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It was a dull, cloudy, dreary, pouring-cats-and-dogs type of Tuesday. Mukuro was walking down Namimori's street, planning to scare the crap out of Tsunayoshi. He also thought of making one tiny little side trip. The more he thought about it the better of an idea it seemed.

Mean while Hibari Kyoya sneezed before his scowl deepened. Poor Tsuna shivered and sneezed.

Our not so friendly pineapple made his way to the disciplinary committee office of the infamous Namimori Middle School. He hummed quite happily, but had he known a man…stranger than himself, was following him, he may not have been so happy…

Now who is stranger than Mukuro Rokudo? Well none other than Byakuran. He followed behind his Mukuro quietly and quickly. He didn't know when he began to refer to Mukuro as his, but when he finally noticed this he wasn't all that shocked.

He would be one of the first to admit that Mukuro was beautiful and smexy. Byakuran loved the heterochromatic eyes and the mischievous smirk always plastered to Mukuro's pale face. He would do almost anything to change that expression to a genuine smile or a blush. To see that adorn his love's face would almost allow him to die happily.

Mukuro knocked on the door and waited for a certain phrase to be said. He then heard Hibari say "Come in" in response.

"Well looky here. Someone's not happy~," Mukuro sang.

"Mukuro," Hibari growled out while said person smirked happily and irritatingly.

"Yes, my love?"The audible snap of Hibari's control rang throughout the room.

"I am going to fucking bite you to death." Hibari whipped out hid tonfas, preparing to smash in the taunting, indigo haired illusionist.

"Oya, oya, Kyoya. No need to try and die. Damn," Mukuro started with a shit- eating grin before continuing, "I'm a poet and I didn't even know it." As he continued his face turned serious though there was mirth barely concealed in his eyes. After he finish his little rhyme time Hibari gave him a look that obviously said "you son of a bitch, I will kill you."

Mean while Byakuran was trying to stifle the laughter that was threatening to erupt from his mouth. Mukuro Rokudo, the sarcastic illusionist, would be his!

Hibari charged at Mukuro as the illusionist ran out the door. Neither of them noticed Byakuran as they ran by him. Mukuro had decided to have some fun with poor little Vongola and maybe get Hibari to damage his precious school.

Byakuran followed from farther behind. He didn't feel like beating the crap out Hibari, yet. How dare he be called Mukuro's love, whether joking or not! Luckily he knew it wasn't meant and there would be no need to dispose of a body tonight.

Mukuro ran down the halls listening for three distinct voices. His eyes flitted from room to room before landing on a door to his right. He hurried to the door with Hibari right on his tail and Byakuran following. He rushed into the classroom, diving behind the little Vongola.

"What do yo-," the teacher started before beginning interrupted. The teacher was interrupted by Gokudera yelling, Yamamoto trying to calm said person down, and a certain perfect.

"Mukuro…" Hibari growled, emitting a dangerous aura.

"Yes, Kyoya? Oh, by the way…I can make a rhyme anytime," Mukuro sang popping his head out from behind Tsuna. He was clearly enjoying the situation he had caused.

"Hiiieeee!" screamed one frightened Tsuna.

"You sound like a girl. Are you a girl, Tsu-na-yo-shi?" the indigo-haired adolescent said.

"I am NOT!"

"Herbivore," Hibari sighed, annoyed.

"L-let's not f-fight, p-please?" stuttered Tsuna.

"Muku-chan" Byakuran yelled as he glomped Mukuro to the ground, looking triumphant.

"What? How did he get here?" Tsuna said incredulously.

Mukuro pulled himself up with Byakuran's arms still around his waist. "Will you let me go," he ask, more like demanded, impatiently.

"Nooooooope~" Byakuran sang in return.

"Here without a visitor's pass...I'll bite you to death, both of you!

One illusionist replied with his traditional, "Oya, oya, Kyoya~"

Byakuran answered, "I'm not leaving without my Muku-chan, Kyo-kun," which was accompanied by a pout.

Some whom knew these eccentric people and many other had a "what the fuck" look on their faces. Hibari wasn't listening. Tsuna facefaulted along with the "what the fuck" expression. And Mukuro, simply frowned while plotting Byakuran's demise.

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