Full Summary: A misguided bet goes a little too far and Jacob finds himself with a leading role in a series of pornographic films directed towards gay men, there's only one problem…he's straight. He's straight and harboring a heated obsession with his devastatingly sexy co-star. But when feelings start to develop and the lust starts to evolve into something more…he finds himself struggling between what's real and what's make believe.

I sat there in my car, blatantly ignoring my best friend's girl and whatever she was saying, and stared up at the front of the house we're supposed to be going into for this audition. I asked myself, for what had to be the hundredth time since we'd left the campus, what I was really doing here.

It wasn't like I was gay and I didn't need the money the job was offering (provided I got the part), it wasn't like I didn't have a way out of this ill conceived bet. In fact, Emmett and Rosalie had provided me with every out they could imagine. And, despite all that, here I was…about to audition for a gay porno.

I wanted to say I was here because of pride; after all, I had never backed down after losing a bet. No matter how unsavory the consequences were, I always pulled through. This time was no different. I wasn't going to give up because it was too hard or just flat out weird, that and…there was a small part of me (one I wasn't ready to admit to) that was a little curious.

I was straight. I was almost ninety nine percent sure I was straight. But then that one percent sank in as I closed my eyes and remembered that movie. That bet. My down fall. I could see his pale skin glistening in the sunlight as his thick, hard co-

"Jacob! Are you even listening to me?"

I blinked and looked over at her, offering her a sheepish grin because, no I wasn't listening to her, but I wasn't going to tell her that. "Uh, sure?" I replied, hoping she'd just accept it and continuing going on about whatever it was she was talking about.

She suddenly heaved a great, annoyed sigh and internally I cringed because I knew I was about to get one hell of a tongue lashing or, at the very least, a lecture. "Are you having second thoughts?" I looked away at that, looking back up at the house, watching as random people walked in and out of the front door. I should be getting out soon, I figured. "Because, you know, you don't have to do this. Emmett and I both told you that. He won't hold it against you, hell; he couldn't do it if he had lost. The bet was stupid, and-"

"I said I'd do it," I replied, almost snappishly, cutting her off before she succeeded in talking me out of it. I had already decided I would go through with it, but I couldn't even tell myself why I was so adamant about going through with this. "You know I'm a man of my word, Rose." I pretended I didn't notice how my voice shook or how deep it had become. Even the thought of him affected me; I couldn't ignore what he did to me when a woman couldn't even arouse me like he could.

When Rosalie didn't reply, I looked back at her. She always had something to say, but all I saw was her sad, yet curious gaze. I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Don't give me that look," I said flatly, undoing my seatbelt before yanking the keys out of the ignition.

"There's something you're not telling me," she accused and it made my hand still on the door handle. I knew she was right. She knew she was right. But I wasn't ready to tell her that yet. I pulled on the handle and it gave way, I pushed open my door and stepped out, hearing her do the same.

I had always been attracted to girls. I've dated girls, had sex with girls. It was good. It was arousing. But nothing, no one, had ever struck me like he had. I couldn't get his face out of my head! It scared me. Terrified me. I wanted him like I had never wanted a woman before. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why. I couldn't figure out what was so special, what was so different about him.

My thoughts about him…were almost obsessive I had to have him. I had to get this part. This chance to be with him even though it'd be recorded for others to see, it had to be mine. The need was so strong that my body nearly shook with it, though I was sure Rosalie saw it as fear as she laid a comforting hand on my shoulder.

She didn't try to talk me out of it anymore. She was quiet as we walked up to the door, her hand having slid down my shoulder, along my arm, clasping it as her other reached out to open the door. "You'll be great," she murmured softly before she pushed open the door and we entered the house.

"I've got more for you, Alice."

The said woman looked up from her desk and the stack of applications she was already going through. She had thought she was nearly finished with them and could finally move on to the interviewing process. Apparently she had miscalculated somewhere. "Thanks, Leah, just set them with the others," Alice replied, motioning towards the small stack of papers to the left of her before she looked up at the tan skinned intern. "I didn't expect this sort of turn out."

