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Severed Ropes

Previously on Chained


Sirius got up and kissed Harry's head gently before he stood back. "Please give me one last chance, Harry. Please, think about it."

Harry watched wide-eyed as Sirius walked out of the room.

His eyes drew back down to the parchment in his arms and he felt as though the whole world just dropped from under him.

What the hell was he supposed to do?


Harry's pregnancy progressed normally after the initial scare. Madam Pomfrey, who was his main healer and she always came over to the manor to check up on him. In the beginning, the Hogwarts healer would come over every week until she was satisfied with both Harry and the baby's health. Then, she started coming over only on a monthly basis unless Harry requested her presence.

With Jack in Hogwarts and Harry's own relationship with his parents still painfully stagnant, Harry did not have many visitors. News of the Black heir being expected though was released to the papers and the couple had received many best wishes.

Sirius had of course delegated the responsibility of answering the letters to Harry with the help of the house elves. Harry did not mind much as it kept him occupied but as he read every letter of congratulations, he felt increasingly queasy.

Harry kept thinking back to the official parchment he kept in his dresser and Jack's advice. Jack had asked him to try now that Sirius was also putting in the effort. Before, his sister was the only one who was in his corner but now, she too has asked him to try to make something out of this bitter union.

Oh, Harry knew that Jake had said it for him. She was worried that he would live the rest of his life in unhappiness. She was worried that if Harry did not at least try, Sirius might change back to how was initially. The scare Sirius had gotten from almost losing his firstborn was enough to leash him for now.

Truthfully, considering the last conversation he had with Draco, Harry had been willing to do something about his marriage to Sirius until Sirius had pulled such a cruel stunt. Now though, Sirius had been showing a maturity Harry had not even seen before.

With his own hormones toying with his feelings, the green eyed man did not know what to do at all. He had never been someone who consciously hurt others so he did not know what he could do to save everyone the heartache.

And what about his child? Could he condemn his child to a fatherless life if his or her father was actually willing to change? As a son who was barely acknowledged in his own house, Harry knew how painful it could be. Sirius was willing to try. So shouldn't he put aside his own feelings of betrayal and work towards making something worthwhile out of this union? Could he leave his child behind?

Would it be worth it? He wondered over the issue over and over again, wishing the answer would magically appear before him but knowing that it wouldn't. To choose between his freedom and his child was agony.

Either way, Harry knew the one person he did need to forget was Draco. The last conversation had been their final one and they had parted knowing that their love was something they both could be proud of. Draco was no longer in the picture.

As Harry felt his baby kicking him lightly, he placed his hands protectively over his child.

No one else mattered now.


When Sirius had drawn up the agreement, he had done it with the thought of the green eyed beauty in his home. He had done it in hopes that he would be able to see that sweet smile and playful glint in his love's eyes once more. Harry had come along much better ever since Sirius had taken a step away from his husband. Although it had hurt, Sirius had been willing to let his little bird fly. It was no longer amusing to see him dying slowly in his cage.

He had expected Harry to jump at the chance of leaving and getting back together with Draco. Yet Harry had remained by his side. He had not signed the agreement and leave. Instead, he continued living in the manor as Sirius' spouse. The feeling of relieve was so great that Sirius did not bother to question Harry on his choice.

Sirius knew that he had to get his act together and be a better man and husband. Soon, he would be a father. He did not want his child to suspect the less than ideal situation in their home. He wanted his child to grow up in a loving environment. When he was younger, he had envied the joyful family environment in the Potter household. When James and Lily had started their own family, he loved visiting the family as the sound of laughter was so addicting.

He wanted his child to know that joy and that happiness. He wanted to see Harry with that same joy and happiness. He wanted to be able to make Harry as happy as or even happier than Draco but acting as he had been would not bring that about.

At least now, Harry was giving him a chance if only for the sake of their child. Sirius could work with that.

As Harry approached his seventh month, he decided that he wanted to know the gender of his baby. Sirius did not mind either way so Madam Pomfrey casted the spell and informed the expectant parents that they would be bring into the world a son.

It had made both of the very happy. Sirius was glad to have a male heir to pass on his family name while Harry was glad to have a son to carry the name he had chosen. Sirius had not even put up a fuss when Harry requested the right to name their son. He was just too happy that everything seemed to be working out well.

Sirius had taken Harry out often in preparation for the baby. Slowly, steadily, Harry had begun to relax around Sirius. He had started smiling in response to some of Sirius more sarcastic remarks and once or twice, Sirius had even managed to make the green eyed man laugh.

