at the front. Superboy looked round the next corner in the hall to see it empty. He walked forward towards a door, looking at it closely he saw 'Research Dept' written on the frosted glass, most likely bullet proof.

Robin ran in round the two other members and punched in the code, the screen let out a green hue, and the door slid open, once inside robin closed the door and locked it down. No one could get in or out unless robin hacked the system, sometimes, situations like these called for unnecessary risks. Kid Flash and Aqualad were already in the room after coming from the west door, looking through the paper files, knowing full well only Robin could hack the system.

Miss Martian went over to investigate the white boards that had different encryptions and designs plastered over them. Superboy followed Robin over to the main computer console in the middle of the north wall, just in case he was needed, with Robin being the 'Baby' of the team it was hard not to worry that something to big for him to handle might appear. Robin, oblivious to Superboy's intentions plugged in the USB from his glove and activated the holographic interface, and started hacking into the system.

"One wall down, 3 to go" he muttered to himself as he slowly but surely broke through the company's firewalls.

"Hell yeah, I think even batman would be impressed with the time it took me break in to the system" Robin cheered,

"Don't celebrate yet, you still need to find anything suspicious and download it" Aqualad called across the room,

"I know, I know" the boy wonder sighed.

"Funny I don't think there's anything that could help us over here guys, but there are a lot of random encryptions written all over the board" Miss Martian's voice rang out.

"Probably something to do with ….." Robin never got to finish, as the alarm sounded, with no idea how it was tripped.

"WHAT THE HELL, rob I thought you disabled all of the alarms!" FK panicked. "I DID!" Robin replied in haste and he bowered through Euphoria's main system, finding scattered files on a project named D.S, he downloaded them onto his Hard drive with other weapon engineering files.

Suddenly banging could be heard from the door. "Great, locked in a room with no way of escape AND guards trying to break in" FK sarcastically commented.

"Will you calm down, this is no time to panic" Superboy glared at FK.

The door wouldn't hold long and was slowly buckling under the pressure of the shunts, being glass wasn't helping either.

"FK, superboy, aqualad, I need more time, the files only 68% downloaded" Robin yelled over the noise.

"We're on it" FK responded.

With a nod to his other team mates, they rushed the door just as the glass gave out. Guards thundered into the room, fully prepared for what may lie within. The super's minus Robin and Miss Martian fell into battle.

"ROBIN HURRY UP!" FK yelled over the fighting as he was thrown at a wall on the south side of the room.

"What the hell are these, they hit like Superman" He added, Superboy smashed two of the guards heads together, crumpling under the pressure, sparks flew out into the air as the damaged bodies collided with the floor.

"They're not human…..THEY'RE ROBOTS!" Superboy yelled to his other team mates.

"98% complete on the download, just a little longer! Crush those things!" Robin informed the others.

Aqualad called upon his water blades, and started hacking at the robotic guards, the more he took down however the more appeared through the door.

"Robin, we can't hold on much more! We need to get out of here now!" the leader sternly shouted to the thirteen year old.

"Ok, ok, nearly there... come on... come on... yes 100%, that's what I like to see!" Robin jumped when something grabbed his arm, he turned to see what or who it was and relaxed, recognising Miss Martian, her eyes indicated it was time to go. He pulled out the USB cable and left it to reel into the hidden port on his glove, pulled out some smoke bombs and struck the floor, smoke emerged causing a temporary sheet of cover to hide their exit.

Back in the hall, virtually unscathed, the team follow Robin back the way they came, knowing that they are being pursued, Robin falls behind to the back of the team. He stops as he takes out some weak explosive birdarangs. (A/N I think that's what he calls them) Superboy seeing that his team mate is no longer with the them informs the others with a slightly concerned yell, "Where's Robin?"

This causes everyone else to ease up, and slow. Suddenly a load explosion is heard that rocks the foundations of the building. With widened eyes Superboy runs back the way they came, to see the hall practically caved in, and no sign of Robin.

"ROBIN!" he screams in a panic.

Losing the light of the team would be like dowsing a candle with water in a pitch black cave. Robin was the centre that glued them altogether. Robin kept Batman sane, helped him keep of smiling, no-one knew what would happen if Batman ever lost Robin. Well he'd have young justice's guts on a flag pole displayed on top of Mount Justice for one thing Superboy thought to himself.

Wildly looking round through the rubble, he found nothing; the rest of the team joined in the search, what seemed like hours, was only seconds.

"Guys above!" That was Robin's voice, looking up they saw him unharmed through the hole he made in the roof with the explosives, "What got you all panicked?" he asked innocently.

With relieved smiles on they're faces they followed him up on the roof, catching Robin in a headlock, he messed up robins hair "Dude, for a second there we thought you had blown yourself to the moon!" KF said in a sing song fashion.

Robin flipped KF over his head to get out of the headlock .

"Hah! Me? Blow myself up? I think not! What do you take me for?" he asked not really looking for an answer.

"Awww, dude seriously, didn't need to flip me, that hurt!" KF complained

"Next time Robin, inform us of your plan before actually doing it? I'd like to know before you get hurt" Aqualad stated calmly, but there was an under lying tone in his voice.

"My bad. Sorry, sorry" Robin apologised, rubbing the back of his head in away a small child would when caught off guard. He had a small apologetic smile on his face, telling his team he was sorry for worrying them.

"I think we should get back to base before these guys realise what just happened." Miss Martian suggested hearing yelling and shouting from below.

"Heh, good idea" FK replied, by the time she looked towards the direction he spoke, he was already gone.

Next she saw Robin shoot his grappling hook to the next building and swung across, while Aqualad leapt of the edge and decended to the road below using water to slow him down.

With a sigh Superboy followed Miss Martian example and leapt into the air and flew in the direction of home.