A soft snort of laughter left Leah's lips as she walked into the room and set the applications down on top of the pile. "Didn't expect this sort of turn out?" She asked curiously. Leah had only been interning for the past few months, but she had already been to enough auditions to know that this turn-out exceeded expectations as far as applicants went.

Alice shook her head, sighing softly as she looked up at the woman. "Not at all," she replied before looking back down at the papers, reaching for the first on the stack. "Even though it was announced on the website as a public audition, I didn't think we'd have this sort of crowd. I guess we had more fans in this area than I originally thought," she said as she looked through the first, heaving a bored sigh before pushing it into the refuse pile.

They had a lot of people showing up for the audition, but no one had caught her eye yet. There wasn't anyone interesting and she knew that Edward liked interesting people. "For such a great turn-out, you would think there'd be at least one guy we could use…" she muttered under her breath, rushing through one application, about to pass it to the refuse pile as well, but then the reason for auditioning caught her eye.

lost a bet…

She arched a perfectly groomed eyebrow before reading over it more fully, and then she chuckled softly, flipping through the application to read this applicant's credentials even though she only paid attention to what really counted: never acted, well-built, 9 inches cut, and…straight?

"What in the hell is a straight guy doing auditioning for a gay porn?" Alice asked out loud, looking up at Leah who chuckled softly in reply as she shrugged. Alice looked back at the application, turning to the very last page where a snap shot was attached. "At least he's hot…" she muttered as she looked at the picture and then she handed the application to Leah. "That's one in a hundred and twenty-eight applicants. Go ahead and call him back for the interview. I'll talk to him while I'm going through the rest."

"No problem," Leah replied as she took the application and left the room to fetch this man, she glanced at the paper for his name, this Jacob Black.

The application was a lot easier to fill out than I would've expected for this line of work, not that I had any idea of what to expect. You'd think they'd only be interested in how you looked, how big your cock was, and if you were clean. The application, however, was a lot more thorough than most normal jobs.

Sitting here in the waiting room, I realized I wished I had taken more time filling it out. I hated waiting. I hated feeling the anticipation and the tension. It was making me nauseous, but I had no relief. The sign on the door was clear; All applicants are to wait until they are either asked for an interview or told to go home and so far, no one was called in the back and no one was told to go home.

It seemed like things were gridlocked. Though I couldn't figure out why. I just wanted it to be over, as I'm sure a lot of the guys in the room did. Probably not for the same reasons as me, the longer I sat there, the longer I had to talk myself out of this.

"Would you stop fidgeting?" Rosalie hissed under her breath to my right and, I'll admit, I did try to stop. But it just wasn't that easy. My nerves were shot and constant movement just helped to relieve the stress.

I sighed and tried to remain still. It lasted for all of five seconds before my foot started jiggling again, only this time it was accompanied by Rosalie's groan. "I knew I should've brought some Xanax," she muttered underneath her breath as the door opened and a tall, thin but shapely woman stepped out.

"Jacob Black?"

I didn't answer right away. I was too shocked at the sound of my name as the other men in the room started looking round, trying to see who's face the name belonged too. I yelped when I felt a sharp nudge in my right side. "That's you! Go, stupid!" Rosalie said, practically pushing me out of the chair.

I numbly rose to my feet, feeling an uneasy prickle slide up my spine as every eye in the room turned to me. I ignored the rising whispers in the room as I approached the woman that called my name. "Me, that's me…" I said softly as her eyes fell to me, taking in my appearance, sizing me up and checking me out before she beckoned me to follow her through the door with a crook of her finger.

"Follow me, please," she said without bothering to look over her shoulder to see if I was following, she obviously expected me too as I stepped through the door, closing it out of habit behind me.

She led me to another room, but this one just had a single woman in it, not that it eased my nerves any as she motioned for me to enter the room. She didn't follow, however, she closed the door behind me and then I was alone with this other woman.

