If You See Kay: The Script

If you see Kay will you tell her that I love her, oh yeah?
And if you see Kay let her know I want her back
If she listens say I miss her, everything about her
Make sure you say I'm sweet FA without her
And make sure you say I lost my way without her if you see Kay

I wasn't totally thrilled to find that Jacob was leaving La Push for a 2 month long car convention, but he had to do what he had to do. Jacob was a long time best friend from when I was 5. We had recently picked up our friendship when I moved back to Forks Washington from Phoenix Arizona. We dated for a few weeks about two months ago but it was nothing huge. It became awkward because I was still in love with my ex boyfriend. We still remained best friends, just as if nothing had ever happen. Jacob said he would be back in plenty of time for our friends Sam and Emily's wedding that was in about 3 months.

I had gotten an email that was from Emmett Cullen, my ex boyfriend's brother. Emmett absolutely adored me and thought of me as a little sister. He said he wanted to meet me at the new café called Lydia's Café to discuss what had happen from the time he left. His family was amazing, but they left. There were 6 Cullens all together. Carlisle and Esme the 'parents.' Alice and Jasper, the newest additions, and Emmett and Edward. I dated Edward for about 7 months and then he disappeared along with his family. Edward broke it off when we went on a walk; he said that his family was leaving to start over in a bigger town then Forks. I said I would leave and go with and that's when I was heartbroken, his words stung after I said it. "Bella, I don't want you anymore."

I was over it, I was over love, and I was done being in love with people that didn't love me back or people who wasn't on the same maturity level. I put on a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater with a pair of heels. My fashion sense was never the best but Angela Weber, my best friend from high school and Emily who was to soon be married, raided my wardrobe and threw all of my old clothes and donated them to Goodwill and then as my birthday and Christmas present they bought me a whole new wardrobe.

They filled the Alice Cullen spot in my life when it came to not having a best friend and a personal fashion advisor. Alice Cullen was Edward and Emmett's sister. She was married to her long time sweet heart and soul mate Jasper Hale. When I say long time I really do mean long time. Jasper was in the confederate army, I found this out right around the time they left. Alice doesn't know who changed her to a vampire, but her gift of seeing the future is what helped her survive. She saw Jasper coming into town and she saw them be together so he helped her along the way. Their love story was quite cute when told by Alice or Jasper. Just how they say it so clearly just like if it had happened the day before.

Anyway, I got into Jake's Volkswagen Rabbit and I drop into town where Emmett said he wanted to meet me. Jake's car was easier to drive them my own because his engine and parts to his car wasn't a million decades old like mine. Jake had to take a plane to get to the convention so I was babysitting his 'baby'.

I saw Emmett's big white jeep in the parking lot and when I parked next to him I walked into the café. Emmett was sitting my the back of the dining room and I smiled and walked over to him as fast as possible, but not too fast so I wouldn't fall or look to anxious.

"Emmett!" I cheered and he scooped me up in a huge hug.

"Hey Bellsy, what's up?" He asked and he spun me around.

"Ugh, I have missed you!" I cried.

"Me too, I am never leaving Forks for this long ever again." He smiled and held out my chair for me as I sat down.

"You're blonde?" I pointed out.

He chuckled, "Yeah, brown was so a few centuries ago."

"So what's new with the Cullens?" I asked.

"I don't know really. I've been between Alaska and Africa." He said.

I made my mouth an o shape and nodded. "So how about you?" He asked.

"Nothing, just trying to finished school." I said. It was June of 2003 and I just finished college.

"Sounds good to me." He smiled.

"Eh, it wasn't easy." I shrugged

"What do you mean, it should have been easy." He said. "Unless you struggled with the work."

"No, I had to go to summer school to graduate high school." I said. "When you all left, it killed me literally."

"What do you mean; Edward let you down gently didn't he?" He asked.

"Far from it."

"What did he tell you?" Emmett asked through his teeth.

"He said…" I swallowed hard, "He said that he didn't want me, that none of you wanted me." I whispered knowing he would hear. I pressed on my tear ducks trying not to cry. Even though I had found closure for Edward it was still hard to talk about it.

Emmett's broad chest rumbled in a growl and he let it out quietly. "That's very, very far from the truth." Emmett said. "There's a specific reason why we left."

"Why, why did you leave?" I asked cringing as I prepared for the absolute truth.

"Because Edward was afraid of losing." He said.

"Losing what?" I asked.

"You, the night of your birthday when I saved you from Jasper, I felt something in me change that I had to be with you." He said. "Bella, I love you."

I was appalled and didn't see that coming, I was grateful to Emmett for saving me, but I didn't know he loved me.

"Emmett, that's sweet and all but I don't—"

"Don't say anything, I wanted you to know, I don't know if you are still madly in love with my ass of a brother, but I just wanted you to know an option." He said cutting me off.

