The screen is a microcosm of leaf, crystal drops of precipitation, a stone, emerald green moss. Distant birds can be heard along with other sounds that are prevalent in the forest. Their sound seems to reverberate as if in a cavern. A piece of sunlight refracts within the drops of water, paints a patch of moss yellow. The whisper of wind is joined by another sound that mixes with it. A distant rustling is heard. It gets closer and louder. Its shallow breathing can now be heard; it gets ominous. Something is coming.

SUDDENLY: A moccasined foot rockets past disturbing the once tranquil piece of forest.

Part of the Indian's face can be seen as he is running hard. His head covered with long raven hair, some of which is kept back by braids and leather ties. He seems tall and muscular as he runs through the forest; Keeping his breathing even. A flash of his arms can be seen, which one his holding a flintlock musket. Sweat on the man's brown skin. A teal calico shirt is gathered at the waist with a wampum belt of small white beads over a breechcloth. He wears leggings to protect his legs. A long-handled tomahawk is stuffed in his belt. This man will be revealed as Uncas.


Massive war club is held in the hand of another running man; he's heavier, older. A snake is tattooed over his left eyebrow. His hair is similar to that of Uncas but more dried and not as long. On his chest is the tattoo of green bear claws. This man is Chingachgook, known to the French as the Great Snake, because "he knows the winding ways of men's nature and he can strike a sudden, deathly blow." As he runs, he disturbs no leaves, no branches, making no sound. He's running parallel to Uncas through the cathedral of the forest, which is heavily canopied.

Shafts of light illuminate motes of dust and turn leaves emerald where the sun breaks through. These men run over the forest streams, over boulders, fallen trees and down into ravines as if they own them.


Long black wavy hair is all you can see rocketing through trees. His torn buckskin shirt is tied at the waist with a wampum belt holding a tomahawk and a large knife. A long rifle in which is carved the name "Killdeer" is in his right fist. Indian tattooing on his chest, but it cannot be made out. His name is Nathaniel Poe. He's a few years older than Uncas. The frontiersmen and the Iroquois and Delaware-speaking tribes know him as Hawkeye. Sweat stains his shirt. He flashes through the tree branches disturbing nothing; making no sound.

Hawkeye's POV:

A piece of tan, two hundred and fifty yards away, a few square inches buried in the foliage. Suddenly Hawkeye stops, Killdeer's at his shoulder, Hawkeye's thumb cocks the lock holding the piece of flint: click.

Uncas stops dead, holding out his hand ... no sound. Chingachgook slips through young trees and stops, shouldering his smoothbore musket. Is this an ambush?


He focuses through the gun sight, five feet and fourteen pounds of rifle is elevated a half inch and shifted left, off target. It's a precise, smooth movement. No human quiver. Killdeer's trigger is held tighter…the cock holding the flint hits the iron file of the frizzen, shooting sparks into the pan of priming powder which flashes and…tan, the huge elk, leaps at the sound. Killdeer's muzzle cracks like lightning. An Elk leaps where the .59 caliber round was programmed to intercept him on the moment of impact…

The three men approach the fallen elk and each other. Hawkeye steps aside for Chingachgook. Chingachgook's massive war club is flat and angles to one side with a stabbing blade. Hawkeye is his stepson and stepbrother to Uncas. The two younger men treat Chingachgook with an easy deference and affection.

Hawkeye's dialectic of two cultures: In his coloration and worldliness he's more the Anglo-Saxon frontiersman. In his independent views and candid manner and in his combat skills and woodsman-ship, he's more native American (Mohican). As Chingachgook takes out his long knife and they approach the fallen elk…


(low Mohican; sub-titled)

We're sorry to kill you, Brother.

Forgive us. I do honor to your courage and

speed and strength.


John Cameron sits at the table talking to Captain Jack Winthrop, an American wearing worn quasi military gear. On a rough table in the tiny cabin Alexandria, John's wife, is roasting a meal in a stone fireplace. The two children can be heard in the background playing. Dogs start to bark; they pick it up and Cameron and Jack are suddenly on alert, reaching for their weapons.


Cameron appears warily in the doorway, musket in hand searching for what the dogs were barking at…


(at the fence)

Halloo! John Cameron!

Doorway: Cameron towards the interior …


Alexandria! Set three more places.

(turns toward the fence)

How is Chingachgook, then?

Behind him, emerging from the dark trees are Hawkeye, Uncas, cradling flint locks, blankets and packs over their shoulders, leading a mule laden with skins and the elk carcass. Crossing the split rail fence ...


The Master of Life is good. Another year pass ...

How is it with you, John?


Gettin' along. Yes, it is.

(He says warmly to Chingachgook)



Hello John. Cleared another quarter, I see.


(shakes hands with Uncas)

Yes, I did.

James Cameron tears past his father & runs full bore. Just before he's going to collide into Uncas, he leaps into the air and Uncas snatches him with one hand and swings him up onto his shoulders. The kid screams with delight and rides back towards the cabin that way. Alexandria comes to the door and warmly greets them.


It feels as if these people have known each other for a while as they get settled in.


If Uncas is with you, that means he has not

found a woman and started a family yet.

At the same time the little girl plays with Uncas and holds on to his neck. Uncas brings her to his side and lets her set next to him.


(He also wants Uncas to find

a woman to start his life with)

Your eyes are too sharp, Alexandria Cameron.

They see into my heart.

Uncas knows that it is about time to settle down, but he hasn't found a woman that he feels he would want to settle down with. Maybe when they reach the Delawares he will find a woman. All Indians had originated from the Delawares of old, but the tribes are all different Ottawa, Huron, etc. However, as being on of the last Mohican, the other being his father, it's now up to Uncas to find a woman there and continue the Mohican line. Not wanting to think of it anymore he started to change the subject…


Your farm good to you this year, John?


It was a good year for corn.


Mohawk field we saw was 5 mile long on

the river. Chief Joseph Brandt's field.


You take much fur?


(as he picks up James and

sits him on his knee)

That we did. John. But the horicane

is near trapped out.


Tradin' your skins in Castleton?


No, Schylerville. With the Dutch for silver.

French & English want to buy with wampum

& brandy.

Pause, then ...


So what is it, Jack? What brings you up here?


A French & Indian army out of Fort Carillon's

heading south to war against the English. I'm

here to raise this county's militia to aid the

British defense.


Folks here goin' to join in that fight?


We'll see in the morning ...


Fathers of England & France, both, take more

land, furs, than they need. They're cold & full

of greed ...


Few'd deny that? Where you headin'?


Trap over the fall and winter among the

Delawares in Can-tuck-ee.

So Uncas can find a woman and make Mohican

children so our father will leave my brother

& me in peace.

(handing James to Uncas)

Alexandria laughs; as well as Hawkeye & Chingachgook.


A son like me?

Uncas grabs James & rests him on his knee as he starts to tickle him.


No. You are too strong. Turn me old

too fast!


That's what he's doin' to his mama ...

She ruffles his hair and lifts the heavy iron pot off the tibbet. Uncas goes to help her, she shrugs his hand away and carries it to the table herself. The men gather around. There's pan-baked bread, a dish of salt, and the pot has venison and yellow cornmeal in a kind of stew. Everyone waits. James continues to laugh as he gets up and then goes to sit on his fathers lap. Chingachgook watches warmly at the sight before him. Of his two sons and the family they have come to be welcomed in.

They begin eating in merriment while the little girl falls asleep on Uncas' lap, the rest of them

talk merrily of the frontier and of crops to be expected….