"You must be Jacob, please have a seat."

This woman was small, nearly disappearing behind her huge desk, and she was pale. Much paler than what I was used to seeing, but it seemed natural on her. She also had short, jet black hair styled into a messy pixie cut. "I'm Alice and I'll be conducting the first part of your interview," she said as she motioned to the chair in front of her desk, which I took almost immediately after she was finished speaking.

"I'm assuming this is the first time you've done anything like this, huh?" Alice asked, as though she could sense my nervousness as I fidgeted in the seat, my hands folded in my lap as I nodded in reply. "It's alright to be a little nervous, especially when it's your first time having sex on camera. So, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?"

I didn't answer right away, I was having trouble accepting the fact that this woman worked in the porn industry. She didn't look like the type. "Well, I'm Jacob Black…I'm twenty-two and I go to the college in town. I'm majoring in automotive repair and minoring in liberal arts."

She nodded slowly, but didn't look satisfied as though she didn't want those sorts of answers for her question. She didn't say anything though as she looked down at a stack of papers, passing paper after paper over to the side. "It said in your application that you're here because you lost a bet, care to explain that?" Alice asked, glancing up at me as she set another paper (they were applications, I suddenly realized with a start) aside.

My face grew hot and I prayed I wasn't blushing as I looked away from her, sheepishly rubbing the back of my neck. "Well…" I started softly, slowly. "My best friend's girlfriend likes these sort of movies and I couldn't figure out how she got him to watch them with her, so I asked…"


"How in the hell can you watch two guys fucking?" Jacob asked, confusion laced in his voice, his arms crossed over his chest as he looked over at his best friend. "How does she get you to watch them? Are you, like, bisexual or something?"

Emmett snorted in laughter at that and tore his attention away from the football game. "Dude, I'm not into guys, but you show me one man who doesn't get a woody from watching a blow job. It doesn't matter who's doing it, just the fact that it's happening."

"I wouldn't get a hard on," Jacob replied confidently…


"…and Emmett took that as a challenge," I explained softly, shrugging. "So when Rosalie came over that night, she broke out one of her DVDs and popped one in."

For the record, I really thought I wouldn't be affected by the movie. I was positive I was straight and only into girls up until the point. I thought I had it in the bag, but that was before I saw him. When I saw him, it was like my sexual orientation began and ended with him. As I've said before, no one ever affected me like watching him did.

"I don't even remember the name of the movie, but the minute it came on and I saw him…" My voice drifted off. I couldn't speak. I couldn't get past the memory of that movie and him

"Him? Who's him?" Alice asked curiously as she tilted her head to the side, and really, I don't think she had any idea of how difficult this was for me. Rosalie didn't even know the real reason why I was here. My being here went so much deeper than my pride.



He knew he had lost the bet when he couldn't tear his eyes away from the screen and nothing remotely sexual had even happened yet. A man had just walked in the frame, but that was what caught his attention. This man…was unlike anyone he had ever seen before. He was tall and slim, but built with a quiet strength that had Jacob's heart jumping in his chest.

This man, Edward as he was called in the film, had such expressive eyes. They were a dark, dark green that sparkled with lust and desire. That alone was enough to make his cock twitch in interest and then Edward took his shirt off.

By the time Edward was giving head to his co-star, Jacob was already harder than he had ever been in his life. So hard that he had to excuse himself and escape to his bedroom where his hand and fantasies of Edward brought him to the most intense orgasm of his life.

He lay across his bed, staring at the ceiling with cum splattered across his chest as he struggled to catch his breath. He felt like he had just fucked the entire cheerleading squad and that was the result of one gay porn he didn't even finish watching. One gay porn and one unbelievably beautiful man.

"Wow…" Alice said softly, her eyes wide. "Intense." She pushed a hand through her hair as she watched the young man for a moment. There was something about him. Something vulnerable and innocent, but she could see a passion in him. A passion that would mesh so well with Edward. He'd appreciate it, she knew he would.

