Destiny Rewritten

Sephiroth and Cloud have been secretly in love with each other ever since SOLDIER. Sephiroth returns and tells of his plan. Will Cloud help? AU! SephXCloud


Night covered Midgar in a blanket of starry darkness. All was mostly quiet in the MAKO city. Five long, cruel years have passed for Cloud Strife, who laid on his bed, staring out to the dimly lit city. Five years since Sephiroth, his lover, had disappeared into the Lifestream. Oh, how he missed him! How he longed to hear that rich, masculine voice of his, to feel his gentle touch and to taste his soft lips once more.

Reaching into his black shirt, he pulled out a silver locket on a sterling silver chain and opened it. Inside were him and Sephiroth when they were SOLDIER. He remembered the first kiss they had. That first kiss was the greatest moment Cloud will ever remember.

Snapping it shut, he placed back inside and settled back down on his bed. The moment that shattered their hopes... was the horrible truth about Sephiroth. Cloud remembered trying to save him from going mad, but... it was already too late. The last thing he did was throw him into the Lifestream, in desperate need to save his friend, Zack.

That memory still haunted him to this day. Tears welled up in his eyes as it replayed in his mind again and again. Oh how he wished that he could've saved him! Why couldn't he? He rolled over, planting his face into his pillow, as muffled sobs racked his body.

"... I'm so sorry, Sephiroth... I'm so sorry!" he cried out.


His head snapped up, hearing that familiar voice. It couldn't be...! Has he come back?

"Sephiroth?" he called out.


He heard him again. He had to be back!

"Sephiroth! Where are you? Please stop hiding!" he pleaded.

He rushed to the window and saw a figure looking up at him. It had to be him! It HAD to! Grabbing his Buster Sword, he hurried downstairs and outside. Oh please, let it be him! When he got to the spot... the figure was gone. Ready to give up, he heard his name being called again. He saw the figure going down a dark alley and quickly followed it.

Following him to Sector 5, he looked around, having lost the figure again. His name reached his ears and saw the figure heading towards the church. Getting inside, he listened for his name again as he walked cautiously down the aisle.

"Sephiroth? Are you in here?" he called out.

No response. He got to the patch of flowers before him and he knelt before it, placing his sword down beside him. He listened for any whisper, but after a few moments, nothing. Was he imagining things? No! He heard him! He knew it was him! Tears fell from his eyes again as doubts began to wedge into his heart.

Was he really hearing things? What if Sephiroth truly is dead? Was he going crazy? He shook his head vigorously, trying to shake them off as more tears flowed down his face. Looking up, he spotted something amidst the flowers. Reaching over the daisies, he picked a single, black feather. But, it was bigger than a bird feather. His eyes widened... this must belong to...

He held it gingerly to his chest, hope soaring in his heart, replacing the sorrow and doubt. He looked to the skies through the hole in the roof, a trace of a watery smile tugging at his lips.

"... Sephiroth... please come home."

"Aerith, there's a girl named Marlene inside my bar. Could you look after her?" asked Tifa over the gunfire.

"I'll put her somewhere safe!" Aerith assured while tending to the wounded Wedge, who tried to help Barret.

It was a dark day for AVALANCHE; ShinRa had planned to blow the Sector 7 pillar that held up the plate. If that were to happen, everything would be gone. Cloud and Tifa equipped themselves good before beginning their ascent up the pillar steps. Along the way, they encountered the dying bodies of Biggs and Jessie, both telling them the same thing: 'Go help Barret'. As they made their way up, they encountered defenders of ShinRa, but the two dispatched of them with little to no difficulty.

'I just wish Sephiroth was here right now. He would love to help us stop ShinRa after what they did to him!' Cloud thought as they neared the top.

"Barret!" Tifa called out as they made it to the apex.

"Tifa! Cloud! You made it! They're attacking from the helicopter, so watch your backs!" Barret replied.

Handing him some decent equipment, Barret readied himself as the helicopter swooped in. A man with fiery red hair that was tied in a low ponytail and wearing a blue suit jumped down and reached the control panel.

"Too late. Once I push this button" he did so and a countdown started. "There. That's all, folks. Mission accomplished," he smirked.

"Cloud, stop him!" Tifa pleaded.

"I can't allow you to do that. No one messes with Reno of the Turks," he said.

A long and arduous fight ensued. Reno was quick on his feet and quick to entrap Tifa and Barret, leaving Cloud all alone.

"Last one and that's it. Man, Mr. President is going to be pleased," Reno chuckled.

Cloud felt his anger ready to boil over, resulting in a Cross Slash Limit Break and dealing some major hurt to the red head assassin. Despite the pain, he beat a hasty retreat. With him gone, Tifa hurried over to the panel and tried to stop the countdown, but whatever she put in, it only seemed to speed it up.

"Cloud, I can't stop it. You try," she said.

"It's no ordinary bomb," Cloud realized after a moment of typing.

The helicopter came up to the side and there stood a black haired male with the same color suit on and a tiny red dot on his forehead. Tseng, leader of the Turks.

"You're correct. It is no ordinary bomb. It's was developed by our Weapon Development depart and if some moron were to touch, the bomb would set off and down comes the pillar," he said.

"Please, stop it!" Tifa pleaded.

"I'm afraid I can't do that," Tseng replied with a shake of his head.

"Shut yer hole!" Barret said, taking aim with his gun arm.

"I wouldn't do that. You might injure our little guest," Tseng smirked, looking to the figure kneeling beside him. It was Aerith!

"Aerith!" Tifa cried out.

"Oh, so you know each other. Our orders were to locate and capture the remaining Ancient. I thought you may to see each other one last time," Tseng said.

Aerith reached out. "Don't worry! She's safe!" she said.

Tseng smacked her in the face, knocking her back.

"Aerith!" Tifa shouted, reaching out for her.

"I should be running if I were you. Your time's about run out," Tseng said.

"Hurry and get out!" Aerith pleaded.

With that, the helicopter pulled away, just as parts of the plate began to come down. The three frantically searched for a fast way to escape the falling debris. A falling piece of rubble nearly hit Cloud, but he managed to get out of the way in time, yet resulted in getting separated from the two.

"CLOUD NO!" Tifa screamed.

"Tifa! Barret, get out!" Cloud said to them.

"We ain't leavin' ya!" Barret said.

"I said GO! I'll be ok!" Cloud pleaded with them.

Cloud... go to the railing!

There it was again; Sephiroth's voice. His eyes widened for a second.

"Yo! We can use this!" Barret said suddenly, spotting a hook attached to the railing.

Jumping on first, Tifa made to go next, but when she turned around, Cloud was near the railing on the other side.

"CLOUD, DON'T!" she screamed.

He looked back to her for a second before stepping onto the railing. He was only focused on listening to that familiar voice that sounded so sweet in his ears.

'Sephiroth... are you really going to catch me?' he thought.

Jump... now! Closing his eyes, he leapt off.

"CLOUD!" Tifa shrieked.