I parked in front of the complex and Edward parked beside me, the boys had fallen asleep and I picked up Zack and Edward picked up Blake. We walked into my apartment and placed them on there bed.

I got them ready for bed, and tucked them in, Edward was in the living room and I smiled. "You want anything to eat or drink?" I asked him.

"No thanks." He whispered.

I nodded and came to sit beside him on the sofa, he wrapped his arms around me and I giggled, he placed delicate kisses all over my face and I smiled, I lay on the sofa, looking up at him, I noticed a chain around his neck and I ran my fingers over the collar of his t-shirt and lifted the dog tags from under his shirt so I could see them.

They had the Culled crest on it as well as his full name, I smiled and pulled on the dogs tags, so his head would lower and I could kiss him. His lips attacked mine and I moaned. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged myself to him.

He pulled away and looked down at me, a smile on his face, I stroked his cheek, "There is something about you Bella, that every time I am with you, I catch my breath." He said, his breath hitching at the end of the sentence.

I smiled, "I feel the same exact way."

He smiled and leaned back in, kissing my lips and trailing kisses down my neck, I pulled his head back up, kissing his lips and he deepened it. His hands started to move down, over my shoulders and down my arms, moving onto my stomach and stopping on my sides.

I looked into his eyes and smiled, "I'm glad I met you Edward." I whispered.

He smiled, "Be my girlfriend?" He whispered.

I squealed and kissed him hard, "Yes." I laughed.

We kissed for a long time and I was sad to see him go home, I wanted him to stay longer but he couldn't. We both had work the next day, I sighed and let him out.

I opened the door and looked up at him, he smiled down at me, his fingers lightly stroking my cheek, "Don't look so sad." He stated, but in his eyes I saw that he was too.

"I am not sad, I just wish you didn't have to leave." I told him, placing my hand on his chest.

He nodded knowingly, "Its late, you should get to bed." He whispered.

"When will I see you again?" I asked, tears in my eyes. I didn't want this to be it.

"Bella, shh . . . Sweetheart, it okay I will see you during the week." He said, kissing my forehead and with one last goodbye kiss, he left.

I sighed and closed the door. I rested my head against it and then padded of to bed, falling asleep with a smile on my face.