She hadn't even finished looking through the applications, but Alice didn't think she needed to, she was already positive there wasn't another man to be found quite like Jacob Black. And he being a straight man who had never had sex with another man before…that was such a delicious catch for the company.

"Intense?" Jacob repeated the word with a tone of wonder in his voice before he snorted softly in laughter, shaking his head slowly before he looked away from her. She wasn't sure, but she was almost positive there was something more to Jacob. Something just beneath the surface he wasn't saying…something that could possibly stop the show before it even started.

He was straight. His application had said as much. But he had admitted to an attraction to another man, but not just any other man. Edward. Their top grossing star. The attraction, however, seemed to extend a little further beyond than what Alice was accustomed to seeing.

This wasn't lust. This was something bordering on obsession. This was something with an explosive tendency that would either be amazing or disastrous. It was a risk. A huge risk.

But, Alice wasn't afraid of a little risk…

"I like you, Jacob, and frankly speaking I think you'd be great in the movie," Alice said softly, firmly, watching as Jacob turned back to her with a wide-eyed, shocked gaze. "But before I okay you for the next phase of the interview I've got to make sure you're here for you and not because of this bet."

Silence followed her question and, for a moment, she thought it was a lost cause. She was sure she had lost him and that he really was only here for the bet, but them his dark brown eyes became determined. It was like a fire was lit inside of him. He confidently met her gaze and said, "I've been given every out I could possibly be given." His voice was soft, but oh-so passionate. It was easy to believe his words. "And yet, here I am."

Alice let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding as her lips curled into a grin, she nodded in understanding. "Alright, then!" She replied, clapping her hands together. "I'll need your ID card, birth certificate, social security card, and the test results from your doctor so I can make copies to send to our human resources office and, while I'm doing that, I'll let you meet your costar!"

"Who is he?"

The woman paused, looking at Jacob for a moment to see if he was being serious, and she saw that he was. He was completely serious. Alice was shocked. To say the least. He must not have seen the audition ad on the website, because it clearly stated that Ed…

Alice smiled broadly as she gathered the applications to her chest. "You'll see," she replied simply, sweetly as Jacob hesitantly moved to pull the asked documentation out of his pocket, handing them to her. She wasn't doing this to be cruel. She wasn't even doing this out of curiosity; she wasn't that sort of person…

Well, maybe she was, but really Alice wasn't sure how Jacob would react if he knew he was to be working with Edward. She didn't know if that'd make him more nervous…or just explode into a pile of Jacob flavored goo. So, better safe than sorry, and…maybe, she was just the tiniest bit curious because she was that sort of person ninety percent of the time.

"Just wait right here and I'll send him in," Alice added as she took Jacob's papers before she started towards the door, hardly able to keep the excited grin off of her face as she stepped out of the room and immediately motioned Leah over. "Quick! Go find Edward and tell him I've got a possible actor for this next flick!" She said in a hushed voice, though her excitement shown through. "Tell him to go to my office. I'll meet him there! Go, go, quick!"

Leah looked confused, but didn't question Alice; the long haired girl nodded and then started off down the hall after Edward as Alice hurried to drop off Jacob's application and personal information.


Alice was hardly gone for ten minutes by the time she made it back to her office, she grinned upon seeing her elder brother leaning against the wall next to the closed door, waiting for her. "I was told you weren't in there by that intern of yours…"

"I had to take something to Esme," Alice replied in a hushed tone. "Have you gone in yet?" She asked, nodding towards the door next to Edward. "He's in there, you know. I think he's perfect, but as always, the final choice rests with you."

Edward nodded in understanding as he pushed himself away from the wall. "Have you found anyone else?" He asked curiously, slightly confused as well because normally Alice arranged the meetings once she had gone through all the applicants. "You haven't sent me any head shots or anything."

