Chapter 12

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Dicks eyes Snapped open after hearing a constant beeping, it got to the point where he could no longer ignore it and needed to find out where that blasted noise was coming from. Slightly dazed from sleep Richard began to look around the room, thinking it was slightly odd not like his room was normally...wait! He tried, tried being the word to shoot up into a sitting position but before he could question his lack of movement green words flashed in front of his eyes 'Disconnecting'.

Then he was moving, not by his own accord but through the table he was laid upon, the thing was moving his body into a sitting position. After a couple more seconds he was deposited onto his feet, still unable to move, his back felt sown to the table more correctly his spine, maybe it was something to do with the metal on his back he felt before he lost consciousness.

With no further thinking a multiple amount of pain emerged along his spine releasing him from his confines allowing him to ungracefully faceplant the floor for his legs had lost the ability to hold himself up.

With a Groan Dick just laid upon the floor, after a minute are so he experimented with moving his limbs starting small and moving up, he wiggled his fingers and toes, then his arms and legs, with most things in working order and slowly flipped himself over and then continued to lay there staring above at the ceiling.

Then he noticed the green blinking light above the upright table he was attached to moments ago. "what the hell is going on" he muttered as he suddenly decided that getting up would be the best course of action.

Getting to his feet Dick slowly inspected the machine in front of him to see what its use was, looking round to the left he noticed the computer monitor at the head of the cot. It flashed green with words boldly written across it "Charge Complete" the raven was extremely confused by this point, quickly looking around the room which looked oddly round he started pressing random button on the console, it kind of reminded him of one of those Dr. Who episodes where the assistant would starting trying to help by, well pressing random buttons. In Richards defence he was trained as a hacker so it was a bit less random for him.

There was only limited information that he could access with his lack of equipment. Going through the information he could get to, Dick was beyond shocked with what he was seeing, there was a metal structure attached surgically to his back, What ā€“ the ā€“ fuck!

He couldn't understand, so that was the metal THING! Attached to his back, to his nervous system and the stupid computer only told him what it is and not what it did. He wanted to rip his hair out with frustration, he was in a strange place in the hands of strange people and had some piece of scrap metal attached to his spine.

Sighing in frustration dick moved away from the computer and decided to explore the room, it was circular there were no corners, strange.

There was a round bed in furthest end maybe east? Of where he was standing. It was completely covered in pillows arranged so of like a nest, Dich snorted at that.

There was like a little cupboard type thing bulging from the wall, the door was open and inside he could see a shower, wash room obviously.

The whole place looked like a business class hotel room just with some stupid high-tech computer bed thing located in the middle of it and no window's.

Sighing with a forced huff at the end Dick decided that there was nothing to do about nothing, there where no doors on the wall (wall's ? he wasn't sure if a round room could be classed as plural) and if there are which he was 100% positive there was then they are built to withstand him.

Not like he had anything to hack with anyway.

With nothing else to do he resulted to pacing around the room, thinking, trying to grab pieces from his mind that may relate to this incident then to stitch them together, before he could comprehend what was happening the floor rumbled, no wait the entire room rumbled, it was moving, the sensation was strange.

The room was rising, he could see natural light start to descend upon him from the top on the wall, it was starting to get bright, to bright for him to carry on watching, he coved his eyes with his hands as the room continued to rise higher.

After a moment of so it jolted into place and locked down, after another minute Dick uncovered his eyes and to adjust opened his eyes. The light made his eyes water slightly from he rough treatment of light but other then that he could adjust quite quickly.

"It's a fish tank" he gawked, staring wide eyed at everything, he had wondered why the wall/s were shiny, now he knew.

"Close, but not quite" came a smooth yet weathered voice replied to him, Dick practically jumped out his skin, he was not expecting someone to reply, looking around outside the glass? He noticed a few people one being a tall well muscled man wearing black and orange, he had a mask concealing his face with only on Eye hole.

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