I do not any of the Harry Potter characters. They belong to JK Rowling.

Warnings: Slash, rape, unwilling sex, slight violence

Pairings: Sirius/Harry and a bit of Harry/Draco

AN: This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction and I hope all you of enjoy my work. Thank you in advance for reading this.


Rope Around My Neck

Harry Potter sighed tiredly.

It was summer once again and he did not want to return home to his family. He truly, deeply and desperately wanted to stay away from his family that summer and had written more letters to his parents for months begging them to let him stay with his friend instead. After countless of letters, Lily Potter had written a very short and a very direct note ordering him to come home.

Harry sighed once more and rubbed his closed eyes dejectedly.

Harry Potter was considered the black sheep of his family. His parents, James and Lily dotted on their eldest son, Jordan as he was the heir of the Potter family. Jordan was their pride and joy. Jordan was the apple of their eye. Jordan was their precious little diamond. It was always Jordan this and Jordan that and Harry had grown up in his brother's shadow.

Not that he minded it exactly...if only his parents had paid a little more attention to him. But James and Lily were so focused on Jordan that they barely paid much attention to Harry. Jordan, like James, was the Quidditch captain and chaser, a brilliant student and a master at pranks. Harry, on the other hand, stayed away from the Quidditch stands, was a bookworm and mingled with "suspicious people".

Harry frowned. He had a feeling that his parents did not allow him to visit his friend because said friend was none other than Lucius Malfoy's only son, Draco. Harry's past with Draco was not a pretty one. Mainly because Harry was a Gryffindor and Draco was a Slytherin. On top of that, Jordan and his closest friends, who formed another "pranking" group, continuously picked on the Slytherins making them despise all Gryffindors.

That was until Harry caught Draco when he accidentally tripped and would have dropped straight down from the Astronomy Tower.

It started out as something innocent. Two students from rival houses cautiously meeting in secret at the Astronomy Tower after hours. Harry did not know what compelled him to see Draco and Draco did not understand why he wanted to see Harry. They were twelve and they were confused. Outside, they kept their distance from everyone but alone, they chatted like old friends. Coming from a really old wizarding family and being the only heir had placed an enormous amount of responsibility on Draco's shoulders. He had no one to talk to. Being neglected in his own family made Harry somewhat of a recluse. They bonded well.

Harry did not know how something so innocent could become something extremely sinful so fast. At the age of fourteen, Harry Potter knew he was gay. He preferred wizards to witches. And not just any wizard. He was in love with Draco. The Draco! The only heir of the Malfoy house! The rival of the Potters!

It was a doomed affair and Harry really really tried to bury his feelings for his best friend but he truly did not succeed. It wasn't until he was trapped on the wall, his legs wrapped tightly around Draco's waist, his hands buried his soft blond locks and his mouth plundered by an insistent mouth did Harry realize that Draco reciprocated his feelings. It was one of the few happiest memories Harry had and cherished.

Of course, their relationship would not be free from any hindrance. Harry and Draco were found out by none other than Harry little sister, who was three years younger than he was. Jacqueline or rather Jack, as she insisted people calling her, was a beautiful dark haired young girl with hazel eyes. She looked so much like Lily despite inheriting her father's hair and eye colors. She was also the only person in the Potter household who loved Harry unconditionally.

Jack was treated much better by her family because she was the only girl and the youngest. However, unlike the loud Jordan, Jack was more reserved and preferred to spend time with Harry. Ever since they were young, Harry would look after her while their older brother would rush off to get into one trouble or another. The bond between the two of them was very strong and Harry would die for Jack. That was how much he loved his baby sister.

Walking in on her favourite brother being snogged to the wall by the infamous spawn of Lucius Malfoy did give poor Jack a heart attack. However after listening to Harry's pleas and seeing how sincere Draco actually was, she agreed to keep their secret and watched Harry's back. Draco was so impressed that he had ordered none of the Slytherins to harm either Harry or Jack. Between secretly dating and snogging Draco, studying for his exams and watching his lovely sister going out with Fred Weasley, a certified prankster and Hogwart's ex-student, Harry kept away from Jordan and his posse. It wasn't that hard after all.

"Still moping?"

Harry looked up to see a pair of mischievous hazel eyes look down at him. He tried to smile but failed.

"Mum and dad have refused me once more. I do not think I am allowed to write again."