Alice shook her head, heaving a great sigh. "There wasn't anyone else, no one interesting. I know you like interesting people. Jacob's interesting. I really thing you'd like him if you'd just go in there to talk to him," she pointed out, nodding towards the door.

"I plan on going in there, but I'm just trying to understand why he's the only one you've brought me all day. Normally you bring me at least ten pictures, Alice. Are you losing your touch?" Edward teased as Alice's eyes narrowed, he chuckled at her softly. "Kidding, Allie, just kidding. I'll meet with him and let you know what I think. Just give me a few moments."

The woman nodded. "That's fine. I wanted to go see Jasper anyway…oh! Don't you look at me like that! I'll smack you! I swear, Edward!" Alice replied shaking her finger at Edward as the elder man started laughing.

Edward held up his hands in his defense. "Hey, hey, I was just teasing. I'm your big brother, I'm supposed to pay attention to the men you're interested in. I know Jasper's a good man, but I'm still going to give him a hard time. It's my job," he replied, giving his sister a meaningful look.

"Right," Alice replied, though her voice was thick with disbelief that Edward made no move to discredit. "You just go in there and do the job you're being paid to do."

A single eyebrow arched as Edward's lips curved into a smirk. "Oh? You want me to fuck him too?" He replied, nodding towards the door before he chuckled and held off his sister's slaps. "Alright, alright, I get it Alice! I'll leave his virtue intact!"

The younger woman heaved a sigh, gave her brother a glare, she turned and her heel and left him to it. He shook his head as he watched her leave before he turned to her door, finally reaching out and twisting the knob open.

My nerves were on edge, I knew this to be a fact because I jumped with a start when I heard the door open. I felt my cheeks flush in shame at how easily I was caught off guard as I turned in my seat. I expected to see Alice and the man who I'd be in the porn with, but instead my mouth dried and my throat tightened at the sight of who actually walked through the door.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I couldn't even stop my mouth from dropping in pure shock, and apparently he found that amusing if the smirk on his face was any indication. I wanted to say something, anything, but my ability to speak had left me.

"You must be Jacob?"

I could only dumbly nod in reply, at which he chuckled at. At least I could still manage a scowl, though it didn't last long as he approached me. "I'm Edward, but I'm willing to bet that you already know that."

I blinked as he came to lean on the edge of Alice's desk, looking right at me as I frowned in thought. He had said bet as though he had already been briefed on my reasoning for being here, which wasn't at all surprising. That was Alice's job, wasn't it? I'm sure she wouldn't send him in here without, at least, telling him who he was meeting.

I swallowed by nerves and boldly met his gaze. "I know who you are," I replied, his smirk widening at my answer as his arms crossed over his chest. He didn't say anything, however, and I wasn't sure why. His eyes were moving again and I recognized the look. He was checking me out, which I supposed, was only to be expected.

I didn't even bother to check him out, God knows I have seen every inch of that hot body in varying states of undress in the movies Rosalie had. But to see it in person, even clothed…

…I didn't realize it, but my eyes were already straying down his form. The man was sex on legs, but what was worse was that he full and well knew it. And he knew how to use it.

"You're cute."

I flushed again and my eyes automatically narrowed. I hated being called cute, which apparently he picked up pretty damn quickly, chuckling softly. "Don't like to be called cute? That's alright, sexy suits you as well, especially when you glare at me like that."

"Do you flirt with everyone you first meet?" I snap, almost immediately after he was finished speaking, resisting the urge to groan in frustration as he started to chuckle again. I don't know what he found so funny about this situation, because I sure as hell wasn't seeing it.

He didn't answer; instead he leaned closer to me. Getting right up into my personal space by perching his hands on the armrests of my chair, just inches from my elbows. My eyes widened and his smirk grew. He was doing this on purpose and, what's worse, he knew it was working. "Only the cute ones," Edward replied, using that word I so despised to describe me again, though I didn't rise to the bait. That didn't seem to stop him, though, he leaned even closer.

