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Chapter 11: Christmas!

Many of the students were leaving to go home for the holidays. Hermione was one of the ones leaving since it's been a long time since she saw her family. She left to say good-bye to her friends.

"So you're leaving?" asked Haruhi watching Ron play chess.

"Yes." Answered Hermione.

She then watched at Ron took a piece from Harry, which was quite a violent spectacle. As it involved a pied violently killing another piece.

"That's barbaric." Said Hermione.

They all shrugged.

And so many of the students left for Christmas Vacation, in the dorm, Harry and Ron were the only two that remained.

Everyone who stayed in Gryffindor were the Weasleys, Harry and Haruhi.

But that doesn't mean everyone left in Hogwarts, Itsuki and Snow stayed for some reason as did that girl Minnie for some reason. As well as a few other they didn't know from older years.

Both Haruhi and Harry were both happy that Malfoy and Ryoko were among the students that left.

In fact both they left they taunted them…

"I bet you don't even celebrate Christmas." Taunted Draco.

"No I do." Said Haruhi.

"I told you she does." Mumbled Ryoko, "She is a muggle born."

"I guess that means you don't." said Haruhi.

"No…" muttered Ryoko, "I don't."

"Let's just go." Muttered Draco.

Harry tried not to laugh that was probably the most pathetic attempt to get under his skin yet.

This gave Haruhi an idea a few days before Christmas…

"All right! The first year Ravenclaw VS. Gryffindor snowball fight." Said Haruhi.

Harry waited for their Itsuki or Snow to point out that it was unmatched as they had an extra person.

Turns out it didn't matter, Snow lived up to her name was a snowball-throwing machine.

Team Gryffindor still won out, but it was scrapped out.

Eventually Christmas came.

That morning, they all went to the common room to find presents under the common room tree.

"There's a lot of presents here." Said Ron.

Three began to open them Harry and Haruhi were surprised about the sweaters they had gotten along with homemade fudge then remembered that Mrs. Weasley thought they didn't celebrate Christmas, Harry's a green that matched his eyes, while Haruhi had gotten a nice red one.

Ron had also received one and it was maroon which was his least favorite color.

They had both gotten books from Sakura and Daisuke, Harry had gotten a Japanese manga called Ranma ½ with a note saying "Don't let the other students see the breasts." Haruhi had gotten a Doctor Who novel she didn't have. They also sent over a Christmas cake in a special packaging that they could eat whenever.

Harry also received some photos of his mother from Pro. Snape.

The two also received hand carved flutes from Hagrid, as well as some Chocolate frogs from Hermione.

Harry also received some well… trash from the Dursleys but he didn't care.

However Harry had also resaved an anomies gift when he opened it a strange silvery thing fell out.

"Is that what I think it is." Said Ron.

"What is it?" asked Haruhi.

"An invisible cloak." Said Ron.

Harry put it on and disappeared.

"Who is it from?" asked Haruhi.

Harry picked up the note after taking off, "You left it in my care before he died. Use it well." Read Harry.

"Do you have any idea what we can do with this?" asked Haruhi.

Harry stared at Haruhi, "I don't want to know what you're thinking.

That was when Fred and George entered wearing their sweaters.

"Ronikins? Aren't you going to put on yours?" asked Fred who wore the sweater with G on it.

"No…" muttered Ron.

"Why haven't you just told your mom that you don't like maroon." Said Haruhi.

"She thinks it look good on me." Answered Ron.

Haruhi shrugged and put on the sweat she made for her.

"See Haruhi likes the sweater." Said Fred.

"It's all nice and warm." Said George.

"Will you shut up." Muttered Ron.

Later that day Haruhi managed to get in another snowball with Snow and Itsuki.

Snow despite not seemingly interested was still able to almost beat them in a snowball fight though it seemed like she lost on purpose, but Haruhi didn't seem to notice or care.

That night there was a feast, while it wasn't as big as the start of the year feast it was so much more fun.

There these thing called wizard crackers which was a type of firework when popped something would come out of it, like hats or something else. Harry even got his own set of wizard chess pieces.

During this feast, Haruhi got into a argument with Percy.

"I didn't know you celebrated Christmas." He said.

"What's that supposed to mean!" yelled Haruhi, "Is it because I'm Japanese? And it's not a Japanese holiday! I got present from Santa like all other children did! And one day I will catch one!"

"Catch one?" asked Percy.

"Don't ask…" said Harry.

"I brought down the Christmas cake!" said Haruhi taking it out of the package.

"You brought down your own food?" asked Perry he turned to the teachers, "Is that even allowed?"

"Well, I have heard of the Japanese tradition of Christmas Cake so I think it's all right." Said Dumbledore.

"We're willing to share if you want some." Said Harry.

"Sure of course." Said Itsuki who spoke to the rest of the students from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Any student that remained from Slytherin didn't say anything was content with out having some.

Itsuki explained to the other students at Ravenclaw what a Christmas Cake was.

To say it was a fun time had by all would be an understatement.

After the feat they got back to the common room, where Haruhi talked to Harry about something.

"I just figured out what you can do with your cloak." Said Haruhi, "Sneak into the library!"

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" asked Harry.

"When have I ever steered you wrong before?" asked Haruhi.

Harry remained silent, there were plenty of time she did but he learned long ago don't bring them up.

"You can sneak into the library go look through the restricted section I'm sure we can find out who Nicolas Flamel is." Said Haruhi.

"Why don't you?" asked Ron listening in.

Haruhi glared at him and he slinked away.

"Maybe we can go into together." Said Harry knowing that will calm her down.

"Can we both get under there?" asked Haruhi.

"I think so." Answered Harry.

"All right tomorrow night we go!" said Haruhi.

"Why not tonight?" asked Ron.

"Because I'm tired." Said Haruhi.

And so they would go see if the could find anything about Nicolas Flamel… only to find something even more unexpected.

Next Time: Harry and Haruhi find a strange mirror that seems to show their desires. But considering Harry past will he become addicted to looking at the mirror? Find out next time!