Jack sat opposite her brother and eyed him worriedly. She knew how much Draco and Harry have wanted to spend the summer together. Draco wanted to introduce Harry to his father officially. His parents' objection had put a hold on that plan.

"I really wanted to meet Mr. Malfoy, Jack. Especially since..."

Jack looked at her brother curiously. "Especially since what?"

Obviously feeling uncomfortable, Harry fidgeted a bit and then said out in a rush. "Draco asked me to marry him."

There was utter silence as Jack studied her brother. True, he looked nervous but he was also very excited. His pale cheeks were flushed with happiness and it made Jack's heart ache in a very good way. She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"Congratulations! You did say yes, right?" she asked warningly. Harry laughed and nodded.

"Of course I said yes, you brat! I love him!"

Jack laughed happily. "Well, good thing you are not the heir and Jordan is. At least mum and dad won't be arranging your marriage for you!"

Harry grinned happily. "They are going to have a heart attack when I finally tell them who I am going to marry."

The slim young woman beamed and winked knowingly. "Planning to wait until you are declared an adult to run away, eh, my dear lovable brother?"

The green eyed young man smiled and nodded. However his expression dimmed after awhile, realizing his position. "No thanks to them! Now I can't even be with Drake when I am legally an adult. We were planning to be quiet about this but now...how am I going to go to him once we get to Potter Manor? Mum and dad will not simply allow us to floo to Malfoy Manor after all..."

The darkness of the night enveloped the two figures, their dark hairs blending perfectly in the night.

"You know, Har...there is one thing you can do..." Jack suggested slowly.

Harry simply raised his eyebrow in question making his sister feel quite uncomfortable. She might be secretly dating one of Hogwart's known prankster and joke shop owner but she still felt uncomfortable breaking the rules sometimes.

"Well...you can come home now and once your legally turn seventeen, you can come and go as your wish. Mum and dad do not have the right to stop you and the wards around the house won't affect you...You can go to Draco then, you know."

Harry blinked and nodded reluctantly. "I guess that is all I can do for now. Drake wasn't so happy when he heard the news. He actually broke a vase!"

Jack rolled her eyes playfully and smirked. "What will Malfoy senior say when he hears of his son's misdemeanour?" she said sarcastically. It was a well known fact in the whole school that Draco Malfoy did not like to lose his temper. It was unheard of a Malfoy.

She slipped her fingers into Harry's palms and laced their fingers together. "Come home for now, Har. I know it has not been home for you much but you have not been home in years. Dad was actually rather miffed that gramps willed the house to you. He said gramps stole you from him. You have not spent much time home with mum and dad, after all."

In reality, the only times Harry had ever since his parents were during Christmas when his family came over to his grandparent's house in Amsterdam. Harry barely visited to Potter Manor as he could not stand the way Jordan would manipulate his parents and get away with it while he remained unnoticed in the house. At least his grandparents cared about him. However, early in the year the Potters received the news that his gramps had finally joined his grams in the next world. His granddad had left Harry the one thing Harry loved – his home in Amsterdam.

"It's a wonder they even noticed I was alive, Jack. Is it really a wonder why I do not come home as often?"

Jack shook her head but said nothing. Even she could not comprehend why her parents never paid much attention to Harry. If they would only look away from Jordan, they would meet the most loving young man Jack had ever known and that was her favourite brother.


Sirius Black watched the young man with an expressionless face.

The youth had messy black hair that curled slightly longer and barely brushing his shoulders. His skin was very pale. His eyes though, were the most striking features about him. They were huge emerald orbs, giving the young man a very innocent and delicate expression. His body was also slender and though he was not as tall as Jordan, he was not short either. There was also a certain look about him. A look, which made Sirius Black feel very predatory.

Sirius was a well known charmer and Jordan's godfather. He had only met Harry when Harry was a child. When he suddenly inherited the Black fortune, Sirius had to put hold his irresponsible ways and settle down to manage the vast fortune in his hands. During that time, Harry had disappeared to Hogwarts and Amsterdam. That was the reason Sirius never really saw Jordan's younger brother.

And what a brother...

Harry's long dark lashes framed his eyes perfectly giving them a very coy look. His lips were plump and red, glistening now from eating grapes. His hair teased his pale skin, the contrast suiting him perfectly well.

Sirius watched Harry closely and it was not a fatherly look although both he and James were as close as brothers.

"What do you think?"

Speak of the devil...