I could feel his exhaling breath against my ear before he spoke again, his voice just barely above a whisper. "Do I make you nervous, Jacob?" I would've thought my answer would've been obvious to him, but then I realized he was teasing me. I felt his lips move against my skin and, I swear, I choked on a gasp.

Maybe he wasn't teasing me, maybe he was just seducing me. Whatever it was, he was doing a damned good job at it. I couldn't think straight, I couldn't form the words to stop him, but then again…I didn't want to stop him. He had been on my mind for the past week and that wasn't something I could ignore…

he wasn't something I could ignore. Not when he was nibbling at my earlobe, drawing out sounds I didn't want to admit I was making. The sounds that I was ashamed of seemed to excite him. His biting became a little harder as his lips moved from my ear to my neck, and I swear I heard him growl, but I couldn't tell. I couldn't hear anything over the blood pounding in my ears.

I wasn't sure I wanted to. Hearing meant thinking, and thinking meant a chance to talk myself out of this. And that was the last thing I wanted at this point and something told me that Edward knew that, because he didn't stop.


The man that had been waiting for him was, in a word, striking. He was beautiful with a penchant of being sexy without even realizing it and that, in Edward's opinion, could be dangerous. Edward liked a little danger.

He wanted him. He wanted Jacob like he had never wanted anyone before. He wanted to own him, possess him. He wanted to hear the man screaming his name until he could not speak anymore.

That's what pushed him into closing the distance between them. That's what made him touch him, kiss him and that was what made his hand press against the bulge in the man's pants.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Edward purred against Jacob's throat, his lips curling into a smirk as he teased the obvious erection that tented the other man's pants. "Is that all for me?"

Jacob opened his mouth to answer, but no sound came out. Edward's smirk widened as he moved away from the younger's neck. He gave him an amused look, arching his eyebrow in a teasing fashion. He saw Jacob's eyes darken and narrow, the look sending a shock of arousal through him.

"Do you molest all of your interviewees…or just the cute ones?" Jacob asked, his glare not letting up any, but Edward could see the lust behind the stare and that's what spurred on his answer.

Without missing a beat Edward simply, but efficiently replied, "No, just the sexy ones." He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Jacob's before the man had a chance to even think up a reply. For a moment the younger didn't move, in fact Edward thought he was about to be pushed away, but then Jacob broke through his nerves and returned the kiss with a vigor.

Jacob's lips moved so naturally against his own, they opened easily at his beckoning and Edward took immediate advantage. He mapped every inch of the man's mouth, drawing out his taste and flavor, and he found himself wanting to taste more.

He broke the kiss, noticing how heavily Jacob was breathing, glad he had that effect on the younger man as he continued rubbing his cock through his pants. "Let me help you with this?" Edward asked softly, his eyes boring into Jacob's, every bit as intense as the other man's as he waited for an answer.


My mind was going a thousand miles a minute, in every direction as I held Edward's gaze with the answer on the tip of my tongue. I was surprised at how badly I wanted him to continue, I had never wanted something so badly. I was surprised because acting like this, getting this intimate with someone I had just met, wasn't me. But I wanted it.

I tried to speak, I opened my mouth to talk, but I couldn't find the words. They had just left my mind. His hand slowed and I panicked, I think he realized it because his hand became over enthusiastic against my throbbing cock. I wanted more. I needed more by this point. I had already changed more than I had thought possible in this past week, what was a little more change if it got me what I wanted.

Words were lost to me, it was useless to attempt to speak when I couldn't even focus long enough to string two words together. I did the only thing I could, I arched into his hand, rubbing myself against him. All the while hoping he was smart enough to take a hint.

I chewed on my lower lip as my eyes fluttered at the delicious, building friction between his hand and my still clothed cock. It felt so good that a whimper escaped my throat with no notice from me.

The sound tumbled out of my mouth, rolling off of my tongue and into his ear. He didn't tease me anymore; he didn't ask what I wanted. He knew! He made quick work of my pants, undoing them before his hand slipped in. My heart was pounding against my chest in nervousness, excitement, and terror. Complete and utter terror as his fingers wrapped around my erection.

