There's a knock on the door and Heyward enters. Cora is gathering linen to make bandages for Mr. Phelps as Alice lays on her father's bed in the fetal position.


Cora ... I wanted to talk to you, but I'll

come back another time ...

Alice looks at the two of them and rises out of the bed slowly.


Alice ...


Talk to Duncan, Cora ... I must manage ...

I cannot be an invalid schoolgirl.


for door)

I'll see if Mr.. Phelps needs anything ...

She leaves.


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ...

(looking back at Cora he starts)

Cora, I adore you and, when we come together,

we will be the happiest couple in England ...

I am certain of that. More than ever before.

What was said and done here will not



I believe you must trust the judgment of others

who hold your welfare so close to their hearts ...


Duncan ...


Duncan, I promised you an answer. You

have complimented me with your persistence

and patience ... But the decision I've come

to is I'd rather make the gravest of mistakes

than surrender my own judgment.

Heyward is stunned.


And it's been unfair to you, while I search

myself for feelings, which, if they were

there and as strong as they ought to be,

would've made themselves known long ago ...


Take my admiration and friendship, Duncan.

And please take this as my final answer.

It must be no.

Heyward's shattered inside.


I see ...


I am sorry, Duncan ...

Heyward nods; he's speechless as he starts leaving the room. The tension rushes out of her and she shudders and leans against the quarter-timbered walls for support. Then she collects the linen and starts out.


Alice comes out of her father's quarters and heads down to see Mr. Phelps. Alice can't help but feel weak, as she looks around and sees fallen soldiers, wounded men, and amidst this people dancing.

While she had been taking a bath, she thought about everything. It was nice of Hawkeye to ask about the bath for her. It was the first time that he ever talked to her and she could see why Cora liked him. It was nice to have someone talk to you, just that would make her feel better, but she felt like she was being selfish. This is war and people can't just sit around to make you feel better. Their sons are probably dying outside and yet they keep at their work. Sadly she raises her knees to her chin and rests her head on her knees.

By the time that she had gotten out of the bath, dressed, and heading to her father's quarters she saw Hawkeye and Uncas firing on top of a ridge. She watched intensely as they never lost their focused. She especially watched Uncas. It took her a minute to realize that they had stopped firing and that Hawkeye was looking at her. She blushed as she tried to return the smile he gave and walked to her father's cabin fighting the urge to look back.

Now as she walked toward the surgery, she couldn't help think that she didn't want to go to Mr. Phelps. She wanted to help, but seeing death…she just couldn't take it right now. She wandered; not knowing where she was going and not looking at anyone or anything. It was as if she blocked everything out and she was the only one there. She didn't even realize that she was being followed until she stumbled across a body. Looking down at the dead man her breathing got heavier; a hand gently grabbed her underarm to help her up. She looked to see Uncas who was gazing intensely back at her.


Thank you…

(she said in almost a



It's not safe here



There's nowhere safe…

Uncas felt the truth in those words. No matter where they went it was either a war party or a war. Why did their father ever bring them here? Although it wasn't her father's fault that Magua had suddenly appeared, it was easy to blame him because of his nasty attitude, especially concerning the Cameron family. He held back the pain as he led her to a safer place where the canons wouldn't reach and helped her to sit down. He didn't say anything as he stood near her leaning on his rifle.


(she said quietly and


I want to thank you

for everything you and

your family has done for us.

Uncas looked down at her and wished she would stop with formalities but let him know what she was really thinking. He knew, though, what was affecting her, and after a few moments silence…


Death is hard to face…

Alice looked up at him; he just looked ahead as he continued…


When we saw the Cameron's house...

we were all affected by it, but

it was not safe if we stayed, no

matter how much we wanted

to bury them

Alice looked down as he said this; they always did what was best in their interest. If they weren't with them maybe they would have been able to bury them. It was their fault that they were now stuck here at this fort. Hearing his words all she wanted to do was hug him, feel the warmth of his body, and the comfort of his arms around her. Get a hold of yourself, Alice; you are too weak for a man like him. She looked at him and felt bad that she ever called Indians red-men, he was not red, but a beautiful bronze color with striking black hair. She looked down…


Why do some Indians

paint there faces red?

Uncas looked at her surprised by her question and saw her not wanting to talk about death; denial…


War paint


Why do you not have

red paint on?


We are not at war…

This is not our war, this

is what greed looks like


I'm sorry we got you



I'm not

He looks at her and surprised by his answer she looks at him. After a few moments he looks away. Alice didn't know what to say. It was a blur but the next thing she knew she had run into his arms holding him tight. To her surprise he gently but tightly wrapped his arms around her, then released her…


I'll walk you back to

your father's

Alice looked at him, not wanting to go and wondered why he was distancing himself all of a sudden. It's because your too weak, maybe he secretly likes Cora and maybe that's why he said what he did. She got up not looking at him and they walked in silence…