Sirius looked up to see his best friend's troubled gaze. "Prongs..."

James' eyes darkened with resolve. "I will not allow him to waste his future. I won't allow him to make that mistake!"

That was fine with Sirius. The dark man watched the blooming youth as he laughed at something Jack said. The sound of his laughter made his cock stir.

"I told you that I agreed to this freely, Prongs. If you think I am too old, however..."

James shook his head. "No. No. He is too stubborn. No one else will do."

Sirius smirked. His own eyes darkened with desire. "He is not hard to look at, Prongs. I am more than willing."

His best friend sighed in relieve. "Thank you."

Sirius only laughed but once James left, he went back to his favourite past time – Harry watching.


Harry felt the weight of the man's gaze on him once more and forced himself not to squirm. Ever since he returned home, his parents have been acting weirdly. They were rather jumpy and irritated. They barely glanced at him. Harry felt a rush of anger at them but quelled it. He did not want anyone trying to stop him once it was time to leave and for Jack's sake, he would be good.

However, Harry's current predicament was worse than his parents ignoring him. It was Sirius Black. Harry vaguely remembered him from his childhood but never gave that man a passing thought. Unfortunately he had a feeling that Sirius Black was giving HIM more than a passing thought. In fact, Harry had caught the man starring that him more times that he could count and that was saying something!

His gaze left Harry feeling very troubled, as though something bad was going to happen. His eyes often roamed Harry's figure making the young man even more uncomfortable.

Harry remembered the incident last week rather clearly.

He had been at the Potter Library the whole day and was finally ready to take a break. Harry was very interested in taking advanced defense and potions for his last year and had decided to read up on both during the holidays. Although Professor Snape did not pick on him as much as he picked on the other Gryffindors, he had warned Harry that he expected Harry to master the art of brewing potions so that he did not embarrass Draco. Draco had told Harry that he did not mind if Harry was pants at it but that only fuelled Harry's desire in becoming better and showing them both that he could pass potions with flying colors.

After hours in the library, he had tiredly walked back to his room when he came face to face with Sirius. His eyes widened at the sudden sight of the man but he simply nodded and muttered a good night before attempting to slip pass the tall imposing man. Sirius apparently had other ideas. Without touching him, he cornered Harry against the wall and trapped him against the wall.

Confused, Harry looked up to ask what Sirius thought he was doing when Sirius buried his head on Harry's shoulder and breathe in his scent. Harry's whole body had stiffened incredibly and he stood unnaturally still.

"What do you think you are doing, Mr. Black?"

He felt Sirius' lips curve on his neck and a shudder of revulsion cursed through him.

"I was curious about how you smelled..." he took a deep breath. "You're sweet."

"You're drunk."

Sirius laughed and that laugh frightened Harry more than anything. He tried to push Sirius away but the older man barely budged. Instead he moved much closer, intruding on Harry's private space.

"What the hell do you think you are doing! Let me go!" Harry desperately cried out, pushing against the wall of a man before him. He squirmed. He punched. He even tried to kick Sirius but nothing worked.

"Feisty, aren't you?"

"Let me go!"

Sirius finally lifted his head and deep grey eyes looked into frightened emerald orbs. With a smirk, Sirius leaned down to kiss him but Harry looked away, causing him to only brush Harry's cheek in passing. He kissed Harry's ear causing the young man to double his efforts on getting away.


Harry said nothing.

"You're mine."

Those three words caused Harry to pause and look directly into Sirius' eyes.


Sirius opened his mouth to say something when the sound of footsteps alerted them to someone's presence. Harry looked at the corridor hopefully and almost shouted in relief at the sight of his father. James' eyes widened at the sight of Harry trapped against the wall with Sirius looming over him.

"What's going on here?"

Harry opened his mouth to speak when Sirius pushed away and strode confidently towards James.

"Nothing much, Prongs! Just giving junior some tips."


"That's good. Thank you for taking care of my son, Padfoot."

"No problem, Prongs! None at all!"

Harry stared at the scene before him, confused. He knew something was wrong. Something was very very wrong.

Harry had not told anyone about what happened except for Draco. In blind panic, he wrote down his fears and tied to letter to the family owl, Jewel.

But until today, Harry never received an answer.

Harry saw Sirius watching him once more and forced himself to not flee. Soon...soon he will be free and he will run away from this house and its uncaring residents. The only one he loved and cared about was Jack and he already had her blessings for him and Draco. That was enough.

