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Danny slowly opened his eyes and found Sam M. staring at him worriedly, "Sam?" Danny said.

"Danny!" Sam M. yelled happily, "Guys, he's up!"

Suddenly, Danny heard he didn't know how many pairs of feet run up the stairs (I don't feel like counting). Danny looked around and found that he was in Fenton Works in his room, "Danny!" voice yelled in relief.

Danny turned and saw Spencer, Carly, Ms. Benson, Freddie and Sam P. holding hands, Shelby, Mr. Lancer, Maddie, Jack, Jazz and Tucker, "Guys?" Danny said and sat up slowly.

Maddie ran over and hugged her son, "Are you okay Danny?" Maddie asked.

"Yeah," Danny said, "I'm fine."

"Well this certainly explains your failing grades," Mr. Lancer said.

Danny and Sam M. nodded, "The only reason Tucker's grades stayed up is because he wanted to go on dates with Jazz instead of help Danny and I fight ghosts," Sam M. said.

Tucker blushed and laughed nervously. Danny and Sam M. shook their heads, "I'm sorry for not telling you," Danny said, "But now you know why. I wanted to keep ghosts like Dan away from you. Speaking of Dan where is he?"

"With Clockwork," Jazz said, "I took the speeder and returned him."

Danny sighed with relief, "Thanks," Danny said.

"I still can't believe my little sister was fighting ghosts this whole time," Spencer said.

"Spencer it was only a couple of weeks," Carly said.

"Still," Spencer said.

"I have to admit that was extremely dangerous," Ms. Benson said, "But kind of fun."

"I like your new mom," Sam P. said to Freddie.

Freddie smirked, "Of course you do," Freddie said.

"So are Danny and Sam staying here?" Shelby asked.

Everyone turned to Maddie and Jack, "Well…" Maddie said, "Sam's parents aren't very happy about Sam fighting ghosts."

"Of course they aren't," Sam M. said.

"But," Jack said getting everyone's attention, "They are pleased that Sam is friends with Danny Phantom so they said as long as Danny protects Sam she can do whatever she wants with Danny, minus a few things."

Sam M. smiled and hugged Danny tight making Danny laugh followed by everyone else, "Danny and Sam with stay in San Francisco for school and come back home for vacations and breaks," Kim said.

"But, unfortunately, I attract ghosts wherever I am," Danny said, "And you can't stop them all when they come out of the portal. I know Carly, Sam, and Freddie will help us, but our grades will just fall like they did here."

Sam M. nodded, "I may be able to help with that," Mr. Lancer said, "I've been offered a job as vice principal at your school so I can make sure your grades stay up by holding after school sessions with you kids so you can learn what you've missed while fighting a ghost."

Danny smiled, "This could work," Danny said, "Thanks guys."

"This could've started a lot sooner if you told us earlier," Maddie said.

Everyone laughed and Carly, Spencer, Sam P., Freddie, Ms. Benson, Shelby, Kim, Danny, and Sam M. all left for home.

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