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Paradoxes Solved during the Main Storyline (in chronological order):

* ICE ARC: The Chronicles of Narnia

* GOLD ARC: Walt Disney, more especially Uncle Scrooge

The Story up until Now:


Fuu is an ordinary girl from her world, fan of Shoujos mangas and regularly fighting with her brother Clow about it. One day, when she insults his heroes in front of him, he decides to send her have a little cruise on Grand Line with them. By living with them, Fuu realizes the Mugiwaras are far better than anything she could have imagined and sincerely befriends them. His objective reached, Clow brings back his sister in the real world.

Environment: Thousand Sunny

Main Characters: Mugiwaras


Several months after the previous story, Fuu lands once more on Grand Line, but on a wooden scaffold, right in the middle of Marine Ford War. Not understanding at all what her brother's whim is this time, she decides to save Ace and try to make everyone escape. She fails due to the huge amount of energy it was costing her to actually be inside the story and comes back to the real world in despair, completely destroyed to see what the outcome of the war has become.

Environment: Marine Ford

Main Characters: Ace & Luffy


Regretting the pain he has infilcted to his sister by playing with her and sending her in One Piece without thinking of the consequences, Clow decides to use all of his author resources to come back to the past, modify the original scenario of One Piece, and erase his sister's memory about it, forcing an alternative end to Marine Ford and suddenly duplicating the universe. The little conjuring trick works, but he and Fuu are now stuck into One Piece Universe, spatiotemporal and paradoxical distorsions occuring because of their presence. The first paradox solved is the one of the Little Robin, and Fuu regains her memories afterwards, realizing that it is now their responsibilities to look for all the discrepencies into One Piece Story in order to solve them (besides, it is also their only way out of this world).

Environment: Moby Dick

Main Characters: Little Robin, Ace & WhiteBeard's Pirates


Upon exploring the new island upon which the Moby Dick and the Thousand Sunny have anchored at, the Mugiwaras accompanied by Ace, Fuu and Marco are invited to the Palace of the Queen. They soon discover that they have ended up in the middle of a secular fight for the throne of Fimbul, which Fuu discovered is only an adaptation of the world of Narnia which ended up blending with the One Piece Universe because of the paradoxes caused by her and her brother. With the help of Aslan and the WhiteBeard's Pirates, Queen Jadis is defeated and the Hundred Years Winter curse she had placed onto the island is lifted. Fuu also discovers that paradoxes can take the shape of Feathers of Light when appearing into One Piece world, and that such Feathers can only be revealed by her or her brother, since they are both Outsider Characters. She thus promise to do her best to collect all the Feathers so that they can go back home.

Environment: Fimbul, a Winter Island

Main Characters: Mugiwaras, Ace & some WhiteBeard's Pirates

This Story begins after Fuu and Ace were sent on the Thousand Sunny by WhiteBeard in order not to attract the Marine's attention (Cf. Story Transition).