As Harry forced himself to concentrate on his sister's story, he tried to talk himself into believing that all was fine.


"Harry, honey, would you please come in here for a minute?" Lily called out to Harry who was sitting by the fireplace and reading. Harry simply looked up and nodded. Beside him, Jack was taking a nap, her dark hair splayed around on the sofa. Affectionately brushing a few strands away from her face, Harry got up, placed the book on the coffee table before him and walked up to the library. He wondered briefly what his mother could possible want from him. It was not often that she called on him.

The Potter Library had a wide array of books that Harry loved to read and explore. Ever since he returned to the manor, he had already read quite a few books that interested him. He also liked the atmosphere in the library, which was soothing and calm, with a fireplace and a few couches arranged to form a comfortable environment.

Harry nodded to his mother who stood by the door and ushered him inside. He blinked when he saw his father and Sirius sitting by the fireplace. Before he could move, he heard the decisive click that signalled the door being locked and his mother muttering a silencing spell. Harry felt his heart clench. Something warned him that he was not going to like whatever he was going to hear.

"Come in, Harry. Sit down," James said as he nodded at one of the couches. Harry nodded cautiously at sat down. He watched his mother walk over to his father and sit on the armrest of his couch. He watched as Sirius casually leaned on the couch and stare at him. Harry wished at that moment more than anything that he had a large blanket to cover his whole body. Sirius' eyes were making him very uncomfortable.

James cleared his throat and Harry turned his attention to him.

"Harry, your mother and I have been thinking of your future and we have decided to accept Sirius as your future husband."

Harry blinked. He looked at his mother and saw her smile slightly, almost hesitantly. He looked at Sirius and saw the confident look in his eyes. Harry felt as though someone had squeezed his lungs because he could not breathe.

"It is after all a tradition for arranged marriages, Harry and as we do not know if you have someone, we decided it was for your best."


Harry shot up from his seat, his emerald orbs flaming with anger. How dare they? How dare they?

"I will not marry Black!"

James' fisted his hands tightly. "You will. We have already decided."

"I do not care what you have decided, dad. I am not going to marry him. I refuse to marry him. On what do you base this ridiculous marriage proposal? On the fact that I am not taken? I am barely 17! I have time to find someone who loves me and who I can love!"

James too shot up from his seat angrily. "Someone like Malfoy, Harry? Is that who you would have chosen?"

Feeling as though he had been slapped, Harry took a step back. His eyes were wide with confusion. "You told me you thought I had no one?"

"Does it matter, Harry? Malfoy is no one. None of the Malfoys are anywhere near what we want for you as your future," Lily intervened before James and Harry could have a full out fighting match.

"I don't care what you think is best for my future! It is MY future! I decide my future. Is it all fine and dandy that you and dad get to have a sparkling romance before you marry but I can't? Draco is a wonderful man and I can never find anyone who loves me as much as he does!" Harry yelled back as he turned to get out of the room. But the door stayed shut.

"Open the door, mum."

Lily shook her head. Her own green eyes watched her son furiously. "I will not allow you to marry Malfoy's son, Harry."

James too looked determinedly at his second son. "Why won't you understand? Malfoy, Harry? The Malfoys and Potters never got along!"

"Neither did the Blacks and Potters but you two are friends, aren't you? Why can't you understand that Drake and I have a very special and meaningful relationship? Why can't you accept that I love him? I will not do as you say. You have never been there for me...not like for Jordan. Since you could not even think of my needs before, I do not need to think of yours. I have decided to marry Drake. He asked and I have agreed. I will not marry anyone else you chose, especially not Black!"

The anger in Harry's voice coupled with his own determination made Sirius smirk. That's what he wanted to know. He wanted to know just how fiery Harry truly was and if he actually had a backbone. He did. Sirius's smirk widened as he noted the flush on Harry's cheeks, the deep green of his eyes and the distracting huskiness in his voice. He was beautiful and he would be Sirius' one way or another.

Before either Lily or James could continue the shouting match, Sirius smoothly stood up. All three pairs of eyes moved to look at him.

"Prongs, Lils, why don't you let Harry and I discuss this in private. I am sure I can...convince him of the merit of marrying me," Sirius said calmly, his eyes never leaving furious green ones.

Harry shook his head. "I do not want to talk to you. There is nothing to talk about. I am not changing my mind."