They decorated a room near theirs in soft tones of blues and greens. Sirius had brought out a cradle that was used for generations by the Blacks. Most of the decorations that the couple had used though were newly purchased. As Harry had asked for murals, Sirius had hired a professional painter to paint a magical mural in the nursery much to Harry's delight. The nursery looked wonderfully colorful with muggle and magical characters and Sirius even added a picture of the Marauders in their animal forms.

As his pregnancy progressed, Harry consciously made an effort not to alienate his husband. It was not an easy move on his part as months of being Sirius' husband had put his body in a flight or fight mode. However, keeping Jack's words in mind, Harry forced himself to open up a little around Sirius. He could see that his husband was trying hard to make amends and while he was happy about it, a small part of him kept wondering when it would end.

With both of them trying hard to adjust to a new change in their relationship, the months simply flew by. Cautious of Harry's feelings for his family, it took Sirius awhile before asking Harry's permission to invite his parents and siblings over.

While Harry would like very much to deny his husband, he knew that Jack had been given permission to come over during the weekend and he would really like to see his sister. In the end, he agreed as he knew that logically he would not be able to keep his family away for long.

James and Lily were very careful around Harry while Jordan had gained more confidence around his brother. Harry had greeted his parents coolly with just enough inflection in his voice to be polite but not enough to be warm and accepting. Though the older couple were unhappy with his stubbornness, there was nothing they could do about it. As it was, they did not want to be banned from seeing the baby once the child was born. As their first and oldest grandchild, James and Lily were very excited with the news but Harry kept his parents at an arm's distance. It was hard enough trying to get along with Sirius that he did not need the stress of his parents on top of it.

Jordan was easy enough to be around as his older brother was happy with just casual greetings. Jack though practically pasted herself against her brother and started chatting a mile a minute about the baby and the preparations the parents were making. Harry had finally laughed and dragged his sister to the nursery with Jordan following lazily behind.

"So how are things between the two of you, Sirius?" Lily asked concernedly as the trio disappeared upstairs. Sirius poured her a glass of wine before passing a glass if firewhiskey to James.

"We have been getting along much better. He has not come to the point of being affectionate but at least I don't have to worry about his feelings towards the baby," Sirius replied with a soft smile. His eyes twinkled slightly thinking of the amount of progress he had made with his flighty husband since the beginning of his pregnancy.

"Well, children do help to bring parents together. I just hope he thaws a little towards us. That was just short of glacial," James murmured as he toyed with the glass in his hands. He deeply regretted ignoring his second son but Harry was just so easy to overlook. It probably didn't help that his father took more interest Harry as the boy grew up.

"You never cared before, Prongs."

"Yeah? And look at how that turned out," James muttered in irritation. Lily squeezed his hands causing the messy haired man to smile distractedly at his wife before looking at his best friend. "Well, as long as Harry is happy, I guess. This is a really great development, Padfoot. Everything else will just take time."

Sirius grinned but did not reply as he took a sip of his drink. He doubted James would ever like Slytherins much especially with how close Lily used to be with Snape as well. Sirius knew that to James as long as Harry was happy with him and not Malfoy, it was fine.

Huh, talk about coming around in a circle.

James and Lily with Snape.

Him and Harry with Malfoy.

Sirius leaned back lazily. He was prepared for the long haul and he would make sure his marriage lasts as long as James and Lily's.


Two months later, and two weeks earlier than he was due, baby Orion Sirius Black was insistent to join the world.

Madam Pomfrey was happy to bring the new baby into the world and she was pleased to see how happy Harry looked as he accepted his baby. Drugged high with numbing potions, Harry struggled to make his limbs cooperate but when he finally managed to hold his son, everything just seemed to fade away.

Orion was a beautiful baby. He had pale baby skin, a patch of messy dark hair and the most adorable nose. Harry knew then and there that no matter what happened, he could never relinquish the precious bundle in his arms.

His fresh and blood.

His little love.

When Sirius walked in, Harry looked up to see his husband hesitating a little at the doorway. For once, looking at how awkward Sirius acted around him in order not to alarm Harry, the green eyed man found himself smiling in welcome.

"Come and look, Sirius. Look at our son," Harry whispered with a smile, his eyes locked once more with the tiny figure in his arms.

Sirius walked in and leaned over his husband to take a good look at his son.

"He is gorgeous," he said softly with an excited grin causing his young spouse to grin back at him.

"He is, isn't he?"

The new parents looked at the tiny figure before Harry moved to place Orion in his father's arms. Sirius carefully carried his son and heir and a feeling of utmost accomplishment filled his heart.

As he held his son and looked at the beautiful smile on Harry's face, he knew he had already won one battle.


