I was originally going to make this a oneshot, but I decided to make it longer, and more intense. There will be babies, cheating, lying, and of course, HOT MAN SEX WITH BYAKUYA AND KENPACHI! WHOOO! I don't know how popular this pairing is, but I like it, so I'm going to write about it.

Summary: Kenpachi is dating Ichigo, who gets himself pregnant for their aniversary. This is about their relationship [or lack there-of as the story progresses] and what finally happens in the end, between Ichigo, Kenpachi, Renji, and Byakuya.

Pairing[s]: [This chapter] ByakuyaxKenpachi. Slight IchigoxKenpachi.

Rating: M [This chapter] Language. Sexual Situations.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned every single one of those HOT men, but I don't. I don't own anything. :(


Chapter 1

"Harder." A monotonous voice interrupted the silence of the dark room, and the floorboards creaked, as the Eleventh Squad captain sped up, gripping the noble's hips tightly in order to pound into the smaller body more easily. "Is that all?" Byakuya asked in a bored tone.

A grunt was the only response, as the larger captain thrust even harder. "How's that grumpy?" Kenpachi groaned, and leaned forward to kiss Byakuya's lips.

"For someone so large, I thought you would be able to go harder."

"I could stop right now if you want."

"You wouldn't."

"Oh really?" Kenpachi stopped moving, and pulled of out his partner, sitting back, and crossed his legs.

"Zaraki." The noble said in an irritated voice.

"If I'm so bad, maybe you should just do it yourself." Kenpachi grabbed Byakuya's arm, and pulled the smaller body against his. He lifted it up, and allowed his cock to be swallowed by the tight heat of the noble.

"I will do that then."

"Whatever Kuchiki." Zaraki grumbled, before Byakuya grabbed the large man's usually spiky hair, and pulled his head down to kiss him. Byakuya began moving up and down, and dug his face into the other's shoulder as his prostate was rubbed against roughly. "There you go." Kenpachi growled in pleasure, leaning back to allow the noble riding him, to have complete control.

"Quit staring." Byakuya said, also leaning back, and placed his hands on Kenpachi's knees.

"I can't even see anything."

"I still know you're doing it."

"Yeah yeah whatever." Zaraki turned his head to the side in obedience, but kept his uncovered eye focused on the noble's moving body, just barely visible in the blackness.

"Release it." Byakuya ordered. Kenpachi reached up, and ripped his eye patch away, letting his reiatsu burst out of him, and into the room. The pressure pushed Byakuya backwards onto the floor, and he moaned as his own reiatsu mixed with the other captain's. "Do it as hard as you possibly can." The noble moaned again, as he lowered his rieatsu, and allowed Kenpachi's uncontrolled power to push down on him.

"Don't gotta ask me twice." Zaraki said. "Turn over onto your stomach." Byakuya complied, pulling off of his partner, and laid face-down on the large futon bed. He felt the larger body push down on him, before he was entered roughly. Kenpachi began moving quickly, and jerked his hips with each thrust, making the two's skin slap together loudly.

"You're hurting me." The noble growled, causing Zaraki to change angles, rubbing against the other's bundle of nerves again. Byakuya moaned at the feeling of the rieatsu and larger man pushing down on him, as well as the fact that his prostate was now being constantly stimulated. "Harder." He moaned again, and Kenpachi sped up, slamming his hips against Byakuya's ass, making the noble grip the sheets, and raise his hips to meet Kenpachi's rough thrusts. "Keep going like that." He ordered.

"Fuck, you're tight." Kenpachi grunted, leaning his head down to sink his teeth into Byakuya's neck.