Sirius simply shrugged. "If after our talk, you still wish to go to Malfoy, none of us will stop you."

James and Lily both turned fully to watch Sirius. "Padfoot?"

Sirius smiled winningly. "Trust me a little, Prongs."

James nodded and both the Potters left the room. Harry did not remove his eyes from Sirius, wary of his every movement. Sirius on the other hand looked absolutely calm and relaxed. Once James and Lily left, he lazily waved his wand to ward the room.

Neither said a word.

Once again, Harry felt uncomfortable under Sirius' scrutiny causing the older man to grin. He wondered what Sirius could possibly say to change his mind. Sirius simply sat back down and watched him.

"You know, Harry...the weather was rather nice today. It's sad you decided to stay inside and read."

Harry's fingers clenched.

"Just tell me what you want to say and be done with it."

Sirius shrugged.

"Nothing much, really...I just thought you and I could enjoy the wonderful weather."

"I am not interested."

Sirius mockingly sighed.

"Oh well...if not the weather, let's discuss your family."

"Let's not."

Sirius simply continued as though he heard nothing.

"You have a wonderful family...two boys and one girl...your sister is rather beautiful, isn't she?"

Warning bells instantly started to ring in Harry's mind.

"I have no interest in what you think of my family," Harry said quietly as he walked quickly to the library door. Something warned him to get away from Sirius.

"She is dating a Weasley, is she not?"

Harry's heart raced. Don't ask. Don't ask.

"Heard she is totally smitten by him...would be rather sad if she was asked to leave it all."

Fear lodged in Harry's throat but he did not move. He couldn't not even when Sirius rose and approached him. He couldn't move not even when Sirius turned him around and pushed him against the door, his tall imposing figure trapped Harry from escaping.

Harry's eyes unwillingly rose to meet Sirius' dark grey ones and he instantly felt trapped. He could barely breathe.

"What are you talking about?"

Sirius smirked.

"You see...I have a liking for males although I am not adverse to the delights of the female body. I have found myself quite attracted to you, Harry," Sirius said quietly as he trailed a hand lightly on Harry's cheek, watched in burning desire as Harry rejected his touch with a quick movement of his head. He chuckled darkly. "Your parents are not going to allow you to marry Malfoy. My dearest cousin would not be able to have you. I will. Haven't I told you, Harry? You are mine."

Harry shook his head.

"No. No, I am not. If I were to be someone's, I would be Draco's."

The grin of Sirius' face frightened Harry.

"I don't mind. If you want to marry Malfoy so much, go ahead. But please go after you tell Jacqueline that she will be married to me once she turns sixteen."

Harry paled. He felt as though someone had thrown a rope around his throat and pulled it tightly. His palms became damp with his sweat.

"You won't...mum and dad won't allow it."

"Really? If you marry Draco, some of the Potter properties will become yours whether you want them or not and that automatically means becoming Malfoy's. The Weasleys are a nice sort but they are poor and between marrying me, Lord Black and marrying Weasley who is no one but a joke shop owner, your parents will without doubt choose me. In the end, your dear beloved sister would be mine. And I would not mind...do you know why, Harry?" Sirius asked as he leaned closer and buried his face in Harry's thick dark hair.

"She looks like you."

Harry felt sick. So sick, he thought he might throw up. How could this...this...how could he even think?

"Will you give up Jacqueline's happiness for yours, Harry?"

He had already lost, Harry realized. He had already lost. Sirius knew what Jack meant to Harry.

"How could you? You have known her since she was born? You watched her grow!" Harry yelled as he forcefully pushed Sirius away from him. Anger fuelled his body making the taller man move a few steps behind in shock.

"How could I? As long as I get you, I don't mind playing dirty, Harry."

Harry shook his head repeatedly. "Me? What in Merlin's name do you want with me? I am no one special! No one important! Why me?"

Sirius shrugged. "Because I can. Does it matter? I want you."

"I am over twenty years younger than you!"

"Age is not a barrier."

"You are my father's best friend! My brother's godfather! A father figure to all three of us! How could you even think of us or expect me to think of you in any other manner? How sick are you?" Harry yelled.

Sirius simply shrugged. "So I am a sick old man. So what? As far as your parents are concerned better someone they know than Malfoy."

Harry could not understand. All these because he was in love with Draco?

Sirius' eyes were cold as he walked over to Harry's still form and tilted the younger man's face s that he could look into Harry's eyes. Harry shivered at the coldness he saw in Sirius' gaze.

