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Sesshomaru's thoughts

Rin's thoughts

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"Breath Lady Rin BREATH!"

Rin gasped one last time before she pushed down.

"Alright my Lady one last time!"

Rikka's voice encouraged her to push one last time.

Rin collapsed on the bed, she was absolutely exhausted.

She heard a growl coming from the door. Rin remembered now why her mate was forced out of the room. It was because Rikka had to place her head near an area the Sesshomaru did not want her near. The Lord of the West was forced out of his chambers and by the sounds of it; he was coming close to destroying the door if he wasn't let in soon.

"Relax my son Rin is well."

Lady Inukimi stayed with Rin thru the seven weeks of pregnancy. Although currently she was trying to calm her son down.

If Rin weren't so tired she would have giggled.

Rin looked over at Rikka; she held a crying bundle in her arms.

"Ye two may enter now."

Sesshomaru rushed into the room and ran to Rin's side. His mother however remained graceful as she walked to Rikka and took the crying baby out of her arms.

"What is it mother?" Rin asked Lady Inukimi. She was worried that Inukimi showed no emotion while holding her child.

"It is a boy." She smiled finally at the baby in her arms.

Sesshomaru beamed.

I have a son!

Rin smiled at her mate before she grabbed her stomach.

"RIKKA!" Rin screamed as her breathing became heavy again.

"Again child?"

Rin watched the wolf demon slowly walk over to her previous spot between Rin's legs.

Why is she so calm?

Rin gave her mate a nervous look before her body forced her to push.

"Rin push again child!"

Sesshomaru growled as he dug his claws into his palm.

His blood dripped onto the floor until he saw Rikka pull a baby from Rin.

Rikka rushed over to the table and began to clean off the baby.

All of this going on and neither one of the parents had seen their children.

The first baby stopped crying and stilled in his grandmother's arms.

"Sesshomaru? What is going on? What's wrong?"

Rin's was crying as she asked her questions. It had been a few minutes and she still hadn't heard her second child cry. And now her first born son was silent as well.

"Breath little one breath…" Inukimi began to chant silently only loud enough for Sesshomaru to hear.

The air in the room was still until finally a cry came from Rikka's direction.

"He is well Rin, they both are." Sesshomaru rushed to her side and kissed her on the forehead.

"Rikka what is it?" Rin asked

"Another boy my Lady. You have given birth to twin sons."

Sesshomaru kissed Rin's cheeks and licked away her tears before he walked over to his mother.

When he got to her he looked down on his first born son and smiled. He was perfect in his eyes. He took the baby from his mother's arms and walked over to Rin. He knelt beside her; he was now low enough for Rin to look on what her hard work gave her.

She gasped as she looked at her son.

He was beautiful. His white hair came down to meet the points of his ears. He had a single magenta strip on his cheeks, wrists, hips and ankles. He had a crescent moon like his father. Rin beamed as he opened his eyes and looked at her. His honey colored eyes were a perfect mixture between her eyes and Sesshomaru's. Rin took her son into her arms and smiled up at her mate.

"How cute!"

Sesshomaru shot a glare at his mother. He had never heard her utter those words in his life.

He walked over to her and once again she placed his son in his arms. He looked down on his second born son.

"Indeed…" He blushed as that word left his mouth. He meant for it to remain in his head.

He walked over to Rin. She was eager to see what her mate and mother were talking about.

When she finally saw she squealed silently.

Her second son held the same markings as Sesshomaru; he even had his mokomoko where his brother did not. His mokomoko wrapped itself around Sesshomaru's hand. Their second son opened his eyes and looked at his mother. They were golden with a hint of red on the outside. Suddenly Sesshomaru moved the blanket that covered his son's head and braced his ears for an excited squeal coming from Rin. However to his surprise she was silent. She merely started to cry as she watched her second son's ears twitch from the top of his head.

He placed his second son in the only free arm Rin had. He watched as she darted back and forth looking at her sons. She was crying but she had a large smile on her face.

This Sesshomaru will never understand human emotions.

"What is it you wish to call them mate?"

"Taro and Mamoru."

"Great Son and Protector?" Inukimi asked.

"It is perfectly fitting don't you think?" Rin looked up at Sesshomaru.

"It is indeed mate."

Rin looked down at her two sons who were busy looking at each other.

"Rikka tell Jaken to inform the neighboring lands that Lord Sesshomaru's human mate bore him two strong, healthy boys." Rikka ran off to find Jaken so he can begin his journey.

Sesshomaru looked at his mother. He had never seen this expression on her face before…

"If you will excuse this one. The days excitement has tired me a great deal."

Sesshomaru nodded as he walked his mother to the door his chambers.

"Are you in need of anything Rin?"

Rin smiled at him and nodded. "Yes I am in need of something mate."

He looked at her and he walked back to her.

She gave him an innocent smile as he got close to her side.

"I am in need of a kiss from my mate."

He gave her an approving growl before he leaned down over his children to give his mate a passionate kiss.

He wanted to deepen the kiss however his sons started to cry.

"It would appear our sons are hungry mate."

Rin nodded as she pulled both of her sons to her breasts. Both sucked hungrily making Rin beam a glow of motherhood.

"Taro, Mamoru slow down…" Rin whispered. As if they understood her both of her pups slowed their sucking. Soon after both stopped and Rin took that as her cue to cover up again.

Rin smiled up at her mate before he kissed her again.

"Lord Sesshomaru…Lady Rin…"

"Enter Jaken"

Jaken entered slowly and looked at Rin and the two pups in her arms and smiled.

"What is it Jaken?" Sesshomaru's voice grew a little annoyed due to Jaken's staring.

"The Lord of the South is already here Mi Lord. He wishes to congratulate you and Lady Rin on giving birth to the new Sons' of the West."

Rin smiled at Sesshomaru again. She couldn't stop this feeling of happiness. The seven weeks of waiting and pain were all worth it for this moment.

She now can hold her pups in her arms and breathe them in.

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