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This story is a G1 version of my SOTM story with themes from it as well.


"You know, this just isn't good enough." The yellow mech announced out of the blue to the entire mess hall, who barely gave him any acknowledgement.

"You've finally realized the pointlessness of our existence?" Dead End questoned in his dourly tones.

"What? Pit no!" Drag Strip shook his helm. "While I may already be great, I want to be better!" he exclaimed clenching a fist.

"What made you think that?" Wildrider asked, actually looking interested.

Satisfied that he'd gotten at least one of his teammates attention, Drag Strip continued. "When that yellow-haired fleshy-the one with the cool-looking bow-said that he, the other yellow-haired fleshy, and femme fleshy, were all demi-gods, I got curious. So I looked up what he was talking about, and guess what I found out?"

"What?" Wildrider asked leaning forward eagerly, and even his other teammates were looking interested know.

Drag Strip felt a smug grin stretch across his face plate. "I found the answer to my problem. Those Greeks have deities and personifications for most things." his optics moved to Dead End. "Like sorrows and griefs." his optics moved to Wildrider. "Or like impulse and energy." his optics landed on Motormaster. "Or ruthlessness and unforgiveness." his optics moved to breakdown. "And even worry and anxiety. The one I want is glory and good repute."

"How exactly do you intend to get 'glory'?" Dead End questioned.

"That yellow squishy knew alot, so he must know a way to call her." Drag Strip replied.

"Wait, her?" Breakdown inquired.

"Yeah. The personification of glory and good repute is a female spirit." Drag Strip explained. "And I"m gonna get that squishy to call her." he finished off his energon cube and sauntered back to their quarters.

"What are you doing in my quarters?" The maroon porsche questioned as he saw his yellow teammate looking through all his wax and polishes.

"I'm going to polish myself up." Drag Strip replied.

"There's no reason to, you're only going to see that yellow fleshling." Dead End said. "And he may not even bother to help you."

Drag Strip paused and looked over his shoulder at Dead End. "Oh? And what makes you so sure of that?"

"He doesn't help the Autobots, so why would he help you?" Dead End countered.

"That's exactly why! He said on the feed that those cassettes had that the only reason he was telling them anything was because of those other two squishies with him." Drag Strip explained. "Besides, once he sees my glorious self, he'll be happy to help me."


Purple optics widened in disbelief at the yellow-haired, yellow-eyed(with silver flecks in them) teenager wearing a green camouflage shirt, black baggy pants, brown fur-lined hiking boots, and a polished brown and gold pelt(which was very cool-looking he had to admit) around his waist with a gray pouch attached to it.

"What do you mean no?"

The blond scowled at him looking irritated. "I don't help the Autobots, so why would I help you?"

'Whoa. He said exactly what Dead End said.' Drag Strip thought. "Because we both hate the Autobots?" he guessed. Rad's scowl deepened. 'Wrong answer. Okay, lets see; what would it take to get this kid to help me.'

"You could say please."

Drag Strip's optics shutter-blinked at the suddedn voice. "What did you say Fleshy?"

Rad's expression went from irritated to just plain angry. "I said, you could say please. You're just like the Autobots! Always demanding on how to call on a deity." he ranted. "I refuse them though because they never take into consideration about how they might feel about being called for something so trivial!"

Drag Strip blinked at the information. "You mean the Autoscraps came to you? And you said no?" Rad nodded curtly. "Will you please help me?" No one would ever know just how much it hurt his pride to actually say that.

Rad's face lost some of it's harshness. "If I agree to help you, will you promise me something?"

Drag Strip raised an optic ridge. "Like what?"

"You have to promise to always say please and thank you to the respective being. Got it?" Rad said solemnly.

"I can do that." Drag Strip replied seeing that if he did this one little favor that the blonde would help him.

Rad slid his back pack off his shoulders and looked up at the yellow mech. "Did you have a specific being in mind-er, processor?"

"Glory and good repute." Drag Strip replied.

Rad raised a brow this time, but shrugged. "Sure thing."

The Decepticons found out about Rad being a demi-god because the cassettes happened to tape the scene from the original SOTM story that this story is taken from as the scene Drag Strip descibed was when Rad had explained to the Autobots and Sam about the situation.