"We are going to be married on your birthday. Then you are going to come and live with me. You are going to bear my children. I am sure the potions we need for this will be made available. You will not have any more contact with Malfoy. You will not reject my touches. You will be wholly mine. If you ever do anything that makes me angry, I will make sure Jacqueline never leads a happy life. Do you understand, Harry?"

Harry couldn't nod. He couldn't speak. He couldn't think. What Sirius wanted from him was his very essence. What Sirius demanded from him was servitude. What Sirius ordered from him was obedience. Not him. Not who he is.

And the price was Jack.

Dear sweet loving Jack who would go against their parents for Harry, who would encourage Harry's relationship with Draco, who would curl in Harry's lap and comfort him.

He would hurt Jack.

Harry knew the answer was obvious. Too obvious.

He simply closed his eyes from his jailer's view and submitted.



Harry wanted very much to pretend that he was asleep but the very idea that he would not be able to see her like this anymore made his heart ache.

"Yes, Jack."

"Can I come in?"

Harry nodded and almost slapped himself. Of course. It was dark. She would not be able to see him nod his head.

"Yes, Jack. Come in."

Jack slipped inside and locked the door. The room was pitch black, the first sign Jack had that meant that Harry was distraught. She walked over to his bed and climbed in before settling herself under the covers and in her brother's arms. Harry did not hesitate. He pulled Jack closer and hugged her tightly before tucking her into his arms in a comforting gesture.

"Sweety, what's wrong?"

"Harry, why did you agree to marry Sirius?"

Harry closed his eyes. He knew his marriage announcement to Sirius shocked Jack more than anyone else. He knew Jack had been trying to get him alone so that she could ask but he had been avoiding her. He knew she was confused and betrayed but he could not do anything.

For her, he could not do anything.

"Harry, why?"

In a few hours Harry would be married. The dark haired man wondered if he wanted his sister to know the truth.

"Don't ask me, Jack. I do not want to answer."

Jack stilled.

"They forced you, didn't they?"


"They did! What did they say that made you agree? What could they have possibly said that would make you change your mind? What Harry! What!"

"YOU!" Harry exploded as he pulled away from his trembling sister and turned away from facing her. He could feel her tense body. He could sense her fear.


Harry sat up and ran a hand through his hair, a gesture he did not realize he inherited from his father.

"You. If I did not marry Black, you would be sacrificed."

Jack shook her head furiously. Even though it was dark, Harry could imagine the way her hair flew around her.

"Mum and dad would not allow this to happen."

"Could they stop him?" Harry sighed. He turned to his sister and needing to see her, he adjusted the lamp beside him and allowed the gentle light to bathe her figure with it.

"Jack, if I do not do as he says he would make life miserable for you and I won't be able to help you. I can't risk that's, my little snapdragon. I will not take that risk."

Jack's eyes widen with that knowledge and tears dropped from her eyes.

"Oh Harry! Harry, why? Why must this happen to you? Why? For once, be selfish! Think of yourself! Don't marry Sirius for me, Har...marry Drake. Go to Drake!"

Harry smiled sadly. "I wish I could. I truly do. Perhaps mum and dad will take care of you. But if there is even the slightest chance he could ruin your life, I will be even more miserable than being married to him. I won't risk your happiness, snapdragon. You are the only person in this whole house that I actually love."

She struggled against her tears and lost the battle. Sobbing, Jack clutched Harry tightly as though he was going to disappear. She never mentioned the tears she felt falling on her face, mingling with her own.


Jack nodded against his chest.

"Tell Draco I love him and that...that I am sorry."

Jack closed her eyes in despair.

She wished she never asked her brother to return.

She wished Draco and Harry never met.

She wished she could take Harry's place the next day.

She closed her eyes tiredly, dejectedly.

"I promise."


The ceremony was not a very large one as Harry begged Sirius to keep it amongst the family. He did not want to face too many people as he walked to his jailer and bound himself. He did not want to hear people congratulating him as though he wanted this union.

Sirius did not mind. He had simply agreed to Harry's wish and invited only their closest friends and relatives. As far as he was concerned, as long as he got Harry, nothing else mattered. He preferred a small affair as well since it would mean he could retire much earlier with Harry.

He smirked at that thought. Obviously, Harry had not realized that tiny detail when they planned the wedding, which took place on Harry birthday.

