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"You don't know everything!" she had exploded at him one day. "I bet Misa-Misa knows ten things you don't!"

"Prove it," he had said simply and she had stomped off in a huff, but she was back now.

The blonde smiled brightly at him. "Misa-Misa is ready to prove to Ryyuzaki that he's not as smart as he thought he is!"

L winced. Her third person point of view speech and inability to stay in a single tense could get hard to take at times.

"So! Did you know that you can't apply mascara with your mouth closed?" He imagined the girl putting on make-up.

"No, indeed I did not," she smirked.

"Two. Did Ryyuzaki know that Misa is actually wearing three different shades of lipstick right now?" He studied her lips; they were an odd burgundy color.

He frowned slightly, "No."

"I am! Ruby Red, Luscious Lilac, and Creamy Café as a base color."

"How could I possibly be expected to know these? They're all about make-up."

"Too bad, so sad. Three. Light's little sister's name is Sayu."

L smiled slightly. Finally. "I knew that actually."

"Whaa?" she frowned, her smooth forehead crinkling. "Creeper!"

"No, simply investigating Light-kun."

"Ugh, fine! Four-"


"Fine! Three! Misa-Misa's dress cost exactly $298."

He stared at her dress and wondered how something consisting of almost nothing could possibly cost so much. "Again, how could I be expected to know that?"

She laughed. "Four, some monkeys in Africa split a banana into three pieces and only eat one of them."


"Five. Barbie's full name is Barbra Millicent Roberts."

He supposed that she had to surprise him occasionally, "and how exactly do you know that?"

"I read it," she stated proudly.

Interesting. He had always believed there was a 3.4% chance the girl didn't know how.

"Six. Cranberry is the best smell in the world."

"That would be an opinion and not an actual fact."

"But you didn't know that my favorite smell is cranberry."


"Seven. The heart is used as a symbol for love because it is similar to the shape of cupid's arrow, and is red which means passion."

This girl would continuously surprise him. There was a 6.7% chance they were drastically underestimating her.

"Eight…Um. Water has no calories."

"Everyone knows that."

She stuck her tongue out. "Fine. Monday is the most popular day to commit suicide."

10.7 percent….

"Nine. I don't love Light."

"What?" His precious percentages went spinning out of control. He had always believed that the one thing they knew for sure about the case was Amane's unhealthy obsession for Light-kun. "Y-you don't?"

"Ten," she said walking forward to press her lips gently against his. "I love you."

a/n it was actually really hard to come up with things that Misa would know, but L wouldn't. ;D