"I thought you said you were gonna be home for dinner tonight. You know how long they put you on hold for delivery?"

"I know, but I'm swamped with invoices and I want everything in order before we go on vacation." Wade explained to his wife.

"Can't you have Wilhelmina handle that, she does everything else for you." Maryse complained.

"That wouldn't be fair to her. Billie has a l-life too, ya know." Wade reasoned.

"Coulda fooled me…"

"I've told you not to speak about Billie that way." He chastised. It agitated him like no other when she talked bad about his secretary.

"Whatever. Will you at least try to make it home for dinner?"

"I'll try m- my best."

"Bye, Wade."

"Bye, sweet." Wade hung up the phone on his desk and threw his head back. He looked back up when he heard a soft knock at his office door.

"Hey, can I come in?" Wilhelmina smiled as she peeked her head around the door frame.

"Ahem, of course Billie. Everything alright?" Wade asked.

"Yeah, everything's fine. I was gonna go grab some dinner down the street, did you want anything?"

"A blt from that bistro, you know how I like it." He said.

"No mayonnaise, easy on the bacon." She memorized.

"Perfect." Wade smiled.

"What about Veronica, she want anything?" Billie asked. Wade scoffed in surprise at the question.

"What are you talking about, what's Veronica have to do with-"

"A burger, please?" The little blonde said as she lifted her head up from behind Wade's big oak desk. Wade shrugged when he and Billie's eyes met.

"Sure thing." Billie shook her head in amusement before she walked to the door.

"Hang on, I'll get it." Wade reached for his wallet.

"That's ok, you two…finish. I'll be back in a bit." She laughed as she closed the door behind her.

"Thank you." Veronica said, pushing some of her hair away from her face. "I like her. She's nice."

" She's the best. Now get back down there and make that tennis bracelet worth every damn penny."

A/N: I've been toying with this idea for a few weeks now. I'm going to post two unrelated one shots in the next week or so (like I did before) and whichever one has the most feedback I'll turn into a chaptered fic. Enjoy and stay tuned.