How To Have Beautiful Sexy Hair For Dummies

Che. Why does it have to be me ? Why can't it be fucking Lenalee ?

Oh. I forgot. She's too busy getting it on with Cross.

Ugh. Cross of all people

Right. Back to the subject. Che. Todays subject is, " How To Have Beautiful Sexy Hair."

Step One.

Wash you hair with soap. NOT. Shampoo.

You wash it with shampoo and I'll come haunt you with Mugen and chop your skinny ass into little pieces.

But you'll never have hair that's as beautiful hair as mine ! Mwahahahahaha !


Stop looking at me like that. Go fuck yourself. Che.

And extra tip, if you want your hair to grow faster, tie it into braids. WHY THE BLOODY FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT ?

I do not. Tie. My. Hair. Into. Braids. Lenalee does.

Che. Just fuck off.