This has become the "More Often Than I Should" trilogy. Look out for the last fic "You Were Always The One"

"I had sex." She declared. Her Watcher blinked, looking at her with wide eyes. "With Riley." She clarified.

They were alone in his flat, drinking tea. Now, keeping track of a Slayer's sex life was not something, strictly speaking, that was in the Watcher's handbook. It wasn't something he needed to keep track of. However, the man before her seemed to know her love life better (and was part of it, mind you) than he cared to admit at any given time. He cleared his throat and set down his teacup.

"I'm sorry. Did I suddenly become 25 years younger and a female? Because those are the only circumstances under which I think that information might remotely be my business."

She rolled her eyes in response, setting her own cup aside. "Do you ever think about it?" she asked him softly.

He was puzzled.

The longer time stretched on between them the more painfully obvious it was that she wasn't going to give him any further clues. The moment his mind found what she was referring to it occurred to him that he should have thought of that right off – there was no other answer. She was talking about the night they had sex…now nearly two years past. On the altar of a temple in the attempt to summon a god and in the midst of Angelus' reign of terror the two of them connected in a physical way he thought about too many times since for his own good.

"I do." He admitted softly. "More often than I should."

She didn't know what to say about that and he cleared his throat. He wasn't the type to fuss much with his hands or fidget in his chair uncomfortably and yet he wanted to. He knew very much what he meant by the statement but he didn't want her to take it the wrong way.

"It's not what you think, Buffy. I wish there had been some other way. One of your memories shouldn't include ritualistic sex with your Watcher while you were underage. Even if it was when you were seventeen and to save your friend…" he sighed. "I wish there had been another way."

That wasn't what he meant but he thought it's what she wanted to hear. The truth of the matter was that he did wish the circumstances were different but for them both. He wished she'd been older, and they had both come to it for a different reason. Before that night he'd never thought of making love to Buffy before. It was simply unheard of. He wasn't in love with her but since it had happened he wished the circumstances had been different. He wished the memory would stop haunting him.

"Oh." She looked crestfallen. He paused.

"Unless it meant…" he quickly backpedaled

"No! It's. It's fine."

"Right. I'm an ass."

"No!" she protested again. "You were right. What you said to me, all of it. You were right."

"I was?"

"Yeah. You told me I still had something to give and that Angel – Angelus couldn't take that from me. Riley loves me, Giles. I feel safe with him. We had sex and nothing's gone wrong. He was still there in the morning."

"Oh, well, very good. I'm happy for you, Buffy."

Yes, quite happy. Bravo, Rupert! You've become a footnote in her sexual history in directly the same capacity you hold for her now…mentor and old guy extraordinaire. Not at all creepy, is it? Bloody wanker. How could you imagine it meant more than that to her? She was young and vulnerable and obviously it didn't mean as much to her as it did to him. The Britishman could have kicked himself for his folly.

Buffy sighed and got up from her chair. "I should go. Riley and I are going patrolling."

"Oh, yes, of course."

He let her out of the door and leaned on it when she stepped through. He felt outdated – useless. He placed a hand on the flat of the door. "Stupid old man." He gritted out. "She doesn't need you."

On the other side of the door Buffy pressed herself against it and tried to imagine the previous conversation going the way she'd intended. She slid her hand up the dark wood and brought it to rest above her. Little did she know but for the wood their hands would be meeting. So would their bodies.

"Giles, I need you." she whimpered.