"Emmett, I don't love Edward anymore." I said. "I couldn't after a few years of closure."

"You don't?" He asked with hope coding his voice.

"No." I smiled confident in saying it.

"Say, why don't we go out to Port Angeles for a movie and I'll take you out for a little fun next Saturday." He said.

In my head I looked over my calendar and I smiled. "Sounds like a date to me." I smiled.

"Good, I'll call you Friday night for details and to make sure you don't bail on me." He smiled.

"I'll see you around town though right?" I asked.

"No, I actually have a 7 o'clock flight out to Alaska." He said.

"Right." I nodded.

"Yes, so I must be going." He smiled."Talk to you soon." He whispered in my ear as he kissed me on the cheek and left before I could say goodbye. I smiled in confidence and I was glad to hear at least one man loved me.

Friday came and I was over Sam and Emily's house going over wedding details. "So go try on the maid of honor dress and we'll go from there." Emily smiled and I walked into the bathroom and changed.

The dress fit perfectly and I was excited it didn't fit when we first bought it but I had been jogging every morning with Angela. I walked out f the bathroom and the girls shrieked on how good it looked on me.

"Bella you did an amazing job fitting into the dress." Emily smiled.

"Bella, there is someone on the phone for you," Kim said with my phone in her hand. Her voice was excited and full of happiness that it was a man for me

"Who is it?" I asked.

She asked the person. "Emmett Cullen" She said her voice now not excited and dead. No one in La Push liked the Cullens; not only for being vampires but for the way Edward treated me.

"Give it here." I said and held my hand out.

"Can she give you a call back she is in the middle of something." Kim said and I frowned and shot daggers at her.

"I will," She said silkily and hung up the phone.

"KIM!" I yelled frustrated, "I can't believe you did that!"

"Another Cullen, really, have you not learned your lesson?" Rachel asked.

"He's different!" I said defensively.

"Have you two gone out yet?"

"No, we're supposed to tomorrow, he said he would call today to figure out details and Kim just killed it!" I pouted.

"Stop pouting and cancel your plans!" Kim ordered, "That dress doesn't go well with a pout and pale skin as a date."

"I wonder what Jacob would say about that?" Rachel said.

"Jacob isn't my keeper or my boyfriend!" I said sternly. "He isn't my father either!"

"Alright, Bella why don't you go take off the dress and then you can call him." Emily said trying to break the drama and I obeyed and went to take it off. I change back into my jeans and sweatshirt that said 'Will Not Shut Up'. When I walked out Kim had to make a comment.

"Doesn't that sweatshirt fit you well at this moment in time?" Kim bantered.

"What is your problem, do have a thing for him or something?" That stung, she was an imprint and was in love with Jared, and I knew that, I just said it out of anger.

Kim was hurt by the words I said and it was evident on her face. "Look, I am sorry Kim, I know you love Jared, but Emmett loves me." I said.

"How would you know you haven't even gone out with him?" Emily said.

"I met up with him last week." I said. "He explained why they left. When he saved me from Jasper, he said he knew that he had feelings for me, he told Edward and Edward jumped to conclusions and forced them to leave. Edward felt threatened and it was basically if Edward couldn't have me then no one could."

"Wow, and Emmett's back now to woo you over?" Rachel asked. I grinned and nodded.

"Aw." Emily cooed.

"I still don't think he's any good." Kim said.

"Well we aren't even going out, it's only a date." I said and grabbed my phone from the couch. "I'll call you Emily." I shouted on my way out and drove to the beach.

I sat on the old log that I've sat on for months even years now, this is the spot Jacob told me he loved me, he kissed me, I've come here to distress, I've come here to cry, I've come here to laugh, I've come her to curse at nothing. This spot was the first spot I took my first puff of a cigarette to try to relax. I still smoked, wasn't my favorite thing in the world but sometimes it was necessary.

I looked in the caller id and called the last number which was Emmett. "Hello." A masculine voice answered and I smiled at the warm and inviting voice.

"Hey Emmett, its Bella." I greeted shakily.

"Oh hey, did I call at the wrong time?" Emmett asked.

"Kind of, I was trying on a maid of honor dress for my friend's wedding." I said, "Kim the person you talked to isn't a Cullen fan or a vampire fan for that matter."

"Oh sorry to hear that, maybe when I come to town I can change her mind." He laughed. I looked out to the ocean and listened to his honey coated laugh.

"So how about a movie tomorrow and dinner in Seattle?" Emmett asked.

"Sounds good." I agreed.

"So pick you up tomorrow around 6?" Emmett suggested.

"Sounds perfect." I said. "See you tomorrow then."

"Yeah, sounds like a date." He said and we hung up. I took a deep breath. I had a date… I had a date for the first time in months… It felt amazing.