No one noticed the miserable groom except Sirius and Jack. One could not be bothered, the other could not help.

As she promised, Jack tried to write to Draco but her parents had stopped all communications to ensure the wedding was uninterrupted. Jack had yelled at them, had pleaded with them, and had tried to reason with them but to no avail. In short, she stopped talking to her parents entirely. The only reason she even attended the wedding was a support to Harry, who very obviously needed her.

The wedding went on smoothly. Harry found himself bonded to Sirius in a matter of hours and watched listlessly as the small reception went on. Part of him felt as though he was standing outside his body and watching a horror movie. Whenever he had dreamed of his wedding, he had envisioned Draco beside him, holding his hand and smiling at him lovingly. He had envisioned being happy.

A fool's dream, he realized with a pang.

He looked up and caught Jack's eyes. Her eyes were bright, shining with unspoken sadness on his behalf. They had both been betrayed by their parents in a sense and while Harry was used to it, for Jack, it was something new.

Both grooms retired sooner than Harry desired. He fought the bile in his throat as Sirius held his fingers tightly, warningly and lead him to the fireplace. He gave a warning nod at Harry and watched as Harry threw a handful of floo powder and shouted the name of their destination. Once he was certain Harry had mentioned the correct name, he turned to continue talking to a few more guests. His orders to Harry had been clear.

Run, and he would find him.

Get ready, for he wanted to have him.

Try to contact anyone, and Jack would suffer.

Not once did he feel an ounce of guilt for blackmailing his new spouse. He had a goal and he would do anything to achieve it.

Harry landed in Black Manor and stumbled out of the fireplace. Sirius hated Grimmauld Place although it was his ancestral place. He only used it to conduct business affairs. He owned many properties but the most private place he owned was Black Manor.

Black Manor was a very large place and tastefully decorated compared to Grimmauld Place. Harry had never been there before and stared at it. It was huge and from what little he saw, beautiful.

"Master Harry Potter?"

Harry looked down to see a house-elf, twisting her robe nervously. He nodded his head.

"Me name is Timid and Master Black order Timid to bring Master Harry Potter to Master Black's room."

"Thank you, Timid. I would appreciate that," Harry said with a smile causing Timid to flush with pleasure.

"This way, Master Harry Potter!"

Harry barely registered his surroundings. He knew what was going to happen soon and his stomach clenched in fear. The very idea of giving himself to Sirius was too revolting to even think about especially since Harry truly loved Draco in every sense. The only reason he and Draco never took the next step in their relationship was because they wanted everything to be perfect once they bonded.

Now, Harry was going to give himself to another man, a man 20 years older than him, a man who was Jordan's godfather, a man who was his father's best friend, a man who was willing to hurt the one person Harry loved so that Harry would not rebel.

The very thought made him feel nauseous and the moment Timid disappeared leaving Harry in a large room, Harry ran to the bathroom and threw up. He did not look at the beauty of the room. He did not notice the comforts. He did not bother with the luxuries. They were nothing. A jail was a jail no matter how it looked.

He wanted to put the whole night away as much as he could but Harry knew if Sirius returned and he was not ready, the man would not hesitate to march into the bathroom. At least for one last time, Harry wanted to feel like himself.

As he closed his eyes and allowed the water to beat against his body, another pair of eyes haunted him.


Tears mingled in the stream of hot water but Harry dared not dwell. He lingered as much as he dared but finally he walked out of the shower and dried himself thoroughly. The routine of his motions soothe him.

He had not heard a sound so he did not know whether Sirius had returned. He dared not even think of the implications of Sirius returning. Instead, he dried his hair as much as he could and covered his body with a silk bathrobe, not noticing how the material clung to his figure and made it more transparent.

Harry walked out of the bathroom.


The rough voice made him jump as he turned to face Sirius who was sitting casually on the bed, naked. Harry's eyes widened from the scene and he quickly turned away, his hands clenched the bathrobe tightly.

"I thought you were going to stay in there forever, green-eyes. Even I took a bath faster than you."

Harry said nothing as he backed away from Sirius' naked form on the bed. He did not want this. He did not want this!

Sirius didn't seem to care as he eyed his young groom appreciatively.

His one order however froze Harry's blood.



Author's Note:

I was actually planning to make this a long one shot but then, I realized I wanted to expand their characters just a bit more. This might be a two or three part story. I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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