He bit his bottom lip after licking it, I watched, entranced by those lips. I wanted them around my cock, I wanted to see them stretch and spread as he sucked me. I let out a sound, a whimper, and his eyes flickered back to mine. "What? What is it?" He asked softly as he pulled my cock from my pants.

I tried to speak again, I tried to tell him what I wanted, that I wanted him to suck me dry! I wanted to cum with his lips wrapped around me; with his tongue teasing the slit on the head, but the words just wouldn't fucking come!

"Well?" Edward asked as he started to stroke my erection, slowly and firmly, but it wasn't enough to bring me off and I think he realized that. "Tell me, Jacob, I know you want to say something. What is it? I won't finish until you speak."

I clenched my eyes closed and let out a shaky breath as I struggled with my ability to speak, and then finally, as though a dam had broken, the words came spilling out. "Suck me," I growled, watching as Edward's eyes darkened. "Suck me until I cum."


Edward didn't need to be told again. He was more than happy to comply. Smirking broadly he sank to his knees in front of Jacob. "As you wish," he replied softly, simply as he tugged the zipper further down before pulling Jacob's cock out fully.

The elder man took a moment to admire the organ, stroking it slowly as he got his fill. It was a little larger than average, but its length wouldn't be a problem from him to deep throat. He had had enough practice to be able to take on just about anything costars decided to throw at him.

He watched, entranced, as a pearl of cum beaded at the tip of Jacob's cock and, unable to help himself, Edward leaned forward to swipe it away with his tongue. The taste was bitter, but it was a taste he was used to. One he didn't mind so much anymore, not when it provoked such delicious reactions in the people he was sucking off.

Jacob's eyes fluttered and a surprised gasp left his throat as he bucked his hips up. Edward smiled, watching the younger man as his tongue flicked across his head for a second time. "So expressive," he murmured before pressing a kiss to the head of Jacob's cock. Then he parted his lips and took the man's head into his mouth.

Initially he focused his efforts on Jacob's head, but soon the man was bucking and arching into his mouth, obviously needing to feel more. However, it wasn't until he felt fingers curl in his hair that he preceded to take more of Jacob's length into his mouth. He closed his eyes, completely relishing the weight of the cock against his tongue as he listened to Jacob's sounds of pleasure.

Edward realized that those sounds alone could very well get him off, or at the very least arouse him to near insanity. He wanted to hear more of those sounds, he wanted to hear Jacob lose control and scream his name. That's when he started deep throating, relaxing his throat muscles and taking in every inch that he could as he held Jacob's hips down so he wouldn't choke.

"Fuck, Edward!"

Edward's body shivered at that as his cock throbbed in his pants, making him redouble his efforts. He wanted the younger man to cum. He wanted to swallow his bitter seed and then fuck him stupid.


Everything within me screamed at me to hold on a little longer, to ride this pleasure for just a few more moments, but I could feel it building. I could feel it start to crest. I felt my body start to shake and, God, I tried to warn him. I pulled and tugged at his hair, but that only seemed to make him work harder. And, then, God I saw white lights burst behind my eyes.

I cried out. I cried out his name as he swallowed my cum. I was still dazed…dazed and confused as he left my cock and looked up at me. I could see his hazy smirk and, I swear, he said something, but I didn't catch it. He didn't seem too bothered. In fact he leaned up and pressed his lips against mine.

He forced opened my mouth with his tongue and then I tasted myself. You'd think it'd be nasty…to taste your own bodily fluids on someone else's tongue, but I think it was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. He continued to kiss me until I had come down from this sexually induced high.

Then he pulled away from me, our gazes met and I saw something strange flicker across his eyes before he stood up. "Get yourself back to rights while I go find Alice to tell her I want you for the movie." And then, as though he hadn't even been there, he was gone.

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