"Harder." The noble groaned, this time referring to the other's teeth. Kenpachi growled, before biting down harder, letting blood flow into his mouth, and down Byakuya's neck. The sensation of the warm liquid on his skin, made the noble's much neglected cock twitch. He lifted himself as much as he could, before he grabbed Kenpachi's wrist. The larger captain sat back enough to only need one hand for support, and allowed the noble to move the hand connected to the gripped wrist to his cock. "Touch me." Byakuya ordered, before he felt Kenpachi turn over, pulling the smaller man with him so that the noble was riding him, but they were facing away from each other. Zaraki's hand wrapped around his partner's cock, and pumped it roughly, while Byakuya bounced up and down on Kenpachi's much larger organ. He leaned backwards, pressing his hands against the larger man's chest.

"Are you gonna come soon?" Kenpachi thrust up into the noble's tight hole, and ran a hand up the smaller's back until he found the long black hair. He pulled it hard, making Byakuya growl and moan, as his head fell backwards, and his back arched.

"Just shut up, and keep going." The noble said, and scratched at Kenpachi's already scarred skin, as he felt his climax quickly approaching. The hand around his cock moved faster, and his hair was pulled harder, until Byakuya was practically lying against the other captain's chest. "Pull it harder." He moaned as his hand reached behind him to yank at Kenpachi's hair, earning a deep growl from the other.

"Fuck." They both groaned as the new and awkward position caused Zaraki's cock to pop out of the noble's tight hole. Kenpachi released Byakuya's hair, and was going to re-place himself within the smaller, but Byakuya sat up, moving his body backwards as he leaned forward, sucking Kenpachi's huge organ into his mouth.

"Yeah, suck it good and hard." Zaraki smiled, as the noble began bobbing his head, and twirled his tongue around the enormous cock. The larger man licked two of his fingers, then slapped Byakuya's ass, before inserting the fingers, and moving them quickly, being sure to find the noble's prostate. His other hand continued pumping, making Byakuya arch back, and moan, until Kenpachi felt a hot liquid on his stomach and crotch. "About fuckin' time." He smiled, and could feel Byakuya's tongue on his skin, as the noble licked up his own fluid.

"Stand." Byakuya said after a minute, as he moved off the larger man, and turned around on his knees, while Kenpachi obeyed the order. The noble allowed Zaraki to push his cock back into his mouth, and sat still as the large organ was thrust in and out of it.

"Oh fuuuck." Kenpachi groaned, and gripped Byakuya's hair once again, as he moved faster.

"If only you could have done it this good inside of me." Byakuya taunted, licking the underside of Kenpachi's cock, before moving to his balls.

"We could go again." The large man smiled, but the noble only bit down in response, earning a hard yank of his hair, that left Kenpachi's hands full of the black strands.

"Just like that." Byakuya said, and began sucking again.

"Oh shiit." Kenpachi yelled, as the noble deep-throated him, and thrust into the mouth one last time, before Byakuya's orifice was filled with the hot, white fluid. He swallowed, licking his lips, and stood up, looking up at Kenpachi. "Damn, that was good." The larger man smiled down at the other, and went to reach for him, but the body disappeared. "Huh?" Kenpachi cocked his head, and stared around the dark room, but nothing could be seen.

... ... ...

The captain shot up in his bed, sweating, panting, and sticky in between his legs. He heard breathing next to him, and looked over at his lover, before rustling the orange hair.

"Hey." Ichigo said groggily, as he turned over to look at the larger man. The teen's leg moved, and he could feel the captain's hard-on, as well as the sticky mess. "Dreaming about me?"

Kenpachi scratched his head for a minute, feeling completely confused, before he looked down at the boy, and smiled. "Yeah." He lied, kissing Ichigo's forehead, before laying back down, and wondering why he ever had such a dream with Byakuya Kuchiki in it.

So how was it? I tried to start right off the bat with sex, just to keep people interested, instead of having it only in the last chapter, like some of my other stories. *cough* Do You Really Love Me *cough*. Well, the MAIN sex wasn't until the last chapter. And in this one, it will be in the first chapter, as well as the last.

BTW: I tried to make it somewhat funny that, even in Kenpachi's dreams, Byakuya is still rude to him.

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