Summary: Kenpachi is dating Ichigo, who gets himself pregnant for their aniversary. This is about their relationship [or lack there-of as the story progresses] and what finally happens in the end, between Ichigo, Kenpachi, Renji, and Byakuya.

Pairing[s]: [This chapter] ByakuyaxKenpachi.

Rating: M [This chapter] T. Smexy Men Kissing.

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Chapter 11

Byakuya finished drying his body off with his towel, before dressing in his nighttime kimono, and releasing his hair from the Kenseikan, deciding to just let his black locks air-dry. Kenpachi was sitting on the bedroom floor, and leaned back against the wall as the noble exited his bathroom.

"I was hopin' you'd come back out with nothin' on." The larger Captain smiled, pulling Byakuya down into his lap.

"Would you like something dry to change into?" Byakuya asked, ignoring his new lover's comment, and ran his fingers over Kenpachi's soaked hakama.

"Nah, I'll be fine. I'm sure it'll all be off soon anyway."

"At least take these off." The noble said, pulling at the wet haori and kosode.

"Fine." The two pulled the clothing off, throwing them in different directions. Byakuya smiled at the sight of Kenpachi's exposed chest, before leaning forward to kiss at the skin. "Hey, I'm up here." Kenpachi growled playfully, grabbing Byakuya's chin and tilting it up.

"I apologize." The noble smiled back, his hand grabbing onto his lover's forearm, before the two kissed. Their tongues touched and twisted, and Kenpachi chuckled against Byakuya's lips, as the noble's clothed erection rubbed against his bare stomach. He guided the smaller's arms to wrap around his neck, then the pale legs did the same around his waist, and he carefully stood, walking to the bed. He fell to his knees, before leaning forward and placing Byakuya on the silk bed sheets. He began to untie the noble's obi, but the door suddenly slid open, and Yachiru jumped into the room.

"Byaka! Kenny!" She yelled, jumping into Byakuya's lap, after the man had sat back up on his knees.

"How did you get so wet?" Byakuya asked, rubbing the girl's hair.

"I wanted to come see you and Kenny, so I ran from outside."

"You went through the garden instead of the house to get here?"

Yachiru nodded shyly, her finger in her mouth, making Byakuya chuckle.

"I guess we all got wet then." He said, and carefully removed the girl's uniform, before wrapping her up in a blanket. "You could've caught a cold if you had stayed in your wet clothes for too long."

Kenpachi laughed at Byakuya's newly developed caring nature for Yachiru, and kissed the noble's temple. "I don't think Ichigo was the only one to become a 'mother' today."

Byakuya scowled over at his new lover. "I didn't become a 'mother', I'm just worrying about her health."

Yachiru blinked a few times as she processed what her long time friend had said, before looking over at him. "Hey Kenny, where's Ichi and the baby?"

The two Captain's exchanged a glance, before Byakuya smiled back down at the pink-head. "They're still in Squad Four. Captain Unohana has to make sure they're healthy before releasing them."

"The baby wasn't Kenny's, was it?" Yachiru asked softly, fiddling with the sheet she was wrapped in.

"Where would you hear something like that?"

"Baldy told me the baby belonged to Pineapple-head, not Kenny."

"Hm." Byakuya sighed, patting down the pink hair that had begun to dry. "Well, he was right."

"So… I'm not gonna be a big sister?"

"No, I'm afraid not."

"Oh." Yachiru pouted sadly, before he had an idea, and her face lit up. "I know!" She said. "Byaka can have a baby! I want a little sister!"

The noble's eyes grew wide. "No, that's not going to happen."

"Aw, why not? I want a sister!"

"You can play with Rukia."

"No! She's too old! She's like a aunty! I want a little sister!"

"You realize that if I had a child, it may very well be male."

"Then keep having babies until it's a girl!"

"How many children do you think I'm willing to have?"

"Lots and lots!"

Kenpachi laughed at the two. "Okay Yachiru. Quit buggin' him."


"Don't worry Zaraki. She's not bothering me." Byakuya chuckled. "Hm… why don't we go to bed now? It's growing late."

"Can I stay in here?" The pink-head asked.

"Why not?" The noble smiled, making Kenpachi growl. If Yachiru was with them, that meant no sex, and he was really horny at the moment.

"Zaraki, are you joining us?" Byakuya asked, as he laid the girl down in his bed.

"I guess." Kenpachi said, and got in the bed on one side of Yachiru, while Byakuya was on her other side. The larger Captain wrapped his arm around the other two, pulling them close, before he pecked the noble's lips.

"I'm sorry." Byakuya whispered over Yachiru's head.

"Whatever. Another time." Kenpachi sighed. "I'm not goin' anywhere."

"Nor am I." Byakuya smiled at his lover, before they kissed one more time.

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