Disclaimer: I do not own the Wake Trilogy. It belongs to Lisa McMann.

Author's Note: What happens when Janie takes Cabel to visit her childhood hide out? It doesn't mention in the book that she hung out here, but I thought I'd just add a place for her to have her secrets and escape to. Enjoy!

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

It's cold. I don't feel it though. I see Cabel shiver. I feel bad. I dig in my pocket for a lighter. Try to light the fire. Damn, no fluid. Whole lot of good that did. I settled on the old fashioned way. I pick up two sticks and rub them together, hoping for a fire.

"You won't get it going that slow," Cabel says. His teeth are chattering. I feel even worse. Why did I bring him here? He moves and takes over.

"I'm sorry about bringing you here. It was a dumb idea," I say, watching him. He glances at me and pushes his dark hair out of his eyes and his glasses up on his nose.

"It's no problem, Janie, don't worry about it," he says. I pull my knees to my chest.

"It is too. I just don't get why I don't feel the cold. You do, but I don't."

"You're immune to it."

"I used to come here as a kid…before Mom…you know. I loved it here. I thought of it as a cave where cave men lived and pretended I was one," I say. He shrugs.

"That was then, this is now. Maybe you're just a freak," he says.

I stare at him. I lunge and tackle him to the ground. We stay like that. In the cold, heat coming off our bodies. We stare into each others eyes. We no longer feel the cold. We no longer can see. The sun has set and it's now dark.

"Shit," I mutter. He smiles and pushes hair from my eyes.

"Who cares? We can just stay here, away from having to avoid each other," he says. I smile too.

"But, Strumheller, Carrie would notice," I say. "And you'd freeze." He shrugs and pulls me to him.

"Who gives a damn about Carrie? Say you're sick," he says and buries his face in my neck. I twist so I can face him.

"I'd love to stay, Cab, you know that, but I can't. We can't. I'm sorry."

"I understand, but she has Stu to keep her company."

"My mom will notice."

"Truthfully, Hannagan, when's the last time she paid any attention to you? When? Because, I'd love to know," he asks.

I push off of him and walk to the opposite corner of the cave. I pull my knees to my chest and ignore him. I bury my face in my knees, not looking at him.

"Shit, I'm sorry, Janie," he says and comes over. I don't look at him. He takes my face in his hands, but I keep my eyes shut. "I'm sorry, Jan, I forgot."

"Forgot what?" I grumbled and pull away from him. I stare at a crack in the wall. He sighs.

"Forgive me?" he asks. I shrug and don't answer.

The car is silent. He turns the radio on. I don't say anything. He knows I won't. I stare out the window and watch the passing houses. He sighs but remains silent.

We stop at a gas station. I stay in the car. He returns with snacks and hands me a power bar and milk. I eat in silence and stare out the windshield at nothing. He sighs again.

"I'm sorry, Janie, how many times do I have to tell you?" he asks. I looked at him and find him staring at me. I notice the red light.

"Might as well get used to it since we're not supposed to like each other. Just getting an early stop," I say and turn away. He sighs and we move on.

He pulls into his driveway. We sit there for a moment. I get out and close the door silently behind me. I walk, not run, through the two yards to my house. Mom's in her room, passed out. I toss my keys on the table. I walk into the kitchen and flip the light on. It's a mess. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing ever is.