Sirius Black watched as Harry greeted everyone he had invited for a Christmas party at their manor. Harry had not extended an invitation to anyone but he knew almost everyone who was invited. The green eyed man looked positively ravishing in a deep green robe with golden trims. In his arms, he held his son, who was dressed in a white robe. Harry looked positively radiant and Sirius could not believe this was the man he had married a year ago.

Watching Harry socialize, Sirius knew that now it simply a matter of time to make fall in love with him. And he had a lot of time by his side. As a thought occurred to him, Sirius walked away from the party to a room secluded away from the others. He opened the door to look at the room he designed once in obsession over Harry Potter.

Now that he had his husband in his arms, Sirius knew this room was no longer necessary. If he wanted to make a new start with Harry, he had to be willing to let go of the past.


The quiet pop was all that announced the presence of his house elf.

"Master Black sir!"

"Timid, after the party tonight, I want you to get rid of everything in this room and make sure Harry never finds out about it, understand?" Sirius ordered sternly. If Harry ever found this room, any progress he made with his husband would probably disappear. This room would remind Harry of Sirius' obsession of him, which Sirius had seriously toned down over the months.

The house elf nodded furiously. "Timid understands, Master Black sir!"

"Good. Now go and help with the party."

Timid nodded and disappeared.

Sirius took one final look around the room before closing and locking it securely.

This was one door of his past that he was locking behind him. As Sirius walked back to the party and saw Harry's laughter as he wrapped his arms around his sister, Sirius hoped that the door that had been opened a little to him will open to the most beautiful room he ever entered.


The sound of music and laughter rang around the manor. Harry could hear his parents' voices as they cooed over their grandson. He could hear the voices of theirs and Sirius' friends. Everyone was celebrating in full swing. The last view Harry had before he escaped upstairs for a few minutes of peace and quiet was the sight of Sirius cuddling his son against his chest and proudly displaying the child to their guests.

Harry closed the door of their room and walked over to the balcony. Outside, the sky was clear and the stars were scattered around. It was a beautiful sight and the slender man spent a few minutes thinking of nothing but the beauty of nature. Then he turned around and walked over to his dresser. He opened the compartment to dig deep under until he found the envelope he kept less than a year ago.

The parchment with the agreement Sirius had written up looked as crisp and neat as the day Sirius passed it to him. Harry brushed his hands down the parchment and smiled thoughtfully.

Everything seemed to be going great for now but the future will always be an unknown. There was no reason to get rid of such a precious ticket to freedom. One day he might need this little treasure. Until that day, the agreement would remain hidden under a wide range of protective magic in his dresser.

Harry slipped the agreement back in and walked out of his room and into the sound of laughter.


Draco sipped his cup of tea as he looked out of his balcony and into the starry sky. The weather was just cool enough to be comfortable and the noise level was just loud enough to be a background noise.

A year ago, Draco had walked into the maze with his ex-lover. Harry had begged him to promise that he would lead a happy and full life. While Draco would have loved to run away with Harry, that choice was taken away when Harry admitted to being pregnant. The news was a blow to Draco's heart but he knew that Harry was tied firmly to Sirius' side due to the baby.

Once, when they were together and dreaming of a married life, Draco had admitted he had already thought of a name for their son. As Blacks had a habit of naming their children after the constellations, Draco was especially taken with the name held by the head of the Black family. Harry had pouted playfully then but he had extracted a promise that he could name their daughter instead. Draco had laughed and agreed and they had fun coming up with names as they cuddled together in an empty classroom.

The hoot of an owl pulled Draco away from his memories. A very familiar owl landed near him and he took the letter it held and paid the owl before it flew away. Draco recognized the familiar handwriting and wondered what Jack would want with him.

Dear Draco,

I just wanted to tell you that Harry gave birth to a beautiful baby boy with lovely grey eyes and messy black hair. He is very adorable. Harry had names him Orion Sirius Black, which Sirius readily approved.

This will be my final letter. Take care.

Your friend,



Nacrissa Malfoy paused at the doorway as she heard her son laughing loudly from the balcony. He was in hysterics and Nacrissa wondered if she should be worried.

Ah well, as long as he was fine, she need not worry.

After all, this was the first time in a year she had heard his pure laughter.


Author's Note:

Finally! I have finally completed one ending for Chained. This is the more hopeful ending that I have written. It is also promising in long term for Sirius and Harry. I just could not imagine Harry falling head over heels over Sirius in just a few months. He is still getting over everything that has happened so he is just more cautiously hopeful for a happier future.

I hope this ending does not feel too rushed. I only planned until the birth of Orion. Hopefully this will also have covered any unanswered questions.

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